Jun 16, 2015

Princess Madeleine of Sweden shared her newborn son Photo


Sweden's Princess Madeleine and her husband, Christopher O'Neill, on the eve became parents for the second time, to share the pictures the little prince.

Newborn picture was published on the page of the Madeleine in Facebook, as well as on the official website of the Royal House of Sweden.

name of the son of Princess will be known tomorrow - according to tradition, he was declared King Carl XVI Gustaf at a meeting of parliament.

Recall Princess Madeleine married banker Christopher O'Neill in 2013. In February 2014 the couple had a daughter, Leonore Lilian Mary, and about the second pregnancy of Princess became known last December.

Princess Madeleine and Christopher O'Neill and his daughter Leonor

Katy Perry for Moschino: the new footage from the campaign

Katy Perry for Moschino: the new footage from the campaign

Less than a week ago it was announced that Katy Perry has been named the new face of Moschino. Then on his page on Instagram singer released the first picture of the advertising campaign of the Italian brand, and today shared with sucribers of new personnel.

For the next five hours, I will post photos on his page made for the Moschino. Every hour new!

- Reported this morning a celebrity. And did not disappoint!

Katy Perry for Moschino footage

Katy Perry for Moschino footage 2

Katy Perry for Moschino footage 3

Katy Perry for Moschino footage 4

Katy Perry for Moschino footage 5

It should be noted that Perry will sign the contract on cooperation with Moschino, went long ago: it all started with that Star acted as models to show brand in the fall of 2014 years.

In addition, she regularly shines in the red mark on the track. So the purpose of the "face" of Moschino was only a matter of time.

Returning to talk about pictures of brand advertising campaign, it is worth noting that the author of the promo materials made famous by Dutch duo of photographers Inez van lamsweerde and vinud matadin.


Psychic's death Jeanne Friske "She could not celebrate the 40th anniversary of"

Daria Mironova argues that the decision to celebrate the anniversary of last year's fatal mistake was the singer.

Zhanna Friske was not in Moscow on June 15. The singer died at home after a long illness. «StarHit» contacted renowned psychic Daria MIRONOVA, to learn how to have passed the last days of Jeanne and Associates singer caregiver Mironova itself.

"She died in 40 years. It is a very bad figure. It's such a hard date, the tipping point, said Mironov. -It celebrated its 40th birthday, and he was not celebrating. Even then she knew that soon it becomes that this is her last birthday. It was a fatal mistake is that it celebrated the anniversary. Percentage of what she will survive, was very small. But if she had survived the frontier in the year 41, would have lived long enough. She fought to the last. Courageously. Jeanne suffered, suffered, her disease poedala.

It is widely accepted that celebrate 40 years anniversary is really not worth it. There is a fairly widespread superstition-supposedly a person noting this date, caused the trouble. It is believed that in 40 years, an internal human transformation: breaking this milestone, people either continue their life line, or fundamentally alter life. Many attributed the ban on commemoration of the 40 anniversary with the belief that on the fortieth day is determined by the posthumous fate of the soul. That is, some believe that celebrate this date-that still welcome your own death.

Stars Mourn the Death of Zhanna Friske

Social networks are full of sympathy from celebrity friends of the singer. Death of Zhanna Friske became for all of this tragedy.

Shocking news about the death of Zhanna Friske appeared in the middle of the night, but the stars rushed to respond immediately. Social networks are full of sorrowful comments of sympathy and emotional statements. «StarHit» leads them completely uncensored.

Jasmine: "Words can not convey all the pain and sorrow. Like a bad dream. Eternal rest your soul, our dear and beloved Zhanna ».

Mitya Fomin:" Why? It should not be! This is someone's mistake! I do not believe! I cried from helplessness to change anything ... ».

Katya Gordon:" Miracles happen less often ... They all desperately want to believe ... That the wives of the devotees who have lost their children leave husbands, throwing in trouble, we read ... What freaks, raise your hand, go unpunished, and the normal guys slander - we read ... What in the suburbs officer stabbed himself 9 th Heart Strike - we do not read - the military will not allow ... And in this horror of events in this hellish baseness we wanted to read what beauty, dobryachka and smart girl and Jeanne will recover and again be the same ... This is a fairy tale, which wanted to believe. .. Where you are, there is no more bad news. Land down, native forces ».

DJ Groove: " Zhannochka, dear God ... How did it ..... I will never forget our conversations with you about the music ... I'm just crying .. . We will always remember you ... do not understand anything I do ... »

Olga Orlova:" Farewell, my girl ... Sleep well ... You'll always be in my heart ...

Zhanna Friske and Olga Orlova

Andrei Grigoriev, Apollo: "My girl, Zhannik !!! How so! We had hoped and believed! Forever in my heart! »

Anita Tsoi: " Joan, let the earth you rest in peace. Dear family, Please accept my sincere condolences. Zhanna, goodbye ».

Glyuk'Oza: " Tears hail. Our favorite, strong and true. I do not believe that all this is over ... »

Julia Kovalchuk:" I do know that soon you'll come back to our little bird, affectionate puppy or baby blue eyes ... Your soul will always be with us. .. I know how you like to smile and you would not have wanted it to be sad ... I love you immensely appreciated and loved ... We all love you ... Fly away, our home Zhannochka ».

Julia Savicheva: "Until recently, I am hoping that Jeanne will get out. I was sure of it. My sincere condolences to the family and admirers ».

Philip:" Farewell, beloved Jeanne ... Farewell, my friend ... This one ... I cry ... It is impossible to believe ... It is cruel ... ".

Zhanna Friske and Philip

Maxim Fadeev: "Of course, life ends. But this is over too soon. She was kind, sincere and strong. God, how I pity you, Zhanna. I'm sure you'll be happier there. And continued to sing. Happy journey ».

Temnikova Elena: " I can not find words ... God, why? .. I dreamed that you recovered ... you to live ... That was us. Why is something that God takes the best? With all my heart love you ... Always has been and will remain the most feminine and sensitive girl ... forever. Forever in our hearts ... »

Lera Kudryavtseva:" my favorite girl ... Goodbye, my beautiful, kind, gentle friend. You are forever in my heart the sun. I can not believe, why ????????? I cry ».

Sasha Saveliev: " We were waiting for you ... healthy, happy ... In an instant, the confidence that you will recover, broken into small pieces ... They do not gather. They disappeared ... Zhanna ... Rest in peace ... What a pity. What a pity ».

Alexey Chumakov: " With the Lord a new world, Jeanne ... with the Lord in a new world. We are going to miss ».

Tanya Tereshina: " We love you! Above this sense death is powerless! Love is eternal, and as Bole intangible magic, necessary and important sense does not exist, and there is something important beyond life and therefore is not the end! Love ».

Anna Sedokova: " The most kind and sweet. Smiling and constantly in a good mood. My motivation, and always will be. I offer my condolences to the family. Favorite Zhanna. Forever ».

Stas Mikhailov: " She lived in this world with us ... I loved. Gave joy to others, left its continuation ... in such moments particularly acute absurdity and futility of the many worldly things. It hurts, hurt ... but alas, God in the fishery for each of us. I did not know it closely, but I want to pray for her, but she had nothing else and do not need to ... pray for her as best she could ... at home, and we are at a party ... God rest her soul! Patience family ... strengthen them, Lord ... »

Tina Kandelaki:" naughty, live, infinitely kind. Your smile is impossible to forget ... I think you're about to show up and say that is not so, that you are with us here. I can not believe we'll say "Rest in peace».

Otar Kushanashvili: "Joan, my sister, my world without you - without the sun this summer. I do not know what to do, Zhanna, you are my brother and my left, and I trampled, crushed, angry ... He loved to love, I will love. Thank you thought I was good, and smiled at me. "

Zhanna Friske and Dmitry Fomin

Zhanna Friske and Andrei Grigoriev, Apollo

Sister Zhanna Friske on the day of her death received a gift icon

Mother-in-law of Natalia Friske personally embroidered for her icon depicting St. Matrona.

Sister Zhanna Friske on the day of her death received a gift icon

The shocking news came today from the members of the family of Jeanne Friske. After a long illness, the singer died on the 41-year life. Relatives of the star admitted that it happened on June 15 in Moscow. In the coming days will show information regarding the farewell to the singer and the date of her funeral.
For a long time the actress helped her family to overcome the terrible disease - a family of Joan has always been close to her, close prayed daily for her and did all they could make her better.

As it turned out, shortly before the death of Jeanne Friske her sister Natalia received from his mother-in-awaited gift - handmade beads embroidered icon of St. Matrona. Natalia shared the news that it has received a gift on his page "VKontakte" a day when there was her sister. This icon was donated by the nearest relative of Joan of order so she could pray for her health and well-being.

In-law Natalia Friske herself sewed for her icon Matrona that she prayed for the health of the sisters
In-law Natalia Friske herself sewed for her icon Matrona that she prayed for the health of the sisters

Zhanna Friske will be buried in Moscow

The singer passed away on 15 June. Close Zhanna Friske confirmed that farewell and funeral will be held a few days ago in Moscow.

That night, country time news of the sudden death of Zhanna Friske. The singer was not 15 June, just a few weeks it would be 41 year old. Artist have remained family-husband Dmitriy Shepelev, which for one and a half years helped her fight with a terrible diagnosis-brain tumor and two-year old son Platon. The father of Star Vladimir Borisovich confirmed "StarHitu" news of her departure. "Unfortunately, there are no more with us Žannočki»,-said Vladimir Borisovich.

Later managed to get in touch with best friend Zhanna Friske and godmother to her only son-Olga Orlova. The singer admitted that it is hard to talk about it and confine itself to information that Friske passed away at home. "It was not in Moscow. Me really hard, "said Orlov.

As we have informed, during the one and a half years, the fate of stars watched the whole country. At a time when the public learned about the terrible test, appeared to share Zhanna Friske, every second Russian, who was familiar with the work of singer and loved it, sought to provide financial assistance, in fact ahead of the nationwide pet were heavy and expensive operation, as well as chemotherapy. Forces are not indifferent to the treatment has raised over 69 million rubles. A large part of these funds Jeanne gave children who also needed urgent treatment.

At a time when, as many thought, Zhanna went on the mend, she finally returned to Russia in order to gain strength here, recuperate and vspityvat′ favourite son of Plato. Friske lived with his family in a country house in the Moscow suburbs, continuing to be under the supervision of specialists, to help the singer to overcome a terrible disease.