Aug 29, 2015

Sandra Bullock new boyfriend: what do we know about Bryan Randall

Sandra Bullock new boyfriend: what do we know about Bryan Randall

How could Sandra Bullock has tried to hide his private life from the surrounding, it was unable to long keep secret the identity of his new lover. The other day the paparazzi podlovili actress after a romantic date. The couple tried to hide from the cameras and quickly sat in the car, but also a pair of shots was enough to find out who did this Mister x. Companion Bullock-Photographer Bryan Randall. What do we know about this mysterious man? While a bit. But all that we know, we'll tell you.

Bryan Randall

1. Brian 49 years old, he hails from Portland, Oregon.

2. Bryan Randall photographer. With Sandra, he met thanks to their craft: when Bullock took photographer for his son Louis, my friends advised Brian Randall.

3. Before to stand behind the lens, over 20 years, Brian worked as a model. Behind him shooting for many glossy magazines. Probably that is why he eventually decided to pursue photography.

4. Brian Now lives and works in Los Angeles.

5. Randall has a tattoo in honor of his daughter. By the way, Sandra also vytatuirovala the name of his son Louis.

Apparently, loving everything seriously. Sources, Brian and Sandra together for several months. In addition, the actress has already introduced her new boyfriend with friends. It is with Rèndallom Bullock came to the wedding of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, which took place on 5 August.

We remind that Sandra Bullock brings up the adopted son Louis. Brian has all chances to become a good father to a boy, because children are what man knows firsthand. As stated above, Randall has a daughter.

After her divorce from Jesse James in 2010 year actress for a while decided to close their hearts from men and focused on the upbringing of her son and work.

We hope that the relationship will Randall Bullock and best. They say Sandra happy with her new lover.

Bryan Randall photographer

Miley Cyrus about MTV VMA 2015: This will be the craziest show

Miley Cyrus about MTV VMA 2015: this is the craziest show

Tomorrow will take place annual MTV Music Awards ceremony. And, it seems, this show will truly be an unforgettable experience. At least, Miley Cyrus, which this year will be leading the VMA, promised to make it a truly crazy.

Recently, singer, characterized by predilection for outrageous antics and candid outfits, answered questions from their fans on social networks. One of the fans of Cyrus asked her what moments in the history of VMA liked her more than anything, that got a response:

They have not yet occurred. Believe me, this year is the craziest VMA in the history!

Miley, which often appears semi-nude in public, also stated that and her outfits at the upcoming ceremony will not leave anyone indifferent:

I requested that I had as much as possible on the MTV VMA-2015, so I was able to change the image multiple times. There will be so many colors and decorations! I want this to be the most colorful VMA of all time.

Yes, Miley did not borrow. This girl really knows how to be light and surprise the audience with their antics. Remember, at least, her candid dance at the ceremony year 2013-shocked were absolutely everything. So doubt that VMA led by Cyrus will be unforgettable.

Miley Cyrus about MTV VMA 2015

Jessica Biel said that Justin Timberlake doesn't sing lullabies to his son

Jessica Biel said that Justin Timberlake doesn't sing lullabies to his son

What could be more logical than the father of the singer, her baby lullabies? But how would not. The family of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, who became parents in April this year, is responsible for this mom.

Justin prefers to leave the work in the Studio. Is difficult to continuously sing when it is your main thing

- Jessica said in a recent interview.

Child sing I. Poor thing. Usually I execute the song Somewhere Over the Rainbow and other compositions from the "Wizard of Oz". Depends on the time,

- Adds the actress, who is clearly not thrilled by their vocal skills.

Justin Timberlake and his baby

Jessica also said that, in spite of motherhood, she manages to deal with and their projects:

I finally finished work on the Ribbon, which is called "Devil in the Deep Blue Sea". Is a small independent film, but we hope that it will receive some notoriety.

By the way, in this picture along with Beale starring star of tv series "game of Thrones" Maisie Williams and actor Jason Sudeikis. The film will be released in the year 2016.

Pregnant Kim Kardashian posted photos in bikini

Pregnant Kim Kardashian posted photos in bikini

Reality tv star Kim Kardashian, it seems, can not live a day without having to lay out a new network not picture yourself favorite. This time Kimmie published in Instagram my shots in a bikini.

Wife of Kanye West Kim Kardashian enjoying a relaxing holiday on the islands of Saint-Barthélemy, and lays out a photo for their fans. This time, the star of the show "Kardashian Family" has pleased its fans selfi in bikini. Kim made several pictures in a light brown suit.

It should be reminded that Kim Kardashian is pregnant with her second child. But if someone this situation stops appear in explicit photo shoots, not only Kardashian. Kim is already vykladyvala in the network, where she shot her (Star decided to show everyone that she is indeed expecting a baby), and now it's time for a photo in a bathing suit.

By the way, as you can see by the photos, even to the beach by Kim comes with full make-up. Does her beauty requires victims?

Pregnant Kim Kardashian in bikini

Pregnant Kim Kardashian in bikini