Oct 25, 2015

Surprise Kiss: Meryl Streep grabs Carey Mulligan

Surprise Kiss: Meryl Streep and Carey Mulligan

The two actresses Meryl Streep and her colleague Carey Mulligan have played only together in the film "Suffragettes". After the shooting, the two seem to see enough probably not often. When: now again met "Elle Woman Hollywood Awards" at the, there was for the Meryl probably no stopping more: the Oscar winner grabbed Carey up and squeezed her a big kiss on the mouth.

That would probably really nobody expected. For the audience of the evening, there was a real hot stage show. During the 'Mamma Mia' star on the stage said, also joined Carey - and pressed her colleague the said Sahil on the mouth.

Meryl Streep

It was even a surprise not only for the audience, but above all for Carey. She could no longer avoid the mouth kiss. Although she wanted to bend something to page, Meryl got off the lips of beautiful Englishwoman.

Carey brought only a few weeks before their first child into the world and looked at the evening already again absolutely gorgeous. No wonder that the "the Devil Wears Prada" actress not could restrain yourself.

Carey Mulligan

Brooklyn Beckham is on a date with his new girlfriend

Brooklyn Beckham is on a date with his new girlfriend Sonia Ben Ammar

In September this year, there were rumors that the son of David and Victoria Beckham Brooklyn new love-16-year-old aspiring actress Sonia Ben Ammar. A couple pair seen together, but without getting some time news about love adventures of Brooklyn, all slowly began to forget about it. But these days the paparazzi were again able to take young lovers. Sonia and Brooklyn went out on a date.

Young people choose not to get bored in cafes or movie and went to CBS Radio concert, which was held in Los Angeles. By the way, as we know, Sonia lives in Europe, but, apparently, for this couple distance is not a problem, and Sonia periodically flies to her boyfriend.

Brooklyn and Sonia isn't in an ambush were photographers. The couple has tried as quickly as possible to get in the car, covering their faces. But intrusive paparazzi did manage to capture them together.

Brooklyn Beckham is on a date with Sonia Ben Ammar

Brooklyn Beckham is on a date with his new girlfriend

Sonia Ben Ammar

Brooklyn Beckham

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk flew to Paris

Bradley Cooper and Irina Sheik flew to Paris

Rumors that Irina Shayk forgot her former lover by Cristiano Ronaldo in the arms of handsome Bradley Cooper appeared in April. And this time was not an invention of the MEDIA, and pure truth. Relations between Bradley and Irina are becoming stronger. And the other day the paparazzi managed to trap lovers in Paris.

Irina Shayk has already managed to make friends with Bradley Cooper's mom, so we can conclude that this couple all seriously. Celebrity is no longer shy to get together in the lenses of cameras. In Paris Airport Cooper and Shayk of something talking until waited for luggage and sometimes awarded with the paparazzi and even smile.

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper arrived in Paris

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper arrived in Paris

Bradley Cooper

Irina Shayk

Irina arrived in Paris

Shayk  in Paris

Christmas series "Sherlock": full trailer and release date

Christmas series "Sherlock": full trailer and release date

This Christmas, BBC One has prepared a special gift for its audience-special episode of the series "Sherlock", which is performed by Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. We have already seen the first trailer, and now it's time to show his full version, as well as find out the release date for the long-awaited episode.

In the full version of the trailer of the Christmas series shows that the action of the episode, as promised, will be held in the 19th century, and not in contemporary London. The great detective would have to investigate the case with ghosts.

Premiere of the Christmas series will take place January 1, 2016 onwards. Rerun on BBC One will be held on 10 January. Don't know about you, but we are following the announcement of the dates of Christmas plans were defined.