Jun 17, 2015

Instagram Tyra Banks NO MAKEUP SELFIES: #RawAndReal

Instagram Tyra Banks NO MAKEUP SELFIES:  #RawAndReal

Tyra Banks

TYRA Banks has engineered a career on wanting unflawed.

But that hasn’t stopped her from showing the globe what she very seems like — while not the makeup and picture redaction.

The 41-year-old mannequin and America’s Next prime Model host has denote a snap on Instagram that offers fans a glimpse of what she seems like while not the glamour.

“You savvy folks say #nofilter however you recognize there’s a freakin’ filter on their pic?” she wrote in a very drawn-out caption on Instagram.


Keti Topuria showed daughter | The singer called the baby Olivia

Fans of the 28-year-old singer Keti Topuria , first became a mom, anxiously awaited the first photos of the newborn daughter of a star. The soloist group A'Studio did not become weary of their fans waiting and a few hours later after giving birth posted a photo of the girl's legs, they with the 40-year-old husband Leo Gejhmanom decided to call Olivia. Keti Topuria published a snapshot of crumbs at the hands of his father. The parents of a newborn Olivia do not become show face girls photographed her from back in overalls with Angel wings. Pale white outfit of Olivia and touching embrace Lion Gejhmana so umilili bloggers that they left more than eleven thousand people for twenty-five minutes.

Keti Topuria showed daughter | The singer called the baby Olivia

Keti Topuria showed daughter

Keti Topuria


Iggy azalea Talks regarding Her Struggle With Body Confidence


After all that cosmetic surgery, you'd assume Iggy azalea would feel somewhat bit more well-off in her skin, however apparently not! The 25-year-old rapper/singer chatted with Australia's nowadays Show and discovered that she still struggles to simply accept her body.

Iggy told host Richard Wilkins:

    "Some days i would like to crawl into a cave as a result of i do not feel assured in any respect, and so different days I feel nice. i believe perhaps feeling assured or one hundred pc daily are some things to shoot for to, however I don’t recognize if it’s humanly doable for anybody. i believe it’s simply having that honest moment with yourself and others, and virtually admitting and hold that you justr flaws square measure the issue concerning you that you generally feel dangerous concerning however they'll empower your own self."

Iggy confirmed last March that she had a boob job, and last month she debuted a dramatically totally different investigate the 2015 signboard Music Awards in city. Iggy did not make sure it, however in keeping with a supply for United States of America Weekly, Iggy got each a nose augmentation and a chin implant!

"She loves the results!" associate degree corporate executive told the magazine. "She wasn't proud of her nose for an extended time, thus once the boobs she wished to urge that taken care of and so got the chin done at a similar time."

We applaud Iggy for her honesty, however hopefully she does not go the Heidi Montag route along with her enhancements!