The daughter of Darius Angelica Agurbash singing in a restaurant

The daughter of Darius Angelica Agurbash singing in a restaurant

The daughter of the Russian singer Angelica Agurbash from marriage with Igor Linevym Darius Yalinskaya also proved to be golosistoj. The girl now 27 years old and she also dreams of hitting the big stage, but until all her show business is a restaurant chants.

This early career prompted Daria.. her mother. The latter, like many who were lucky enough to hear Âlinskuû, sure that she has every chance of success.

"I am very proud of my daughter. When I listen to her sing, I have a shower stall. She has a unique voice, and must confess that she sings much better than me. I hope She has found the deal of his life. She has already had one solo concert, and this is just the beginning "— described as Agurbash.

The small Angelica interview to Starhit admitted that in addition to the restaurant is the lead singer of the group "Em'Ocean", which is, together with his friends. It turns out that their young team already have a few songs and cover songs on them. In addition to Darius and her friend Ildar, in a group there are four musicians playing the cello, harp, keyboards, bass and Cajon.

"This instrumental composition-unusual, because our music is so unusual. I write prose and poetry, going to shortly present the collection. My friends, participating in the projects of "voice" and "main stage" has performed the song on my poetry is revealed Darius.

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