Sep 19, 2015

Prince Harry starred in a movie about Rugby

Prince Harry starred in a movie about Rugby

Everyone knows that Prince Harry is a big fan of rugby. Just yesterday, along with his brother Prince William and Kate Middleton has been spotted at the opening of the Rugby World Cup in London, where he delivered a fiery speech to the assembled. But it was not the only surprise from Harry for sports fans.

Favourite Uk debuted as an actor. Harry starred in the movie, which tells the story of the emergence of rugby. Though the Prince himself, and appears in the frame for only a few seconds, it's enough to chain to screens multimillion-dollar army his groupies.

Rihanna leaves only a coat and slippers

Rihanna leaves only a coat and slippers

Singer was a nightclub in Los Angeles, in the United States. She does show the next day 26 at the festival.

Until he arrives to cause here-she does show at Rock in Rio in the next 26-day, Rihanna follows causing world. On Friday, 18, the singer went to a nightclub in Los Angeles, USA, using just one coat. The daring look was combined with slippers on her feet. Riri even made few friends to face the paparazzi.

Dakota Johnson about his personal life: "I Think guys are afraid of me"

Dakota Johnson about his personal life: I Think guys are afraid of me

Erotic film "50 shades of grey" brought a young Dakota Johnson not only worldwide fame, but also a complete devastation in his personal life. Recently the actress came on the show Ellen DeGeneres, where he told that now is not a committed relationship, and that guys don't communicate with her because of the role anasteysha steel.

I think guys are afraid of me. They either love me, or run away...most of the boys run away,

- said the actress.

25-year-old Johnson also admitted that after her breakup with musician Matthew Hit it alone.

Dakota told not only about his personal life, but also said that sometimes, because of the fame she gets in an uncomfortable situation:

I recently got into a taxi and the driver recognized me. He said that he and his wife saw the movie "50 shades of grey". And then he said he hoped to see there's more sex. Sometimes people say things that make me feel awkward.

By the way, though the whole world know Dakota for her roles anasteysha steel, according to the actress, none of her family, this film never looked back.

Recall that recently, Dakota Johnson starred in the film "Black Mass". And soon to begin shooting the sequel to "50 shades of grey", which will be called "50 shades darker".

Pamela Anderson is selling her engagement ring

Pamela Anderson is selling her engagement ring

Pamela Anderson knows that it is not necessary to protect the gifts of their former, to preserve them in good memories. Especially if getting rid of most of these gifts can help someone. The actress has decided to sell her wedding ring, and proceeds to transfer to a charity dealing with the rescue of tropical forests.

The star of "Baywatch" has decided to sell an engagement ring from her ex-husband Rick Salomon. Diamond ring in 3.24 carat will be put under the hammer, with all proceeds given to charity Fund of the actress.

I hope that this is a special engagement ring from Tiffany can bring joy to somebody,

-says Anderson.

All proceeds will go to charity, the Pamela Anderson Foundation. It also means the launch of a new auction on eBay, where it will be sold signed books and other memorabilia

-continues the actress.

According to preliminary estimates, the ring Pamela, decorated with diamonds, will cost about $ 100,000. Decent price, right?

Recall that Anderson and film producer Rick Salomon were married twice, from 2007 to 2008 and from 2014 to 2015. Apparently, Pamela realized that Rick is not exactly her destiny and the third attempt will be gone, time the actress decided to sell the ring.

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon

Celebrity Street Style: ELLE FANNING in Studio City (14 photos HD)

Celebrity Street Style: ELLE FANNING in Studio City

ELLE FANNING in Studio City


Celebrity Style: ELLE FANNING








ELLE FANNING out in Studio City



Rihanna : his new album is still not ready!

On the cover of the new issue of the magazine "NME", Rihanna gives news of his eighth studio album. The album, produced in collaboration with Kanye West, unfortunately, is not yet ready.

Rihanna has accustomed us to draw an album every year, but not this time.

All the fans of the singer who hoped that the output of Bitch Better Have My Money would be quickly followed by the announcement of the release of his eighth studio album, and well no. Huey gives news of his opus in preparation in the pages of the NME magazine in which she made the cover, and for which she confided that she would never be on stage with Taylor Swift.

Asked about this new project, always baptized R8 for the moment, Rihanna explains that he is still not ready, a long wait due to the busy schedule of Kanye West with whom she has collaborated for this album.
We just have to wait to go back in the studio together,
-says the singer.
His schedule and mine are totally different this time, but I think we will be back in the studio this month,
-adds the star.

Kanye West was a few days ago in New York to present his new collection at Fashion Week while Huey flew to Los Angeles.

But the fans can rest assured that, despite the wait, Rihanna promises of heavy.
I am eager to offer them something good,
-she says to NME.

Beyonce submitted a video for the song Runnin

In the network appeared the new clip on a song together Runnin (Lose It All) Beyonce and British DJ Naughty Boy. And, after watching it I can say that the cooperation of the stars was successful.

The action of the music video takes place under water. Show to the audience of two young men who run in to each other, slicing through the water spaces.

By the way, Runnin (Lose It All) is one of the singles from the forthcoming album Naughty Boy. And cooperation with the Beyonce virtually guarantees a future project success.