Oct 23, 2014

Bedazzled! Lady GaGa stuns with red eyebrows

Color the eyebrows subtly blond or equal to surrender the whole, yesterday.

Lady GaGa presented those unfamiliar game wuschelig in her face and developed the new trend now equal even further: In London, she presented herself with bright red eyebrows and agreed to the British ever been on a Halloween.

Lady GaGa presented those unfamiliar

Lady GaGa presented those unfamiliar

Julia Savicheva married Alexander Arshinov

Julia Savicheva and Alexander Arshinov

Singer Julia Savicheva getting ready to marry a musician and composer Alexander Arshinov, which occurs more than ten years. Young people, so as not to attract to much attention to this event, registered relationship some time ago. The registry office in the presence of the people closest they exchanged rings. Celebration on this occasion will be held tonight at VEGAS Crocus City, where 400 invited guests.

Julia Savicheva

Wow! Twilight Renesmee is growing up

Her film debut Mackenzie Foy has already celebrated great success a few years ago. She played alongside superstars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in "Breaking Dawn" the little daughter of the two. Meanwhile, Mackenzie is grown quite convinced and recently with an extremely mature for a gig at the Red Carpet.

Although she is just 13 years old, has been on the red carpet but even as a pro. For Mackenzie, the camera flashes is also old hat, but got it at the age of 10 years, her first role in the Twilight Saga. Now on the red carpet she showed her sweet smile and posed confidently for the photographer. Her outfit was impressive: She wore an elegant gray glitter dress she combined with a black clutch and black lace heels. Her hair fell to her openly and smoothly over the shoulders, which fits well with her simple but very mature acting red carpet look.

The young actress in Hollywood is now highly sought after and recently landed her next big role. She will next be seen in the movie "Interstellar" alongside Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway on the big screen.

For Mackenzie at the age of 10

For Mackenzie

For Mackenzie is just 13 years old

Johnny Depp in the image of a wolf on the cover of Entertainment Weekly

Johnny Depp in the image of a wolf on the cover of Entertainment Weekly

Johnny Depp, Meryl Streep, Chris Pine, Emily Blunt and Anna Kendrick appeared on the cover of the next issue collectible Entertainment Weekly, devoted to the upcoming release of the movie musical "Into the Woods". 

Starring in the new musical by Rob Marshall got Emily Blunt and James Kordenu - actors play a married couple, found themselves in a magical forest in order to remove the curse imposed by the local witch (Meryl Streep). In the forest, the characters Blunt and Corden meet Wolf (Johnny Depp) and Little Red Riding Hood (Lilla Crawford), and Cinderella (Anna Kendrick), Prince Charming (Chris Pine) and Rapunzel (Mackenzie Mauzy).

Meryl Streep, who plays the witch in the film, said that before she repeatedly offered to play a similar role, but only Rob Marshall was able to persuade the actress to try a new position:

In most movies are shown one-sided witch, but "What farther into the woods, "it's different. My character is not just old and ugly.

The world premiere of the musical film "The farther into the woods" is scheduled for 25 December 2014.

Johnny Depp and Lilla Crawford-woods

James Corden and Emily Blunt-woods

Mackenzie Mauzy and Meryl Streep-woods

Anna Kendrick and Chris Pine-woods

Shakira is photographed with exotic accessory

Colombian singer, who is pregnant with her second child, was spotted on Wednesday, 22, in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Pregnant Shakira was photographed with exotic accessory on his face. Using a bandana tampava the mouth and nose, the Colombian singer - who is expecting their second child soccer player Gerard Piqué - was in a medical clinic Wednesday, 22 in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Pregnant with another boy, Shakira recently told that even thinks about having a daughter, but not now, in an interview with "Hola". The singer, who is already the mother of Milan, 1 year and 9 months, said she and her husband, Gerard Piqué, has long wanted to have more children, but because of work commitments do not know if this will be possible.

Subject "One thing is what you want and what the other can. Would I have 20 children with Gerard, but do not think I'll be able to give me that luxury. For now, let's wait a bit and see what happens. Perhaps one day a girl comes, "he said.

Shakira is photographed with exotic accessory