Nov 5, 2015

The Queen's confession Instagram: the reaction of users of social networks

 The Queen's confession Instagram: the reaction of users of social networks

After 18 years of Essena O'neill talked about what's behind her beautiful photos on Instagram, many celebrities from the social networks made the confirmation or refutation of her words. The recognition of girl has caused a strong reaction among users. Owners of beautiful profiles told, in turn, how hard to get thousands of likes and what they think about the hypocrisy in Instagram.

Recall that the Essena O'neill decided to reveal the whole truth about social networks and removed from their popular account most of the pictures. And those that have left, accompanied by stories that in reality for one lucky shot she needed to make a hundred. She also recorded a video in which explains why said goodbye with social networks.

21-year-old Gabrielle grace Epstein is a resident of the Sunny Australian state of Cleveland says:

Everyone, including me, try to show your beautiful life on social networks. Everyone knows this, and everyone chooses to participate in it or not. In Instagram I'm not pretending who I am not.
Gabrielle Epstein Instagram photos

sexy Photo Gabrielle Epstein

sexy Photo Gabrielle Epstein

Instagram Gabrielle Epstein

The girl added that we are free to choose what impact we have on social networks: positive or negative.

If you pretend to be and allow that to put pressure on you, then this happen by your own will.

The girl reacted to the assertion that "Instagram is not real life":

Those incredible people I met and worked during the last two years, this would not agree.
Instagram Gabrielle Epstein

Photo from Instagram Gabrielle Epstein

18-year-old DJ and model Kurt Coleman, who has 187 thousand followers, said:

It is a fact that social media is full of hypocrisy. But it's their choice to lie to his audience?

He also spoke about product placement, which actively involved the owners popular pages:

You must not advertise products I do not use. I do only what I really use in life. I don't lie to your audience. And I wouldn't call your page a fake, because I am still me and I say to all subscribers the truth.

Instagram photos of Kurt Coleman

Instagram Kurt Coleman

Kurt Coleman

But the yoga instructor Cassandra spoke in favour of 18-year-old O'neill and posted on YouTube a video in which he told that he was going to break from the social networks.

I don't want people visited my page, looked at my photos and thought, "Wow, she did it, and my life sucks"

Photo from Instagram Cassandra

Instagram Cassandra

Zach James - the CEO of one of the social networks - wrote on his page Facebook post under the headline: "Essen O'neill was wrong: social media is not a lie."

Social networks give you what you expect. The complaints that you feel uncomfortable in a fictional life - it is the result of your actions

- written by James.

In connection with the scandal known glossy magazine invited 15 women to talk about how social media affect their self-image. It was found that the page "Instagram stars" can cause other women's jealousy and lack of confidence in their virtues. In addition, women begin to suffer from the issue, followers do their own shots.

Rebel Wilson refused to go on stage with Kendall and Kylie Jenner

Rebel Wilson refused to go on stage with Kendall and Kylie Jenner

Kendall and Kylie Jenner recently topped the list of most influential teenagers in the world, but that doesn't mean that all their colleagues in American show business are happy to cooperate with them. Actress rebel Wilson, for example, said in an interview that he refused to deliver one of the MTV VMA awards with her sisters of the clan Kardashian-Jenner.

35-year-old Wilson admitted in a radio interview:

I was asked to present an award at the VMAs along with Kendall and Kylie, but I refused. They are famous not because of talent. I said I will award a prize one. Their principles are completely at odds with mine.

Rebel explained his attitude to the sisters:

They seem a little superficial, but their careers not related to their talent. I know they're super popular, but I prefer a good personality and those who work hard to succeed. If Kim Kardashian became famous by starring in a sex tape, I studied acting and worked hard.

In the end, at the MTV VMA in August this year, rebel Wilson went on stage alone, and her appearance became one of the most memorable - if only because of the outfit. The statuette was presented by actress Nicki Minaj.

Khloe Kardashian, hunted and charged with "keen" by Lamar Odom!

Khloe Kardashian, hunted and charged with keen by Lamar Odom!

While the flame seemed reborn between Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom, the latter decided to exclude it from his life, accusing him of having taken advantage of his status to make advertising!

When Lamar Odom was found lifeless, victim of an apparent overdose, Khloe Kardashian came running to her bedside. During days, it has been ensured, praying for his recovery. And then, miracle, Lamar has awakened and the still-married couple in the eyes of the law is said 'I love you'. Following this upheaval, Khloe then left her boyfriend James Harden to give a second wind to his marriage. But that was before...

Indeed, it is now war between the couple. According to Us Weekly, Lamar would have simply hunted Koko from her room insulting of keen. According to him, she would have used his overdose to make the pub with his new book. It would have also prohibited access to the hospital to several members of the family of the athlete. In addition to this, the Kardashians had contacted the paparazzi so that they come around the building.

According to the magazine, Lamar would have decided in late October to take back and that Khloe should no longer have to come see it. A funny coincidence since it is at the same time that we inform you that the young woman was again close to James.

According to people magazine, the former lovebirds would like to see whether or not they can continue their story. The bimbo she realized that her marriage to Lamar was hopeless? Do you think that she could take advantage of his status to advertising?

In bikinis, Blake Lively shows good form in beach in Australia

In bikinis, Blake Lively shows good form in beach in Australia

Actress, who gave birth 10 months ago, showed that is being able to set the feature ' The Shallows.

Blake Lively is being able! Ten months after giving birth, the actress showed good form in beach in Australia. Blake showed his body dry on the set of "The Shallows" in New South Wales.

Blake Lively In bikinis

Photographers caught the 28-year-old star on one of the beaches of Australia, there is Lively in the drama The Shallows.

Blake lively showed toned body after childbirth: actress on the set in Australia

Recall that after birth the actress told that she was delighted by its shape. Lively said many times in interviews that does not limit itself in food and not sitting on diets. However, she regularly sports: running in parks and doing exercises in the gym.