Oct 20, 2015

Demi Lovato makes show for a few guests in São Paulo and fans go wild

Demi Lovato makes show for a few guests in São Paulo

' I'm very excited to be here. Thank you very much ', thanked the singer to take the stage on Tuesday, 20, to just 400.

Demi Lovato did a show for guests on the afternoon of Tuesday, 20, in São Paulo.The singer , who arrived on Monday, 19, in Brazil, showed in a closed event in São Paulo. The location of the show was held over secrecy at all times, making a play on his new album, titled "Confident".

The public was very limited: 400 guests, with 100 of them champions of a promotion is made by a brand of soda. The Repertoire was too small: eight of the biggest hits of Demi Lovato were sung on the show.

Demi showed her affection by fans as soon as we took the stage. "I'm very excited to be here. Thank you so much, "she said. In the range of one of the few songs, but warm fans of the singer began a chorus of "hot". Without understanding what was being said, Demi asked "what does that mean?". Still a little lost with the answers that came, the brunette has once again shown its affection by the public. "Many people are talking about, but I love you. My lovatics are the bes."

Even with a presentation for a few, the singer has made it clear that loves Brazil. In an interview to radio "Transamerica" a few hours before the show, Demi spared no words when talking of his Brazilian fans.
"I chose Brazil again because my fans here are so amazing, I couldn't miss the opportunity to come here,"
 said she.

The "lovatics" as they are called the American admirers, may also be pending for 2016. "Next year, I can tell you that I'll definitely be back," said Demi during the interview, and confirmed the information live to fans at the end of his show, which lasted 30 minutes. "Be back soon".

Kylie Jenner beguiles in leggings

Kylie Jenner in leggings

The 18 year-old Kylie Jenner is commonly known as a trendsetter. Since it is already a surprise that one of her favorite outfits so not fashionable effect.

Like every human being, Kylie Jenner wears also likes more comfortable clothes especially for the sport. The Jenner offspring often opts for Sports Bras, which combines it with leggings. From simple to flashy, everything is represented there. But she's wearing this outfit not only in sports, but also cosy evenings at home, or to relax at the pool. Recently, she published a photo on their Instagram page again to see her in such an ensemble was on the. Despite this comfortable clothes, she looks stunning. Usually, Kylie Jenner but presents their dream body in lovely looks and figure-hugging gowns. And your dream body comes not from about: the reality star keeps that fit with a strong sports program.

The photo was taken from the back and therefore shows a full view of her bottom. As she revealed recently, she owes this butt not only the sport, but she help also with Spanx, so he looks so right sexy.

Terribly: Miss Austria dies after 30-metre fall

Miss Austria dies after 30-metre fall

Today, a terrible and shocking message comes from Austria: the former Miss Austria Ena Kadic crashed in the Tyrolean mountains and succumbed to their injuries in the hospital. She was only 26 years old.

An entire country mourns the young and pretty wife Ena Kadic. The Miss Austria 2013 wanted to jog only, as so often, in Bergisel - a 746 meters high mountain in Tyrol. But then she crashed 30 meters in depth. It is unclear how it could come to the accident.

The beauty was found injured on the observation deck of "Dragons Rock" near the city of Innsbruck. Barely, she couldn't call still her brother before she became unconscious as Krone.at reported.

After the call, the family and paramedics on the way set out to help her. ENA k was injured but the skull and pelvis, that she lost the fight for survival on Monday evening at 22:30.

Bad advice from Gwyneth Paltrow: the actress has proposed to treat the flu in an infrared sauna

Gwyneth Paltrow has proposed to treat the flu in an infrared sauna

Gwyneth Paltrow once again gave the fans nothing substantiated "medical" advice. This time actress and a follower of a healthy lifestyle suggested to treat influenza a sauna. "Valuable" recommendations celebrity publishes in her blog Goop.

Paltrow recently missed the premiere of the new season of "American horror story" because of the illness. Later in her Instagram she posted a selfie of home infrared saunas with the caption:

All the infection away... like cures like.

Many felt that the Council threat actress: the dry and hot climate with sweat robs the body of vitamins and minerals, and also contributes to dehydration is a weakened organism. Doctors warn that the flu is a disease from which people die, and to treat her with a SPA treatment, at least, stupid.

We will remind that not so long ago, the actress was criticized after he advised women to regularly clean the uterus. The actress talked about the unusual procedure, which she did in Los Angeles: the star sat on a throne of infrared rays and wormwood fumes. In his blog, Paltrow noted that the design cleanses the uterus and helps to balance hormones.

The children of Brad Pitt visited the set of his new film "war Machine"

The children of brad pitt visited the set of his new film "war Machine"

Recently brad pitt was seen at work in London, where started the production of the film "war Machine", in which he plays a major role.

Company actor on the set picture streaming service Netflix, which, by the way, this tape has become the most impressive investment in a feature-length project, amounted to his children - twins Vivienne and Knox.

Looking at photos of celebrities, leaked thanks to the omnipresent paparazzi, it's hard to believe that in the coming December he will be 52 years - for his age the actor looks great! However, we didn't expect: in the end, Angelina Jolie is younger than it for 12 years and is recognized as one of the sexiest women in the world, we need to meet.

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