Oct 5, 2015

Fergie shows good form in short shorts ride with his son, Axl

Fergie shows good form in short shorts ride with his son, Axl

Singer is with 40 years and has been spotted in Culver City, California.

At the age of 40 years, completed in March, Fergie displays a good way enviable. This Sunday, 4, she proved this to be spotted in Culver City, California, in the United States, during a walk with his son, Axel, of 2 years.

The singer was wearing a short short who left her beautiful legs on display. The Act happened outside of a museum dedicated to wildlife, where the heir to the artist seen near some animals such as iguanas and turtles.

Currently paused in the work with the Black Eyed Peas, Fergie has been dedicated to his new solo album. The latest CD came out in 2006 with hits like "Big Girls Don't Cry" and "Fergalicious". The new album will have participation of Nicki Minaj on one of the tracks.

Fergie shows Singer is with 40 years and has been spotted in CulverCity, California.

Kylie Jenner poses with strap and shows secret to safety belt thin

Kylie Jenner poses with strap and shows secret to safety belt thin

Younger sister of Kim Kardashian showed in the social network that uses the same secret of the sisters to keep the beautiful curves.

The waist straps seem to be the dirty little secret of family to the curves of Kylie Jenner and the sisters. On the afternoon of Monday, 05, Kylie, younger sister of Kim Kardashian, showed a photo in which appears with a black styling and talking about the ease in using it. The safety belt thin yielded several compliments from its followers. "Sexy" and "beautiful" were some of them.

Kylie is not the only supporter of family fireworks Styler to fine tune the safety belt, increasing the curves. Khloe Kardashian has already shown on social networks using the modeling part, as well as Kim Kardeshian.

Outside of the "game of Thrones": Emilia Clarke and Jason Momoa met in Paris

Emilia Clarke and Jason Momoa met on the set of the tv series "game of Thrones". And, despite the fact that the hero Momoa-khal Drogo named-died in the first season and dropped out of the project, the actors still continued to maintain friendly relations.

Recently celebrities met in Paris, where arrived at fashion week. As you might guess, the meeting has not been without a small photo shoot, pictures of which were published on the pages of the stars in Instagram.

What kind of woman. Damn cute!

-left signature to one of the photos Momoa.

I must say that Jason has for Emilia so tender feelings that many would think that romance between them. However, this is not the case-the actor refers to a colleague as a younger sister, as recounted in his times interview:

I love Emilia, she had me as a younger sister.
Emilia Clarke and Jason Momoa met in Paris

Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke

Noble fan girls in Paris

Noble fan girls in Paris

Rihanna, Kendall & Gigi: Sexy performance at football!

There, someone should say again that are interested in the it girls, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and singer Rihanna in Paris for the fashion. During fashion week, the three mega-stars visit not only fashion shows, but also a football match of the Ligue 1.

Visitors in the Parisian Prince Park Stadium were probably not bad looking. In addition to the big Gala of superstar and exceptional kicker Zlatan Ibrahimovic nearly 50,000 viewers saw even real world stars off the field. In the stands of the stadium, the A League of the it girls are? Took a short fashion week break for themselves, the model Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid attended the game befitting the PSG Jersey. While the two had fun, but rather to photograph himself in her belly-free fan outfits Rihanna gotten to properly with.

The singer is known for that she loves football. Outed himself as big fan-girl Rihanna and celebrated the title in Rio even with the German national team during the 2014 World Cup. Now she cried when the French classic with and was no longer to hold on the grandstand. Paris against Olympique Marseille won in the end with 2-1 - and the prominent adherents were super happy!

Rihanna Sexy performance at football

Kendall Jenner Sexy performance at football

Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid Sexy performance at football

Surprise for her fans: Sabia Boulahrouz posts now on Instagram

Sabia Boulahrouz posts now on Instagram

Sabia Boulahrouz could be having their first walk on the catwalk so full of himself is sure that even a model agency she was attentive and took the former girlfriend of players under contract. So that even their fans have something of this new step in your life, the 37-year-old let they participate over a further social media channel, to her new job.

On the popular photo Portal Instagram, Sabia created an account on which she uploaded already first photos of a professional shoots. In elegant evening gown, posed the new model for the camera and proved that she is definitely qualified as a photo model. Already several thousand followers have discovered the new page and subscribed to the ex-girlfriend of Rafael van der Vaart, so that they are regularly supplied with new images.

It is not clear whether these works have shown already in the contract with the mega model agency in Hamburg. See their contributions Sabia renounced comments so far.

The first joint Kardashian-Jenner sisters cover

The first joint Kardashian sisters cover

The most popular of his scandalous telesemejstva Kim Kardashian, commented on several occasions earlier fears that sisters can outshine her fame, finally decided not to compete with coming on the heels of Kendall and Kylie Jenner in favor with the public. Simple arithmetic enabled Mrs. West understand that where productive does not compete with the sisters and unite their and their popularity points in common "piggy bank", appearing in the glossy cover, surrounded by sisters Kylie, Kendall, Courtney, Chloe and mom-Chris Jenner.

The whole "half" semejsta appeared in the November issue of the journal shooting for Cosmopolitan. This way, 2011 year, when the press began to appear references to some Kardashian sisters for the first time shot for a magazine cover.

However, in full? In the light of recent events, expanded the women's family members, the absence of heroines cover Kaitlin Jenner looks like an inconsistency. In the end, the father of sejmestva now also represents his "better half".

The first joint Kardashian sisters magazine cover