Sep 10, 2015

Selena Gomez: Discover her new title "Same Old Love" and the tracklist of the album!

Selena Gomez new title Same Old Love and the tracklist of the album

His new album comes out in a few months one month and Selena Gomez decided to wait his fans by unveiling a new piece today as well as the entirety of the tracklist! Discover all this below without further delay!

It's been several months that the pretty Selena Gomez is working on her next album she chose to appoint "Revival", which means 'renewal' in french. And a few weeks ago, she was assured that she would confide through its songs to make a new start in life.

The starlet is determined to change its image of wise girl and recently went naked to unveil what could well be the cover of his album. A subtle way to tell her fans that she does not count hide anything with this album!

Today, she announced that her album was already in pre-order and lifted the veil on the "Same Old Love" title, and after listening to it there is almost no doubt, Justin Bieber should feel targeted!

The young man was recently spend subliminal messages to the beautiful brunette in her latest video, "What Do You Mean", but obviously it has not at all want to fall back into his arms!

And for those who look forward to the new album of the singer, here's already the titles and order of all the songs that will be on:

  1. Revival
  2. Kill Em With Kindness
  3. Hands To me
  4. Same Old Love
  5. Sober
  6. good For You ft A$ AP Rocky
  7. Camouflage
  8. Me & The Rhythm
  9. Survivor
  10. body Heat
  11. Rise

Listen to "Same Old Love" below and tell us what you think in comments!

Justin Bieber passes (new) to the platinum blonde!

Justin Bieber sported her new hair color blonde

Justin Bieber sported her new hair color this Thursday, September 10 at a concert in New York! A color that is either already in last December.

After all, Justin Bieber is one fashionista like the others! Passionate fashion, the young Canadian 21-year-old singer decided to follow the madness of coloring. After Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner, he has also adopted the peroxide blond. A first time in December 2014, once again this Thursday, September 10! He unveiled his new head at a concert during the American broadcast Today Show from NBC in New York.

While his ex, Selena Gomez, unveils its new, Same Old Love, and the track list of his album, Justin Bieber has likely decided overshadow it. Arrived in pouring rain to his fans, he had donned a Cap. But at one point, the urge was too strong to show her new hair color! What cause attacks of hysteria among his fans!

Justin Bieber new hair color

Justin Bieber new hair color

Justin Bieber new hair color blonde

Justin Bieber new hair color

Justin Bieber new hair color

Justin Bieber new hair color

Justin Bieber new hair color

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

The young man ends more to amaze with his hair experiments! Late August, at the ceremony of the MTV Video Music Awards, he had unveiled his new Wick and its completely 90s haircut while he sang for the first time its new bomb, What Do You Mean live, and based in tears on stage. This time, he remained dignified but it looks like bin that he decided to become the living dead Ringer for Titeuf...

Cameron Diaz is pregnant with twins, says magazine

Cameron Diaz is pregnant with twins

The actress and musician of the band Good Charlotte are the parents of twins, according to information from the ' Life & Style '.

Cameron Diaz, 43 years old, and Benji Madden, 36, have been married for just over nine months and, according to the magazine "Life & Style", are already raising the family. According to the publication, the actress is pregnant with twins. "When they found out they were expecting twins, Benji and Cam were in shock, but completely happy," a source told the magazine.

"Although she's pregnant just a few weeks ago, Cameron is expecting it to be a boy and a girl. She is excited to start shopping for the babies. They are being cautious. She is very healthy and everything is great so far. They are hoping for the best," he continued. According to the source, the musician of the band Good Charlotte is overjoyed: "He is very protective of her and the babies and it is hard for him to focus on something else now. He can't wait to be a dad ".

Cameron Diaz married Benji Madden on day 5 of January in a ceremony for the closer the couple held at the mansion of actress in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, in the United States.