Jul 11, 2015

Serena Williams won for the sixth time at Wimbledon

Serena Williams won for the sixth time at Wimbledon

Again, no one was able to break the head of this girl! American Serena Williams defeated today in the final of Wimbledon Spanish athlete Mugurusu Garbin, becoming the winner of the tournament for the sixth time in his career.

Match lasted 1:00 22 minutes and ended with the score 6: 4, 6: 4.

for Williams is 21th in the tournament "Grand Slam". In 2015, she won the Australian Open and Roland Garros in the case of winning the US Open can repeat the achievement Steffi Graf in 1988, winning a calendar "Grand Slam".

Way, 33-year-old Serena - the age-winner of the tournament series "Grand Slam". A little younger than her (less than a month) was Martina Navratilova - victor of Wimbledon in 1990.

Serena Williams won Wimbledon

Serena Williams won Wimbledon
Serena Williams and Garbin Mugurusa

Serena Williams and Garbin Mugurusa

"Game of Thrones" at Comic-Con 2015: Press-Conference of the actors of the series

San Diego runs one of the major events of the American film industry 2015-Comic-Con. Each year the event attracts fans of fiction, animation and just exciting movies from all over the world. Come on over and celebrities that not only entertain, but also to communicate with their fans. Today, for example, through Comic-Con hosted a press conference of the actors of the popular tv series "game of Thrones".

During the press conference, the actors told us what they think about the characters and the fate of its heroes. Maisie Williams, who performs the role of Arya, for example, worries how she will play next season, as in the story of her character was blinded, and lenses that have to wear-very inconvenient.

For the last scene I wore lenses only for 15 minutes. For them to decide what Arya will be blind, is three seconds, and it will take me time to get comfortable with that,

-Williams said.

Natalie Dormer, performing the role of Queen of Margery, also concerned about the fate of your character:

I think it is too much trouble. Her grandmother no râdoi and no one to take care of it.

At the press conference was also addressed by actors John Bradley-West, Alfie Allen, carice van Houten, and others.

Game of Thrones at Comic-Con 2015 Maisie Williams

Game of Thrones at Comic-Con 2015 Karis Van Houten
Game of Thrones at Comic-Con 2015 Natalie Dormer

Game of Thrones at Comic-Con 2015 Alfie Allen

Game of Thrones at Comic-Con 2015 John Bradley-Ouest

My mother died: the famous skater Evgeni Plushenko

Because of the tragedy, the Olympic champion, broke off a tour in Japan. Tatiana Vasilievna Plushenko several years struggling with cancer.

My mother died the famous skater Evgeni Plushenko

The tragic news came the renowned figure skating Olympic champion Evgeni Plushenko during his tour of Japan in Saint Petersburg-died his mother Tatyana Vasilevna Plushenko.
 Tatyana Vasilyevna suffered incurable disease a few years ago she was diagnosed with cancer. Family not Evgeni Plushenko ascribed this fact public. The Olympic champion took her mother for treatment in the best clinics of the world, but alas, the disease turned out to be stronger. Due to the death of the mother, Plushenko severed touring Japan and urgently returned to St. Petersburg.

Mama Olympic champion was only 58 years old. Tatyana Vasilievna and her son had a special relationship, it is her he owes its successes in sport. It took him quite a toddler to the Palais des sports in Volgograd, where then was only in figure skating. And then, when athletic ability Eugenia became apparent, along with him went to St. Petersburg to renowned coach Alexei Mišinu. The family's financial situation was very difficult then Plushenko, but Tatiana Vasilievna not confused the difficulties she has done everything to ensure that her son became the champion.

Funeral Tatiana Plushenko will be held on Monday, July 13. On the official page of Evgeni Plushenko Facebook fans an athlete express his sympathy.

Evgeni Plushenko avec sa mère Tatiana Vassilievna

The evolution of style: 100 years of men's fashion in a new video

The evolution of style: 100 years of men's fashion in a new video

We've watched videos about how the last 100 years has changed fashion in general and how to change the appearance of the girls in Russia. But in all these videos we are talking only about the beautiful half of humanity, and nothing about men! Now this gender injustice is corrected. The network has the video, which shows the evolution of men's fashion from 1915 to the present day.

The three-minute video model Mattie Watts try on the style of the 20s, horrifying the modern man's wardrobe items from the 1960s and 1970 and, of course, show the image of a modern young people.

100 years of men's fashion

100 years of men's fashion 1935

100 years of men's fashion 19..


Sofia Vergara celebrates birthday with Joe Manganiello

Sofia Vergara celebrates birthday with Joe Mangan′ello

Today, 10 July, Sofia Vergara celebrates its birthday. Hard to believe, but this beauty celebrated 43 years!

Holiday party was held in a small, close circle of family and friends, among whom was betrothed imeninicy Joe Manganiello. But this does not mean that it was boring. As her character from the tv series "modern family," Vergara is able to arrange a happy holiday even in a vacuum. Sofia organized a gala dinner for his friends, during which sat at the head table and drank from a large glass (almost a cup) with the words Happy Birthday. There were no cake. More precisely without five cakes!

When your family know what you want for your birthday,

Vergara wrote below the photo with sweets.

By the way, for the celebration of the actress chose the yellow dress, emphasizing all the virtues of its shape.

We associate ourselves with the congratulations of Sofia and hope that the celebration was a success!

20150711_Sofia Vergara celebrates birthday_2

20150711_Sofia Vergara celebrates birthday_3
20150711_Sofia Vergara celebrates birthday_4

20150711_Sofia Vergara celebrates birthday_5

20150711_Sofia Vergara celebrates birthday_6