Aug 8, 2014

At 44, Naomi Campbell shows healed body in boat ride

The model shared with his followers the click of a social network

Naomi Campbell has 44 years, but a lot of young leaves in the dust. The supermodel posed in bikinis and strapless cap of matrinheiro during a boat trip and shared click on Instagram. What drew attention beyond paradisiacal visual, was, of course, the corpão Naomi.

Sergei Zverev: 'I do not want to eat Obama's feet'

Singer purchased in the supermarket Russian products

Singer Sergei Zverev purchased in the supermarket Russian products

The sanctions imposed by the Russian government on products from the European Union and the United States gave rise to conflicting opinions. Some worry that in their fridge ubavyatsya favorite foreign delicacies. Others, on the contrary, we are pleased to finally be able to eat a useful fare from domestic producers. Sophisticated star, accustomed to seeing on secular buffets table, bursting with sparkling glasses and various types of foreign snacks are also divided into two camps.

Singer Sergei Zverev, learning about the sanctions, upheld the decision of politicians. SUPER showman met in one of the capital's supermarkets and walked with the artist along the shopping arcade, carefully selecting the products of Russian manufacturers. Flamboyant singer not only explained why you should not look for an alternative to domestic producers, but also shared some recipes for your favorite dishes.

- I do not know about you, but I do not want to have "feet of Obama." - Zverev said, looking at chicken tobacco - I love all of ours, wings, legs.

Passing glazed cheese curds, the singer could not resist and took several, explaining his affection for the delicacy that often likes to be pampered curd product during frequent flights.

not remain without attention of the artist and the Russian herring. Assessing the quality of the fish, celebrity exclaimed:

- all I have taught abroad our herring! First were manufactured, and now buy themselves.

Finally Sergey expressed his opinion about the sanctions imposed on foreign products.

- I do not I come with you to discuss the President's decision. If the President decided to impose these sanctions, so it was necessary. As for me, my life did not change: I enjoyed as Russian products, and I will use it.

Iggy Azalea, more good girl showbiz

According to a recent American, Iggy Azalea would be the good girl showbiz currently 

Obama would have invited to dinner at the White House to thank to exist

The President of the United States is the preferred target of mashup developers of all kinds. We have seen in many comedy or musical situations, and the least we can say is that Obama has a voice that naturally lends itself to such achievements.

Barackdubs The group is well known for its many mashups with the President of United State, one of the most prominent being the one where it mixes with Obama "Call me maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen. A new mashup just released where the president is once again in the spotlight. He can be heard rapping on "Fancy" tube Iggy Azalea. And it was nice to know that Barack Obama is a big fan of rap, this kind of video we will make you want to hear real rap in at least once. Really, it keeps on him to discover new talents!

Ariana Grande: 'Now that I have become who I really am'

Ariana Grande recently released his song "Break Free", a collaboration with Zedd. But the singer told during an interview, not wanting to sing lyrics grammatically incorrect. Here, writing tells you more

"Bang Bang" Ariana Grande is in the top 10 in the United States, news that should cheer the singer. However, in an interview for TIME Magazine, she confessed to being a little upset. The reason? His song "Break Free". Two sentences of this title would not be correct from a grammatical point of view. This would include "Now That I've Become who I really are" and "I only wanna die alive". Literally in French, they give respectively "Now I have become who I am" and "I just want to die alive." Writing is sure, Arianators him no hold rigor. But Ariana Grande appears in his formal interview.

Disturb the mistakes. She even broached the subject with his co-producer Max Martin. "I was talking to him all the time:" I will not sing the words grammatically incorrect, help me "Max replied:"! It's funny, do it simply "I know it's funny and stupid! but grammatically incorrect things sometimes make me cringe. "Errors or not, title wins still a success, and he is not alone. The extract of the new song Ariana Grande "Love Me Harder" was also very well received by Arianators. Did you notice errors in the lyrics to "Break Free"?

Joan Rivers became the center of a scandal

81-year-old actress and TV presenter scandalous Joan Rivers, known for her scathing remarks towards their colleagues from the world of show business, this time was at the epicenter of a political scandal.

Joan Rivers became the center of a scandal

Elderly celebrity commented military conflict between Israel and Palestine, and stated that the Palestinians .. "deserved to die." Joan supported the Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip, which killed a lot of people, especially children.

No secret that the Palestinian movement Hamas is considered a terrorist, but to publicly endorse the death of so many innocent people, at least, disgusting.

"It's all the things you have started and you deserve to die. I do not sympathize with you, and you will not get me to experience empathy "- said Rivers.

This sentence shocked many Internet users and on the head of Joan rained curses. Those who were more restrained in expressions, just wondered why it is said.

«It does not matter who you support in this konflikte- Israel or Palestine, but to say" you deserve to die "- it's just a sociopathic" - wrote it indignant users.

However, this is not the first statement of Joan, which is puzzling. Thus, in an interview Rivers called the American President Barack Obama gay, and his wife Michelle - transsexual. When she was told that he had to apologize for his words, leading not thought to do it. On the contrary, she said that Michelle is a compliment, because transsexuals in understanding Joan - the most beautiful women.

Suffered from her stinging words and a lot of show business stars. So when Kanye West and Kim Kardashian showed the world a picture of my daughter in North, Joan said it first sees this kid that needs waxing. So much so, that one of the social events no one wanted to sit next to Joan, and organizer of many cost to find people who would not be annoyed by the company skandalistki.

Touch breast Miley Cyrus is worth $ 900

Revelation 21-year-old singer Miley Cyrus on stage knows no bounds. However, outside of the girl dares to such tricks. Cyrus concert, which took place on Friday (August 1) in New York's Nassau Coliseum will long be remembered Miley fan. A guy named David bought a "gold" card, whose main objective is to attend a concert and chat and photo with their idols. Ticket cost fan of $ 900, and it looks like David decided to complete "recapture" money. In the photo, which is laid out in a happy fan of social networks it is clear that David did not just put his arm around your favorite star, and touches her breasts. And apparently Cyrus not against it.

Sadly have to admit that from a good and talented Disney baby has grown so vulgar artist. What lies ahead, Miley?

gossip: #SuspendAnnaTodd

Anna Todd, a 25-year-old first-time writer, posted her story, After, in 300 daily installments on online writing forum Wattpad, ultimately amassing more than 800million reads

Anna first started writing the stories about a sheltered 18-year-old named Tessa about a year ago. 'I didn't think anything would come of it,' Anna told Sugarscape. 'It was just for fun!'

Now, not only has she landed the three-volume book deal, the first of which is set to be published in November, but the rights to a movie version have also reportedly been snapped up.

Rihanna is going to buy a football club

One of the most important events of approaching to the end of the summer season - the football World Cup in Brazil - as we recall, was attended by many stars. Among others in the stands was noticed and popular r'n'b-singer Rihanna. Obviously, the trip did not pass in vain for her: according to sources from the inner circle, the star is going to buy a football club:

At first we thought that this idea is to do football business will soon be forgotten - as soon as the impressions of the trip to Brazil a little podzabudutsya. But over time it became clear that it seriously: it is making plans to establish a football club in Barbados. But the main dream is associated with English football.

At the time, Rihanna said she is a fan of "Liverpool", but according to latest reports, started a friendship with the player, "Chelsea" Didier Drogba.

So far, however, from the UK Rihanna separates the ocean, and the singer is considering options, more convenient in terms of logistics. According to that same source:
England for her - a second home. But lately, she hints that you can try to start with the team in Los Angeles.
At the World Cup in Brazil, the singer, meanwhile, was a fan of the German national team. And enthusiastic selfie with its players eloquently about it.

Marion Cotillard in a little black dress at film premieres

Yesterday, August 7, in London, the premiere of the drama directing duo Dardenne brothers "Two days, one night" Played the leading role, Marion Cotillard, to appear on the red carpet opted for classic Parisian chic - a little black dress Dior.

Marion Cotillard in a little black dress at film premieres

French are renowned for the ability to dress casually, but stylish, and that Marion - the most irrefutable proof. A simple black shift dress length just below the knee with a stone finish, with black sandals same - an image which just asks the definition of "elegant simplicity".

Way, Dior sandals deserve special attention - they are not so simple as it might seem at first glance: pay attention to the elegant curved heel wedges on metallized. We can only add a low ponytail and make-up with a moderate accent - red lipstick - on the lips, as did Marion.

Recall first film "Two days, one night" was unveiled at the Cannes Film Festival in May this year . Development of the plot of the drama is based on the need for moral choice between human relationships and material interests. In the Russian rolling tape comes out on October 2.

Marion Cotillard at the premiere of the film Two days, one night in London

With film directors, brothers Dardenne

Red merry: Prince Harry performed 'robot dance' the attraction

If you ask people in England who have their pet, they will no doubt answer - Prince Harry (although the last year for the love of the British, he is competing with his nephew - George). The red-haired monarch conquered the hearts of many people through his charming smile, sense of humor and spontaneity.

Prince Harry caught on camera at fairground with friends

Wherever the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II may be, it is always positive, it can not attract. And, of course, it is no secret that the prince loves good fun. For example, the other day he visited the music festival, where not only danced on a specially designated area, but also on the carousel.

"Dance" Harry attraction led to the delight of all the guests at the event: a member of the royal family waving hands as a robot and called to do others as well.
I could not believe it when I saw that the attraction sitting next to me, Harry. He spent his time well, depicted a robot, encouraging other travelers compliments.
- Said one of the witnesses.

Rate Prince dancing skills you can yourself, because the blogger bona_fides shares with us the video, which was able to remove one of the visitors of the festival.

Prince Harry caught on camera at fairground with friends

Rita Ora has participated in the creation of a collection of sportswear

Pop icon Rita Ora continues to work with popular brand Adidas Originals: within creative collaboration she has created several models of the copyright for the new collection of the brand. We bring you the first shots and teaser advertising campaign collection of clothes from the star.

For the new collection Adidas Original popular 23-year-old singer redrew the classic models, painted the colorful prints and variegated stripes.

Furthermore, bright beauty, of course, personally taking part in the campaign. In the first photo, she poses in a cap-beanies, cropped top and the bomber coated stripes and logos, and sports shorts. Consider also the promo video for the collection of Rita Adidas Originals. Start of sales is scheduled for August 20.

Besides spectacular blonde Ora, recall, brand collaborates with teen idols like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry and other stars. Yes and Rita in such cases is no stranger: her account - shooting ad campaigns for DKNY, Rimmel, Material Girl.

Rita Ora in the campaign Adidas Original

Rita Ora in the campaign Adidas Original 1

Rita Ora in the campaign Adidas Original 2

Biker show: Kate Moss in advertising Matchless

British brand Matchless, specializing in brutal street clothes, presented a new collection campaign with Kate Moss in the lead role. 

Kate Moss in advertising Matchless

In the pictures from the photo shoot stylish supermodel posing with Clement blade-to-background a rocky desert landscapes. For filming, they tried on the key things in the style of the biker chic: leather leather jackets and trousers, coarse shoes.

Hair fluttering in the wind Moss and smoky-eyes perfectly complement her image girlfriends motorcycle racer. Harmonious background for photoset served as rocks, dust and sand.

Earlier we wrote about this assignment, and now we can finally evaluate the result. Kate in his 40 years of gorgeous, is not it?

Kate Moss in advertising Matchless_1

Kate Moss in advertising Matchless_2