Aug 13, 2015

Top10 Instagram 08/13/2015

1. Ariana Grande 2kk

Ariana Grande on my way

Ariana Grande  にほんへ、かえってこれてうれしい!

2. Kendall Jenner 471600

Kendall Jenner alian

3. Selena Gomez 410274

Selena Gomez wonderlandmag

4. Taylor Swift 352165

Taylor Swift Happy birthday to cheeky, charming Cara delevingne who lights up my life

5. Kim Kardashian 301183

Kim Kardashian Happy Birthday Beautiful cara delevingne

6. Cristiano Ronaldo 298657

Cristiano Ronaldo 2 training

7. Beyonce 298350


8. Dwayne The Rock Johnson 252324

Dwayne The Rock Johnson Mana. tbt

9. Justin Bieber 243045

Justin Bieber What Do You Mean? Lol meghan_trainor 15Days

10. Kourtney Kardashian 210548

Kourtney Kardashian

Ciara showed sports figure in a new photo shoot and told about her nutrition

Ciara showed sports figure in a new photo shoot and told about her nutrition

Recently we discussed how Siare managed to get rid of excess weight after pregnancy. The singer talked about their sports training and vegetarian diet after delivery. As it turned out, they were not all secrets of stunning figures of the artist.

Ciara became the heroine of the cover of the September issue of the journal of the Shape. She took part in a photo shoot and prodemonstirovala the world its sporting and elegant shape than earned the admiration of many, because not so long ago, she gave birth to a child. In an interview with Ciara described how she achieved such results. The singer has shared the secrets of his power.

The biggest surprise for fans of the singer, read interviews, was the recognition of the Ciara version, that it is not always adhered to proper nutrition. Actress allowed herself a vacation that was accompanied by eating biscuits, pizza and other harmful, but delicious foods:

Firstly, even when I am on a strict diet, I do breaks. At some point I can eat fries, cheeseburger pizza, Oreo cookies and vanilla ice cream. Secondly, I believe that it is very important to drink plenty of water, because it cleanses the body. This really helped me lose weight. Water is my medicine. I should drink not less than four liters of water a day to feel good.

Ciara also advised anyone who sits on a diet, think before taking a meal:

There are moments when I want to eat a plate of pasta. In such cases, I try to be good and think about whether I want it right now? Because if later the desire not to lose, you can do it, food was not going to go away.

We have to admit that despite the fact that Ciara makes concessions, it looks wonderful. Singer-winner of coherent and energetic body the envy of millions.

Ciara, nutritional program

Ciara photo shoot

Ciara photo shoot

Ciara photo shoot for magazine

Rihanna wears costumes of questionable taste in New York

Rihanna wears costumes of questionable taste in New York

Using a long pants with indentations on the thighs, singer was in a tattoo Studio on Wednesday, 12.

Rihanna wore a costume of questionable taste in New York, in the United States. Using a long pants sweatpants with newspaper clippings on the thighs, the singer was in a tattoo Studio on Wednesday, 12. What and where is the new tattoo of Riri?

Rihanna, who dismissed the bra for the ballad, was shooting last Tuesday, 11, leaving a nightclub in New York seconds after Lewis Hamilton. The two were caught recently enjoying a festival in Barbados, country singer, and traveled the same day for New York.

At the time, the pilot of Formula 1 including published a record at the airport upon the wing of the plane. In Barbados, he and Rihanna seemed to be of excellent mood, smiling and having fun until the 5:0.

Robert Pattinson and Dane Dehaan in the trailer of the film of James Dean LIFE

Robert Pattinson and Dane Dehaan in the trailer of the film of James Dean LIFE

Today the network has the first official trailer for the long-awaited film LIFE with Robert Pattinson and Dane Dehaan starring.

Directed by Anton Corbijn. The film tells the story of teamwork and friendship LIFE magazine photographer Dennis Runoff, played by Pattinson, and young actor James Dean performed by Dane Dehaan.

Dennis Stock-the author of the last earned included Dean's pictures, according to The Times, in the immortal archive "photos that hit the world."

Robert-the role of the photographer. Nothing special I have not taught, but in the preparatory period we had an old "watering can", which was released just when Dean lived. I gave her a Robe and asked to have it with her during these weeks would become as one, and he can say that today, with this task perfectly,

Director said.

As we have informed, James Dean became famous the main roles in the films "East of Eden," "rebel without a cause" and "giant". The latter was released after the death of actor: Dean rallies had died in an accident at the age of 24 years.

Watch the trailer!

Ariel Winter made a breast reduction operation

Ariel Winter made a breast reduction operation

Actress Ariel Winter made the plasticity of mammary glands, reducing breast size with 32F to 34 d.

17-year-old actress recognition for shooting in the series "an American family", reported that in ecstatic about the results of the operation:

I can't even pick up the words to describe how good I feel now. This is an amazing lightness!

According to Ariel, a large breast size not only channeled her physical discomfort, but also limited the choice of clothes:

I had to wear tight-fitting dresses that emphasized form-in clothes tailor made my breasts look awful.

All have criticized me for being too adult clothing style, but I just don't have any other choice.

Ariel Winter has made breast reduction

Ariel Winter aftr made breast reduction

I tried not to pay attention to the criticism on the Internet, but was not happy with the same size. I made this operation for himself, and now everything is different,

-added Wynter.

Ariel Winter