Aug 15, 2014

Drunk singer 'Lolita' arranged a concert at the Moscow metro. (Video)

Muscovites were very surprised that in the heat of the day in a hurry to the metro station "Pure ponds". Before entering, they saw the famous singer Lolita's, who had not quite ordinary performance.

According to NTV citing eyewitnesses of the incident, which is in a state of intoxication singer in the midst of the day arranged for an impromptu concert. Clothes she was wearing only a short T-shirt, barely covering the lower back. One of the witnesses ran to Lolita is happening with the handkerchief to actress tied it at the waist, but the star would prefer to throw it on the head.

It is noted that the motion Milavskaya, as well as her singing is not very accurate. Viewers who dared to approach the actress to get an autograph, felt emanating from it a strong smell of alcohol.

View from drunken Lolita in Metro lasted about ten minutes, until the on-site law enforcement officers did not appear. The police arrived at the scene to find out, for whatever reason, at the entrance to the subway crowded with people. It is noted that, when he saw law enforcement officers, the singer immediately disappeared.

Daniel Radcliffe has shocked fans an unexpected appearance. (VIDEO)

After spetspokaza new movie with Daniel Radcliffe organizers asked the audience to say a few words about their experiences. The audience did not know that Daniel himself is in the cinema.

The sudden appearance of the actor caused a very violent and emotional reaction. "Wow, it's really happening!" - Screaming fans, happily hugging Daniel. One member of the audience asked how he would react Radcliffe if he had heard that the movie they did not like what the actor said that he had asked to invite other viewers.

Jessica Simpson in advertising its new fragrance

Jessica Simpson shines in her new fragrance advertising campaign. Another Perfume creation star called Jessica Simpson.

Jessica Simpson in advertising its new fragrance

The singer said:
We thought about a variety of names, until I said, "Why do not you just call him my name?". I'm invested in his soul.
But to the advertising campaign, Jessica came up with a larger share of fantasy. The main motive of the photographs submitted by the star in June, as well as video that appeared yesterday in the network - a pen. It is to them, made in golden hues, and is decorated with a bottle of flavor.

Acted as a singer in a feather-trimmed dress from Oscar de la Renta.

Simpson explained:
Feathers symbolize spiritual evolution. I gradually evolved into that, I am now. A scent plays a significant role in the life of any woman, because some smells can make us mentally transport ourselves to a specific time or place.
Himself fragrance Jessica also calls the "more mature" compared to its previous line of perfume Fancy, which I must say, was very popular among buyers.
I wanted a new fragrance symbolized my current place in life - as a mom, wife, designer, personality.
We can not but note the great figure Simpson in the commercial: a celebrity is not so much time and effort spent on achieving the ideal proportions.

Jessica Simpson on the set of advertising

Jessica Simpson on the set of advertising

Jessica Simpson on the set of advertising

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis drove Tallulu Willis treated from addiction

Recently it became known that Tallulah Willis, the daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, secretly formed the Rehabilitation Clinic: girl fights with their own "demons"-alcohol and drug addiction.

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis drove Tallulu Willis treated from addiction

Some had star parents accuse 20-year-old Tallulah is that they do not engage children as they should be - hence the problems of this kind. However, as it turns out, it was at the urging of Bruce and Demi girl still decided to resort to professional help.

Insider environment of the family says:
Tallulah just delivered an ultimatum. Parents threatened to take away all that she has.
Obviously, the threat worked: Tallulah is now on medication. In this case, both the father and mother of her visit, but the approach to the problem they have is different. Says a source:
If Bruce had suspected that Tallulah has any relationship, he would have immediately sent her to be treated. And Demi considers that the problems are related only to the fact that Tallulah is still very young and trying to find herself.
Moore and myself a couple of years ago was in Rehab: while the official version, the actress struggled with the stress of her parting Ashton Kutcher. However, there were rumors that the star and treated for addiction to certain prohibited drugs.

Tallulah Willis, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher

As for the daughter of Demi and Bruce, her problems started long ago. Familiar Tallulah say that as a child she was very worried about her parents' divorce, and finding his mother in rehab in 2012, was for her one more stress.

Former classmate told the girl:
When Demi was in the clinic, Tallulah does not show up at school, she was too ashamed. But she never tried to hide that her mother has a problem.
Recall that since adolescence with the daughter of Moore and Willis' reputation "party girl". At age 17, she was arrested for drinking alcohol.

Besides, the girl admits that suffers BDD - the rejection of his own body. This diagnosis Tallulah set when she was 13.

Tallulah and Scout Willis

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore and her daughter Rumer