Dec 12, 2014

Pussy Riot recorded a song with the band Le Tigre

Russian punk band Pussy Riot writes songs with the popular American band Le Tigre.

Recently vocalist Le Tigre JD Samson laid out in his Instagram photo where she is in the music studio together with Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alekhina.

picture Samson signed: "Night in the studio with my favorite women".

By the way, has already confirmed Tolokonnikova publication NME, they really write songs together with Le Tigre:
 Perhaps in the future, we gotta do an album, but for now it is only about the video.

Le Tigre - American electro-flared group formed in 1998. They are known for their social and political texts, and since 2006, the band is on sabbatical.

Le Tigre and Pussy Riot in the studio

Le Tigre

Laure Manaudou: arrested for the theft of 200 euros of souvenirs at Disney!

Laure Manaudou: arrested for the theft of 200 euros of souvenirs at Disney!

According to Europe 1, Laure Manaudou was arrested this Thursday, December 11, at the amusement park after stealing several souvenir items!

What thought Laure Manaudou? Former champion of swimming already annoyed by his nude photos scandal, was arrested for shoplifting in a Disney park souvenir shop near Paris, this Thursday, December 11, unveils Europe 1 this Friday, December 12! Value of the loot: 200 euros!

The scene took place in the amusement park while Laure Manaudou was with his daughter Manon, aged 4 years and a half, and a friend. It is this friend who was first spotted in flagrante delicto of flight of memories by surveillance cameras installed in all Disney. The young woman had already put under the coat for 300 euros of blogs!

In the aftermath, security officers have asked Laure Manaudou to reveal them the contents of his bag, also filled with memories (for a total value of EUR 200). Olympic medallist who has just published his book, between the lines, was not able to show them his receipt. Result: direction the nearest police station! According to Europe 1, Laure Manaudou, would have admitted theft. She and her friend would have copped to a point of law.

This is in all cases a different fact that task while the young mother wants to give a glamorous image for some time! After having made some appearances at the Festival de Cannes last may, she was member of the jury of Miss France 2015 this Saturday, December 6. Not sure that society the recalls for next year!