Aug 5, 2014

Nice one! Taylor Swift sings with a very sick fan

It may sound a little broad, but County-Girl Taylor Swift has just always looked after in the past so touching to their fans, to get hardly fail to give her the label "Everybody's Darling". Clearly know the young lady also to that reputation - and flirts obviously like it, especially if it can bring with it a bit more heat and light into the lives of their followers. They last made in a children's hospital a young leukemia patients a great joy when she sang soulful ballad "Someone Like You" with this Adele.

Taylor Swift sings with a very sick fan

The plan was this little scene but not really - it was sheer coincidence, the singer and the young man together on the piano. Like Just Jared reports that the 24-year-old saw the piano player accidentally in his room as he was about to rehearse the song a little. Without long batting an eyelash, was joined by the starlet and support the Klimperer active. "That was so great. That was just adorable," the "Red" interpreter afterwards, "You did terrific.'s Great that you've rewritten it so. That was incredible. You really know it." The young man is this sugar-sweet praise have probably brought a brief distraction from his otherwise so heavy and bitter disease, at least he was visibly excited about his vocal accompaniment, so out of nowhere there!

Lindsay Lohan enjoys wearing black bikini in Greece

Wearing a black bikini, Lindsay Lohan enjoyed on Monday, 4 in Greece. The actress - who also wore sunglasses, a necklace and pierced navel - went jet skiing and enjoyed the day with friends in the sea of ​​Mykonos.

Lindsay Lohan enjoys wearing black bikini in Greece

Last week, Lindsay Lohan wanted to take a picture of his tattoos but ended up diverting attention to another part of here body. Published in photo on Instagram, it appears supported by a pillar and low-cut dress that left the side of her right breast exposed.

Beyoncé publish photos with Jay-Z amid rumors of separation

The singer announced on her official website clicks the scenes of concerts held in California in the United States.

Beyoncé publish photos with Jay-Z amid rumors of separation

arece Beyoncé wants to end rumors that he was separated from her husband, Jay-Z. The singer posted on her official website few pictures that seem to be right next to the rapper backstage at the shows of the tour, 'On the run', they made together in Pasadena, Calif., last weekend.

Beyonce and Jay Z

Beyonce and Jay Z


Enlightenment: Emma Roberts new hairstyle

Emma Roberts continues its series of fashion transformations. In June, 23-year-old niece of Julia Roberts replaced by the familiar blond chocolate color, and even earlier, in January, joined the club of "bean-stars."

Emma Roberts new hairstyle

On Monday, August 4, star of the comedy "We - the Millers!" was again seen in a new image: 901 Salon in West Hollywood movie star left with long blond hair.

Once pictures were leaked to the network, journalists began to look for explanations of beauty metamorphosis promising actresses in the circumstances of his personal life. It's no secret that today or tomorrow Emma and her fiance Evan Peters should get married. However, the last time they were seen together at Comic Con Film Festival for emotional showdown.

And then there's Emma decided to change her hairstyle and wearing a funny t-shirt Moreboys ("big guys"), stylized logo of the infamous tobacco brand. However, we do not rush to conclusions. Everyone knows: of lovers - is upset.

Instead, offer to evaluate the new image of a young and talented actress.

Emma Roberts 901 after visiting the salon in West Hollywood

Emma Roberts in West Hollywood

Emma Roberts after visiting the salon in West Hollywood

Instead of 'Spider-Man' will be 'Spider Woman'

Anyone who expects the screens new movie Spider-Man with Andrew Garfield in the title role, will have to wait: the release tape "Spider-Man 3" in 2016 was moved to 2018 minutes. And while the film studio Sony Pictures plans to release a movie about Spider-Woman - "female version" of the popular character.

Among the characters of this comic heroine really already there, so the filmmakers invent nothing will. For all of them invented the famous publishing house Marvel: in his comics Spider-Woman has named Jessica Drew. Press suggests that her adventure and is scheduled to film - but officially it is not yet confirmed.

Screenwriter, incidentally, also hired a female: say, for the work will be taken Lisa Joy, worked on the screenplay series "Pushing Daisies" and "Black Label".

Andrew Garfield will soon have to give way to a female colleague

Source from the industry shared:
Even before the end of filming the last for today "Spider-Man" began to talk about what we will shoot next. Judging by the interest in such films as "Salt", "Lucy" and "Wanted", now there is a great demand for female characters.
While we can only speculate on which of the actresses could translate on-screen image Spider Woman. However, some have already expressed their interest.

Example, Karen Gillan, who played in the "Guardians of the galaxy," said in a recent interview that she wants to play Spider-Man in female guise. Let's see whether this idea will approve the creators of the future project!

Karen Gillan wants to try on a superhero costume

Spider Woman Jessica Drew

At the green light: Rihanna in the new MAC Viva Glam campaign

Rihanna - one of those stars who are willing to experiment with exotic shades of hair. Creators advertising campaign MAC Viva Glam trend also took into service: the new season of Pu (yes not one, but three!) Represents a collection of the brand in a green wig, combine the color of her dress

Rihanna in the new MAC Viva Glam campaign

Still a few hours ago there was a tweet of the star itself, which is not the first time collaborating with MAC. This time she again advertises collection, the proceeds from the sale of which will be directed to a charity fund to help AIDS patients.

Star wrote that the new collection, made in shades of bronze, will go on sale in September.

Rihanna in advertising MAC Viva Glam

Sandra Bullock - the highest paid actress

Magazine Forbes, as always, earnings counts Hollywood stars. If the men's rating in the first place was Robert Downey Jr., in the female category leader Sandra Bullock, what we learned from blogger glitter_and_sparkles.

Sandra Bullock - the highest paid actress

50-year-old star from June 2013 to June 2014 earned $ 51 million - largely thanks to the film "Gravity", which became the most notable work of Sandra in the past few years. However, success at the box office and enjoyed the comedy "Cops in skirts", where she played Bullock.

Editorial Board notes that it was the right approach to the selection of projects helps actress hold leading positions - unlike her colleagues are shot in the youth melodrama and the comic book adaptation.

Nevertheless, in second place was just the same star youth blockbusters like "The Hunger Games" and kinokomiksa "X-Men" Jennifer Lawrence. During the same period, she earned $ 34 million.

Third place - Jennifer Aniston. 45-year-old actress, though not in films, claiming the "Oscar", and indeed there is only 1-2 tapes a year, but it still boasts a substantial fee.

Decent earnings Aniston provide and advertising contracts: this year, for example, she advertised drinks Vitamin Water and cosmetics Aveeno.

And looks all ten of the "expensive" Hollywood actresses:

1. Sandra Bullock - 51 million

Sandra Bullock

2. Jennifer Lawrence - 34 million

Jennifer Lawrence

3. Jennifer Aniston - 31 million 

Jennifer Aniston

4. Gwyneth Paltrow - 19 million 

Gwyneth Paltrow

5. Angelina Jolie - 18 million

Angelina Jolie

6. Cameron Diaz - 18 million

Cameron Diaz

7. Scarlett Johansson - 17 million

Scarlett Johansson

8. Amy Adams - 13 million

Amy Adams

9. Natalie Portman - 13 million

Natalie Portman

10. Kristen Stewart - 12 million 

Kristen Stewart