Jan 9, 2015

New trailer for Inherent Vice | In theaters today

New trailer for Inherent Vice

Paul Thomas Anderson explodes with Inherent Vice, for which an ultimate trailer is now available online.

Paul Thomas Anderson is back in great shape with Inherent Vice, for which a new trailer was unveiled.

This "ultimate" trailer we actually find out more about the film, and confirms what they already knew: Inherent Vice hits the Bullseye and will be an interesting and popcorn entertainment.
At the beginning of the 1970s, Inherent Vice offers the story of a drug-addicted detective portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix who finds himself mired in an incredible story of conspiracy and morals.

The trailer literally parodies the kind of overview proposed by the companies of production over 40 years ago, and the result is superb.

Josh Brolin, Katherine Waterston, Eric Roberts, Owen Wilson, Reese Witherspoon, Benicio Del Toro, Martin Short and Jena Malone are also distribution of Inherent Vice.

A limited release of the film recently could allow the newest effort from Paul Thomas Anderson to end up at the Oscars this year.

Inherent Vice arrives in theaters today (January 9).

Scared: Jamie Dornan in fear of crazy fan

Scared: Jamie Dornan in fear of crazy fan

Hardly a movie is eagerly 2015 so much like the film adaptation of the novel by shades of grey. Not for long and then the Strip celebrates premiere in February finally and before the actor Jamie Dornan has some fear - the reason: he feared an attack on himself.
In a dark green parka and thick beard looks the actor from the cover of details magazine. With this look, he proves once more that he an absolute dream man and in spite of the slightly different look, a perfectly acceptable cast as Christian Grey is - even if some see it differently. And that is exactly what worries Jamie. In an interview with the magazine, he tells that he fears that even for his life:
I hardly want to pronounce it, but I am concerned about how John Lennon to be killed by a crazed fan at the premiere. Many people are annoyed that I'm playing this character. Now I am father and husband – I don't want to die yet!

Seriously he should do but his statement, because he added later:
if I'm actually killed, people will say: 'Oh God, it's not scary, as he predicted his own death on the red carpet in the details magazine?' 
His fans are likely to now strongly hope that no such thing happened and probably he convinces with its representation but so much so that there will be no reason to worry about!

Jamie Dornan

Bad temper tantrum: Howard Donald attacking paparazzi | Located in Berlin!

Bad temper tantrum: Howard Donald attacking paparazzi | Located in Berlin!

He married quietly and secretly all alone, to slip away in cozy honeymoon in Berlin. Howard Donald should be just what the happiest, relaxed and happiest person in the world. But far from! The singer, also these days can be pretty bitchy.
After Howard and his newly wedded wife Katie had been en route discovered by a paparazzi in Berlin, revealed the Take That member his little charming side. After the paparazzi had congratulated the couple to the wedding, Howard replied unusually rude: "Do us a favor and fuck off Ok Otherwise I destroy your camera Go away!?!" Oops, there probably someone had little desire to society. He even went really begins on the troublemaker! Katie tried to mediate, but when the paparazzi again nachhakte why Howard was so rude, this was even more explicit: "Go back to your fucking hole back," he snapped. That hit home. The paparazzo finally let go of the couple.

Howard Donald attacking paparazzi

Women's Weekly: Famke Janssen has criticized a recent interview with Russell Crowe

Famke Janssen has criticized a recent interview with Russell Crowe

In a recent interview with Women's Weekly actor Russell Crowe allowed himself objectionable remarks against actresses aged seeking to fulfill the role of younger women.

According to Crowe, his colleagues the same age should soberly assess their own capabilities:

I do not understand the 50-year-old actress, who complained of a lack of roles in Hollywood. All they seek to play a young ingenue and can not understand why they do not accrue to such roli.Seksistskie and disrespectful comments Crowe caused a storm of criticism in social networks. Twitter and Facebook users have noted that most of the major roles in films goes it is men, not women, and the age of male actors do not really matter.
In addition, the statements of 50-year-old Russell Crowe criticized actress Famke Janssen and Jessica Chastain. According to Janssen, Crowe is not necessary to advise actresses in such a sensitive issue:

Something not recall that Russell Crowe was a woman. There are very few movies where the woman takes the leading role. I am glad that such a scenario is becoming less relevant on television, but in Hollywood for mature women are still a few good roles.

With Famke Janssen solidarity Jessica Chastain:

Russell Crowe need to think before how to say something. 

Famke Janssen

Jessica Chastain

Russell Crowe

A special moment: Angelina Jolie presented to the Pope's hand

A special moment: Angelina Jolie presented to the Pope's hand

Who enters the honour to extend a hand to the reigning head of the Roman Catholic Church, once for it will certainly be a significant experience, whether you are now very religious or not. Actress Angelina Jolie should have allegedly planned to meet Pope Francis I in Rome, but this was still not quite sure. Now, first pictures have surfaced that show: the actress met actually - the sovereign of the Vatican City and worked there more than happy!
It might have been certainly a moment in the life of Hollywood icon, it is not more so quickly forgotten: joined Angelina the Bishop of the eternal city contrary to in a reasonable, black outfit and was satisfied by luckily it visually. As the daily beast reported that the meeting was in itself very short, but the thespian nevertheless described the invitation as "an incredible honor". Their directing "Unbroken" indeed was the reason that the Pontiff received them. A spokesman for the Vatican said that the work "positive human and spiritual values, especially the forgiveness" show.

Angelina Jolie presented to the Pope's hand

Jackie Chan son sits in jail for a drug den

Jackie Chan son sits in jail for a drug den

Today the court in Beijing sentenced the son of a famous actor Jackie Chan - Jaycee Chan - to six months' imprisonment and a fine of 2,000 yuan for the content of opium den.

Jaycee Chan was arrested in Beijing in August 2014 on suspicion of distributing drugs. Test for the presence of drugs in the blood Jaycee showed positive results, and during a search of his apartment police found about 100 grams of marijuana.

Jackie Chan said that the deepest regrets and shame for the behavior of his son. It is noteworthy that in 2009 the actor was appointed chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese Anti-Drug.

Jaycee Chan sits in jail for a drug den

the son of a famous actor Jackie Chan - Jaycee Chan