Oct 7, 2015

After engagement: Kelly's parents warn of Leonardo DiCaprio!

After engagement: Kelly's parents warn of Leonardo DiCaprio!

Is that all right?

It was probably a huge surprise for everyone: Leonardo DiCaprio and model girlfriend Kelly Rohrbach got engaged! After only four months relationship was the actor of his loved ones about crucial issue - much to the chagrin of Kelly's parents.

He is known as eternal Bachelor and Womanzier, which boasts a considerable wear to women. These ladies are preferably top models that Leonardo DiCaprio likes changes. Now dating it for four months the blonde beauty Kelly Rohrbach - what times so not like her parents. The OK magazine spoke with an insider who knows that her conservative parents are not at all enthusiastic about the liaison of her daughter with the actor: "You want that Kelly her brain used and understands that Leo's relationships all have the same pattern!" That sounds not as she would be happy about her son-in-law in PES.

Now, the engagement of the two! Whether their parents have already changed their opinions on the actors? If not, Kelly can enjoy these beautiful and loving time only in moderation.

Kelly's parents warn of Leonardo DiCaprio

MEDIA: Leonardo DiCaprio and Kelly Rohrbach engaged

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kelly Rohrbach engaged

We thought that after the news of the engagement of Kara Wear and Annie Clark nothing will surprise us, not yet learned another news: according to publications in the MEDIA, Leonardo DiCaprio decided to settle down.

40-year-old actor is already several months of 24-year-old meets with model Kelly Rohrbach, and, if you believe the testimony of "well-informed sources" are going soon to institutionalize relations with it.

Kelly Rohrbach

Kelly Rohrbach

The only evidence so far is an insider, which quoted one of foreign publications. A source tells that Leo did Kelly proposal during a dinner at the New York restaurant on September 26.

It's not even planned, it just happened. They talked and drank wine, and then Leo suddenly paused, looked at her and said he wanted to meet with her for the rest of their lives. Kelly was shocked, but Leo assured her that says seriously. And then she agreed and ended a long kiss.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Very romantic, of course, but we still wait for any evidence of this event before rejoicing over the fact that staunch Bachelor ventured to the responsible step.

By the way, there were already other insiders close to the actor, who called the whole story about the romantic evening "complete nonsense". Will wait for news.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kelly Rohrbach

Ashley Judd sexually harassed her on a film set

Ashley Judd sexually harassed her on a film set

The actress revealed to Variety have been victim of harassment without 'realizing' it at the time.

The facts have occurred in 1997. In a recent interview with Variety magazine, the actress Ashley Judd said have been sexually harassed her during the filming of the movie the collector by "one of the boss best known, reviled and admired both of the industry." She explains that the man would have proposed to join him at his hotel for dinner:
Finally I arrive there and I am told that it is in his room. 'You kidding? I worked all day, I'll just order me cereal.

It took me years before assessing the seriousness of the incident

The man then asked to look at take a shower, to which she replied:
The day where I will earn an Oscar thanks to one of your movies!
Ashley Judd is said to be "disgusted" to learn that he had done the same to several other women.
"I don't realize at the time what was happening. It took me years before assessing the seriousness of the incident and understand that something terribly abnormal and illegal had happened."

Cure is a 'long process'

The actress's 47 years today took the opportunity to be the spokesman for this type of aggression:
healing is a long process. Some aspects require work. Others are settled in one shot of punching bag or by talking with the author of crime and taking power over him.

After reconciliation with Selena

Demi unpacks: Justin Bieber was not the catalyst for the dispute

He is buried the hatchet between Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez recently. The two back-girlfriends had long shunned themselves and to each other even frozen contact. Thought was since then that the strife was Justin Bieber's fault - Demi now cleaned up with the rumors.

For the complex cover story the singer about her friendship with Selena unpacked. While she made it clear that the former dispute with her have had not necessarily to do with Justin. 'Not really. No more. He really is a nice man. I don't really know him, but it seems that when he is grown up. He looks like he would be more mature. "But when you're young, you're getting older, you also change you and the people," said the 23-year-old.

Now, the discrepancies between the two Hollywood hotties are but anyway forgive and forget. Demi and Selena have each other again and be hopefully won't jeopardize their friendship since child days.

selena gomez and demi lovato

All black everything: Rihanna bye bye Paris

All black everything: Rihanna bye bye Paris

After a lovely stay in Paris, punctuated by a beautiful meeting with Kévin Trapp, Rihanna left the France...

Rihanna did the show in Paris. She was the Queen of the Parc des Princes at the Classico before eventually offering a sweet kiss on the cheek at Kevin Trapp.

A photo posted on Instagram by famous footballer, who circumnavigated the globe.

And while she took much advantage of his stay in the capital, all good things come to an end.

Riri has ended up leaving the France... it indeed was spotted this Tuesday, October 6 in Los Angeles, California.

The singer was in mode "all black everything" at the airport, glasses screwed on the nose and loose clothing.

For Vanity Fair, on the other hand, the performer of 'Bitch Better Have My Money' has swapped his dark side against its wild and sexy side.

The American superstar poses naked in the glossy pages of magazine of November.

And Rihanna also made confessions in Vanity Fair and not least. She returned including its history with Chris Brown and said how much she wanted still to him:
I was very protective with him. I had the feeling that nobody understood confides to his subject. I don't hate it. I will take care of him until my death.

All black everything style Rihanna

All black everything style Rihanna

Rihanna left Paris