Oct 27, 2014

Magazine nominates Posh Spice: Victoria Beckham is "Entrepreneur of the Year"

Has reason to celebrate Victoria Beckham is currently more than enough: Recently opened in London, the new flagship store of her fashion label, which was rushing appeal. Not only by their first own fashion store, the former Spice Girl has become a heavyweight in the fashion industry, because now Victoria was a great honor: The renowned business magazine Management Today has named the 40-year-old to "UK entrepreneur of the year".

As justification for his decision led to the journal that the designer had increased within five years the sales of their fashion labels from just over one million to 38 million euros. In addition, they now occupy 100 employees - in 2009 there were only three. "My finely-tuned business acumen brings you the top ranking 2014", the magazine holds the praises of Victoria, who is with her fashion line now converted 267 million euros worth.

Posh also appeared overwhelmed by the choice, as she told the magazine: "Previously I felt famous, but now I feel successful." Family and Work: Currently everything Victoria touches seems to turn to gold.

photos: Hilary Swank at the beach in Malibu

2014 Hilary Swank at the beach in Malibu

While we are freezing in the last days, Hilary Swank carefree frolicking on the beach in Malibu, but what else to do on the weekend, when the street plus 25?

We would not have refused to spend a couple of hours near the ocean in the company of loved ones, as did actress: Sunday held a celebrity with her boyfriend Laurent Fleury, his children and his dog.

All five are not just basking in the sun and playing with the ball. Just at that moment, the paparazzi managed to make some bright and vivid pictures with all vacationers.

Addition joyful smiles 40-year-old Swank is impossible not to draw attention to her tightened figure - such harmony boasts not every young person, so movie star worthy of praise. And French actress Cavalier is no less sporty.

Examines recent pictures of celebrities and dreaming about vacation in a hot country!

Hilary Swank at the beach in Malibu

Hilary Swank at the beach in Malibu

Hilary Swank at the beach in Malibu

Hilary Swank at the beach in Malibu

Hilary Swank at the beach in Malibu

Hilary Swank at the beach in Malibu

Megan Fox presented the tape "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" in Beijing

Eve Megan Fox and William Fichtner who performed the leading roles in the project, presented his new job in Beijing: the day the actors took part in the press conference and Photo call, which appeared in masks "Turtles", and a few hours later recovered at the premiere.

However, on the show Fichtner appeared without the Fox, but this evening on the red carpet were seen Chinese celebrities - Fan Bingbing and Wang Ziwen.

Recall that the events of the film developed in New York, which is dominated by the villain Shredder and his team, to establish control over all absolutely authorities - from police to politicians. The future of the city seem gloomy, but here in the fight against evil come turtle mutants.

Journalist April and her friend - operator Vernon Fenwick - join the foursome of charming characters to help protect the city's population.

Megan Fox presented the tape "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" in Beijing

 events of the film-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Miranda Kerr meets with ex-boyfriend of Elizabeth Hurley

Miranda Kerr meets with ex-boyfriend of Elizabeth Hurley

For a long time in the press rumors of a romance Miranda Kerr and businessman James Packer, but today all the Western media write that the model meets entirely with another billionaire.

Thus, according to our colleagues, new chosen "angel" Victoria's Secret was Steve Bing, the ex-boyfriend of Elizabeth Hurley, from whom the actress had a baby.

Paparazzi have caught 31-year-old star of the catwalks and her son Flynn in the company 49-year-old entrepreneur mansion near Binga in Malibu over the weekend . According to the source, the Miranda and Steve unashamedly flirted with each other.

Oddly enough, Kerr chose on this man, because composition Bing is ahead of him - the American edition awarded him the title of "serial playboy ". At the time, he broke the hearts of several famous beauties, and Hurley and did cast a week after whom he learned that she was pregnant.

Miranda Kerr

Steve Bing

Transparent! Reese Witherspoon convinced denim look

Reese was spotted recently at the airport in Los Angeles

For a long time it was quiet to actress Reese Witherspoon. But now she returns with a new film back to the big screen and won on the red carpet in a fabulous outfit. And also privately, the casual look of the southerner is impressive.

Reese was spotted recently at the airport in Los Angeles, where she just returned from the film premiere of 'Wild "from London. She is wearing a casual, but still thoroughly enjoyable outfit: your black skinny trousers they combined with a blue denim shirt, which she buttoned up and clean tucked in. The sporty look it completes with black, pointed ballet flats and black sunglasses. Her make-up is not completely visible through the glasses, but she charmed with her flawless complexion and emphasizes their lips with bright pink lipstick in a matte finish. Her blonde hair falling to her, as usual, over the shoulders. So her casual look but not too simple acts, Reese peps it up with a large handbag by Louis Vuitton.

Reese Witherspoon convinced denim look

Anne Hathaway distributes autographs at premiere

Anne Hathaway

Matthew McConaughey and his wife Camila Alves, also walked the red carpet of the special screening of 'Interstellar' in Los Angeles.

Using a low-cut dress, Anne Hathaway signed autographs on Sunday, 26, during the premiere of "Interstellar". Actor Matthew McConaughey and his wife, Brazilian model Camila Alves, also walked the red carpet at a special session held at the Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles, USA.

Matthew McConaughey was largely honored during the 28th edition of "American Cinematheque Award." The award on stage, the actor won the affection of his daughter, Vida, after receiving trophy from director Christopher Nolan.

Jessica Chastain em première

Anne Hathaway distributes autographs at premiere