Aug 22, 2015

Top10 Instagram 08/22/2015

1. Kylie Jenner 432633

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner black

2. Beyonce 380047


3. Cristiano Ronaldo 316523

Cristiano Ronaldo Dinner

4. Justin Bieber 293519

Justin Bieber This is Worldwide. What Do You Mean?

5. Selena Gomez 285546

Selena Gomez These kids will blow your mind and they are changing the world

6. Taylor Swift 263394

Taylor Swift Ryan Tedder and I singing 'Counting Stars' at Staples Center tonight...

7. Ariana Grande 249911

Ariana Grande xoxo

8. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson 236894

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Steppin' into the weekend like..

9. Khloé Kardashian 186575

Khloé Kardashian link in my bio

10. Miley Cyrus 158404

Miley Cyrus Been in da same clotheZzz FO 3 daze str8!

Sisters struggle: Bella steals Gigi Hadid's clothes

Sisters struggle: Bella steals Gigi Hadid's clothes

Typical arguments

They are sisters, both in the model business work and are very well. Gigi and Bella Hadid show always in beautiful harmony and not at all appear as she saw a competitor in each other. Why also? There is enough space for both beauties absolutely in the celebrity world. But on one issue the siblings fun stop then - in the clothes.

As it should be among fashion-conscious sisters with similar fashion taste, Gigi and Bella share their wardrobe like. And that's usually not a problem. But Bella told in an interview with Refinery29, that mutual borrowing of clothes still occasionally leads to the dispute. "My sister and I share our clothes we" told Gigi little sister, "recently I call her to ask her something and she says only: ' give me back my belt." Bella, you know what belt I mean. Immediately bring him.' "Then she has just laid up and I could only say: 'Okay, I love you, bye!'"

Obviously the exchange of properties between Gigi and Bella is often very informal - speak, a "steal" the other simply unnoticed the occasional fashion accessory. How sweet: The model sisters remained wonderfully normal in all glory.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are family program

Ex-couple is trying to prove that they are stronger than the controversy involving the ex-babá of children, Christine Ouzounian.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are struggling not to let the controversy involving the ex-babá of children, Christine Ouzounian, panic the coexistence in the family. On Friday, 21, the actors were photographed in a familiar climate while they were walking together through the streets of Atlanta, in the United States. With the children, Violet, Seraphina and Samuel, the two strolled together with new family dog, a golden retriever.

At the end of June, the actors announced the end of the marriage of ten years in a note published by People: "after thinking very carefully, we took the decision to get a divorce," he said. Soon after, rumors have surfaced that the reason for the separation of the two would be an affair between Ben and ex-babá.

Lana del Rey will present new album next month

Lana del Rey will present new album next month

As we have informed, last week the LANA del Rey presented a clip on the second song "High by the Beach" from their new album "Honeymoon". It has become known today, when will it release.

On Instarame reported that the singer will present his album on September 18.

Lana also published the names of the songs that make up its collection:
  1. the ' Honeymoon ' 
  2. ' Music To Watch Boys To ' 
  3.  ' Terrence Loves You ' 
  4. ' God Knows I Tried ' 
  5. ' High By The Beach ' 
  6.  ' Freak ' 
  7. ' Art Deco ' 
  8. ' Burnt Norton ' (Interlude) 
  9. ' Religion ' 
  10. ' Salvatore ' 
  11. ' The Blackest Day ' 
  12. ' 24 ' 
  13. ' Swan Song ' 
  14. ' Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood '
Hope, "Honeymoon" will be as successful as "Ultraviolence", released last year and taking off on the charts in Britain and America. At the end of this month, admirers del Rey will appreciate her song together with The Weeknd titled "Born To Die".

Johnny Depp: What happened to the sex symbol?

Johnny Depp What happened to the sex symbol

He is totally swollen

Winona Ryder, Kate Moss, Vanessa Paradis and now amber heard: Johnny Depp has a weakness for beautiful women, and she for him. At least until recently. Because the actor was not sexy, but it's pretty swollen now at a gig.

Strubbeliges, medium hair, an impish smile and a lean, sinewy body - so you know Johnny Depp and amber heard his wife loves him. But at a charity gig in Los Angeles, where he appeared on stage together with Gene Simmons, Johnny was now quite different. His hair was greasy combed to the back of the head, his gaze seemed tired and empty. But especially noticed that the Hollywood star has put on some pounds - the vest stretched across his belly and especially his face appeared swollen. What happened to the sex symbol of the 90s? Johnny came again to the bottle? Because, no secret is that he has to fight many years with an alcohol and drug problem. Also on the set of the fifth part of the Pirates of the Caribbean series constantly delirious was he, which is why the Director prescribed him a break in filming.

Johnny Depp What happenedJohnny Depp

23 birthday: Demi Lovato got a little dog!

23 birthday: Demi Lovato got a little dog!

"Batman" is so tiny

Thursday Demi Lovato celebrated her 23rd birthday and as a gift, we handed her something very special: A small black ball of wool in the form of dogs!

Ummm... ... May I introduce people... Batman, 
- she wrote under her Instagram image.

 And so that their fans have the puppy is how tiny, she held her hand for comparison also an idea. But the kid did not interfere with the Flash of the camera and calmly took a NAP on the couch of his mistress.

Demi Lovato got a little dog

A month is here, the US singer and actress has lost her beloved dog buddy due to a tragic accident. Because the small Maltese Bichon hybrid was torn in her garden by a wild Coyote. With the loss of her faithful companion, the 23-year-old coped difficult and cancelled for the time being even all public appearances after the tragedy. But now she seems ready for a new dog love to be and will fit on the small dwarf now sure anymore.

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato little dog

Matthew Settle: papa papa for the second time, discover the name of the baby!

Matthew Settle: papa papa for the second time, discover the name of the baby!

Matthew Settle has announced the birth of his daughter on his behalf Instagram yesterday (August 20)!

Notebook Pink! Dad of two beautiful children, Dan and Jenny in the American series "Gossip Girl" from 2007 to 2012, Matthew Settle also became it in real life!

Already father of a small Aven Angelica aged 6 years, it's the actress Kelly Rutherford, who had announced the good news to our colleagues from Us Weekly a few months ago: "Marcia Cross, Ed Westwick, Vivica Fox, Selma Blair and Lisa Rinna are all expected. I hope that Matthew will be there. It will again be dad soon so I'm not sure of his coming. What a pity! "."

Today (Friday 21 August), it is the pretty boy who announced that his partner had given birth by posting a photo of her and her baby girl that meets the sweet name of Nalu on behalf Instagram!

Matthew Settle papa papa for the second time

Already a few weeks old, it is certain that this little girl is going to wreak havoc with her beautiful blue eyes... Already enjoying family holidays, it would appear that they have already made them taste the joys of the waves and the turquoise blue sea.

David Beckham in the trailer short film Belstaff

David Beckham in the trailer short film Belstaff

Eve online has its first short film trailer brand Belstaff "criminals", the main role of which was performed by David Beckham.

In addition to Beckham, the trailer appeared Harvey Keitel, Cathy Moriarty and Katherine Waterston.

According to the story, motorcyclist Stuntman (David Beckham) goes in search of his beloved, serving in the brodâčem circus. Of course, in the way of the hero Beckham raises many obstacles.

By the way, the Executive producer of "Criminals" was Liv Tyler. For directing short films meet Jeremy Jasper.

Premiere will take place in September at fashion week in London as part of the show's Belstaff.

David Beckham in Belstaff

David Beckham in Belstaff

David Beckham in Belstaff

David Beckham in Belstaff

David Beckham in Belstaff

Outlaws trailer starring David Beckham.