Aug 3, 2014

At each corner a correction: What is even more true of Kim Kardashian?

Not only is she the lady who shares the bed with Kanye West, it is a true work of art: Kim Kardashian knows exactly how she can put her curvy body perfectly. But is everything as natural as giving birth - or was here now probably at one point or another helped along a bit? The expert in any case is certain that there quite a bit has happened at the reality star.

Celebrity Flash showed the specialist for surgery and aesthetic surgery Dr. Med Mark A. Wolter some photos of the It Girls and the skilled worker fell while immediately a particularly striking:
 "If you look at the image falls on a first of the Breast The. looks as if it was made because the does not look as if there bra and much much push. " 
Even the fine Näslein Kim's excited quite skeptical when doctors - but in his opinion, not only bust and olfactory bulb have been subjected to a correction:
"So the buttocks here looks very voluminous More than natural.." 
This intervention would have its analysis from a distance but then already back some years ago, as said part of the body have not definitely changed since 2006.

"When Kim Kardashian, it looks as if the nose made and the chest expanded ", so once again the summary of Dr. Wolter.

Later this year: Justin Bieber makes it with Cody

As a fan of Justin Bieber you will probably be delighted that there is finally something new to the ears are from the supposedly musically-gifted prodigy since Mozart. Now the world seems to be allowed but think himself not only in anticipation of a solo album from Justin, no, there's even more! The lookup for all: new songs with youngster Cody Simpson. Maybe even an entire drive?

Justin Bieber makes it with Cody Simpson

The blonde told the jam session-mate Justin unfortunately not during his interview with Hollywood Life. However, Cody gave himself unequivocally for the record:
Well, Justin and I were now about two weeks in the studio, we have been working on something very great. It could have come out a little bit more than just a single song.
Whether it could but actually enough for a full album, is sometimes not fully understood, but what exactly was created when "messing around with the guitar," one could certainly get to hear later this year:
It is a really cool acoustic project!
Oha, it is tense as the strings of Justin's guitar!

That it apparently quite soon very many brand new songs by Justin heard are, excited you?

Justin Bieber makes it with Cody Simpson

Jamie Dornan: rare appearance of the bomb '50 Shades of Grey' with his wife Amelia!

Jamie Dornan, who plays the great deceiver Christian Grey in the highly anticipated film "50 Shades of Grey" was out in London the day before yesterday with his wife, the lovely Amelia.

Jamie Dornan rare appearance

It is one of the most coveted beautiful kids of the moment but it is stowed away ...

In the space of a few months, Jamie Dornan became the fantasy of all women. British actor of 32 years was chosen to embody the character of Christian Grey in the film adaptation of 50 Shades of Grey, the trailer, highly anticipated, was unveiled last week.

Yes Here, Jamie is already married, and because he rarely shows his wife Amelia, one could almost forget ... But its release last Thursday night, July 31, at the Firehouse Chiltern London one of the most popular institutions of the English capital, reminded us.

The actor was spotted as he left the hotel restaurant open for 4 months in the middle of the night . White shirt, black pants and brown shoes, Jamie has distanced himself from the look of young CEO he had adopted for the filming of 50 Shades Of Grey. But not enough to make him lose his sex appeal.
Jamie and his wife Amelia, whom he married last year, have acceuilli there is little their first child, which we know absolutely nothing. Very discreet about respect their privacy, the two lovebirds are not the type to share any information ...

Jamie Dornan rare appearance

Jamie Dornan rare appearance

Adopted Kim Kardashian a child from Thailand?

In June last year, the small North West to the world, the first child of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West came from. Quick was for the two realized that it also intended to provide further offspring. In addition, the couple would not make much difference in age among the children. If it goes to Kim, they would adopt a child from Thailand immediately.

During the current season of Keeping up with the Kardashians, the entire family was in Thailand. Here Kim visited an orphanage and fell in love there, apparently the little girl in pink. "I would adopt her immediately," the It girl told a little later on the beach her mother Kris Jenner and step-brother Brandon. But while Kim already looks to grow their family, Kris keeps the whole thing is not a good idea: "You can not just go to an orphanage, you fall in love with a child and take it home with you, as if you were to go shopping." But the head of the family has the same ready a motherly advice: "I bet there are other things you can do and make a difference in the life of this little girl things that you can do without bringing them home.. "

Kim Kardashian but would not be the first celebrity who would adopt a child. Even Madonna and Brangelina did. But their plans, they should discuss with husband Kanye West anyway for now. Although the is also for other children, but whether he is thrilled similar to that of the adoption plans such as his wife, seems questionable.

Jennifer Garner expects fourth child?

According to many media, Jennifer Garner expects fourth child. In recent weeks, 42-year-old wife of Ben Affleck showed a rounded tummy.

Jennifer Garner expects fourth child

As reported by insiders, now married Ben and Jennifer is going through hard times. Affleck dreams replenishment family, and his wife is ready to do anything to save a relationship. Representatives of the stars has not yet commented on the rumors of a fourth pregnancy Garner.

Recall that Garner and Affleck already have three children, 2-year-old Samuel, 5-year-old Seraphina and 8-year-old Violet. Actors have been married since 2005. Currently Ben devotes all his time to work on the film "Batman vs Superman: At the dawn of justice," which is slated for release in April 2016.

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner