Aug 18, 2014

Kim Kardashian: a change in radical look!

Don't worry, Kim has not really changed radically its look since it's photos taken for an advertising campaign...

That Kimmie fans can rest assured, the lovely Ms. West has adopted this look only for the needs of a shooting. Indeed, our beloved Kim K just posted some shots of his last shoot for the energizing Hype beverage on behalf instagram.

On first shadow, she appears with her hair braided to African-American in a Bodysuit black pink and pale blue that does not hide much of her generous breasts... Her legs and her famous hips are covered by a transparent black tights.

And other photos from the same shoot reality TV star deals with a really different look and which resembles that of his little sister Kylie Jenner: a cut, an extra t-shirt well short and wide with futuristic prints as a minidress and waders heeled laced toes to thighs. It really changes and it is going to delight you can't find?

The MOM of the little North has also posed in a leather dress who looks not really like him although it is short and ultra tight.

What happiness after a long grief: Friske lives a normal life again!

In all of the black - dress, glasses and scarf she walked through the mall on the outskirts of Riga and pushed a large cart, clogged products. In this woman no one knew the famous singer. But it was a star - Zhanna Friske!

God has heard all her prayers! More recently, the singer could not get up from his wheelchair, and now with the civilian husband - 31-year-old Dmitry Shepelev - goes shopping! That is again a normal, full life!
And the doctors were wrong! ..

See how 40-year-old Zhanna Friske lost weight! Compare with its more recent photos!

- Now everything is starting to recover gradually, - says Vladimir Friske celebrity dad. - My daughter is already walking on two kilometers without a sidecar. Her face took on almost the same form.

And here are the first fotodokazatelstva! We see that all it is! Is going very sick man shopping?

As Dmitri SHepelev paying at the checkout, Jeanne folded products in your cart, and then she rolled her to the car. Star bought mineral water, celery, fruits and vegetables - such food helps the singer quickly lose weight, shedding the weight gained after hormone therapy.

And mistaken German, Kazakh and Russian doctors! Miracle possible! All indications are that the singer is recovering rapidly! Zhanna Friske walks along the shore of the Baltic Sea and the shops! What happiness after a long grief!

Paparazzi: Tori Spelling with family at the beach in Malibu

Tori spelling with his entire extended family last Saturday was spotted on the beach in Malibu, is quite happy and contented life despite all the recent turmoil.

Tori Spelling with family at the beach in Malibu

Earlier this spring, after it became known the treason of husband, Dean Mcdermott, with 28-year-old Tori fan was hospitalized with a diagnosis of "nervous breakdown". However, Tori and Dean decided to make every effort to keep the family together, mainly for the sake of their four children, seven-year-old Liam, six-year-old Stella, Hattie, two and a half years and Finn, who is nearly two.

To definitely start life with a clean slate, not so long ago, the family moved to Malibu, California in a House on the coast with magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean from the huge, floor-to-ceiling Windows.

The Tories seemed quite satisfied with the present state of affairs: while she carelessly played with children and joked with friends, and Dean was walking along the shore alone.

However, as noted by the Tories on their official Web site:
I am happy and proud to say that I am, and Dean is seriously working to make our relationship and our family is stronger than ever before. I am proud of the Dean for the hard work on himself, which he did.
The funniest scene this walk the paparazzi managed to do after one of the friends poured a bucket of water on the actress: Feast your eyes on a proud posture Tory poziruûŝej with seaweed around his neck. However, once the star took part in a rally ALS Ice Bucket, the bucket of warm water, the Challenge of the ocean-a piece of cake.

Tori Spelling on the beach in Malibu

Tori Spelling on the beach in Malibu

Tori Spelling on the beach in Malibu

Tori Spelling with family at the beach in Malibu

Tori Spelling with family at the beach in Malibu

Tori Spelling with family at the beach in Malibu

Tori Spelling with family at the beach in Malibu

Tori Spelling with family at the beach in Malibu

Christina Aguilera and Matt Rattler chose the name for newborn daughter

Christina Aguilera became a mother for the second time back in on Saturday, but today only about four hours ago, the singer personally reported the joyful event in her family to his fans. 

Little recovering after cesarean section, the artist hurried leave a message on his page on Twitter, which is also called the name of the girl that she and Matt Rattler chosen for baby:
I'm so glad to welcome to the world our beautiful daughter - Summer Rain Rattler.

Recall that Aguilera is already 6-year-old son from his marriage to Max Jordan Bratmanom. But for her fiance baby girl became the first child.

Christina Aguilera with her son

Photos: Based on 'The Great Gatsby': Madonna celebrates birthday?!!

Madonna is one of those celebrities who know a lot about good parties, therefore, when it comes to the holiday, the singer just simply bursting with ideas and is willing to spend big money.

Madonna celebrates birthday

So, on August 16 Pop Queen is 56 years old, and this is a great excuse to throw a great event on the French Riviera!

This year, organising events, artist found inspiration in the movie "the Great Gatsby": birthday girl and her guests, among whom were seen Kate Moss, the Creative Director of Givenchy's Ricardo Quiet and other famous friends of the star, chose to celebrate the outfits in the style of the 20 's.

Many have already published celebrations pictures from this event. And how else? All those present at the celebration could not stem the delight and instantly shared their emotions with subscribers.

Kate Moss and Madonna

Madonna daughter Mercy James

Madonna and Ricardo Tisci

Kate Moss, Ricardo Tisci and other party guests

Madonna and guests of the evening

Madonna and Dan Dean and Dan Caten