Aug 2, 2014

Sweet: Selena Gomez has a new little sister!

Currently to Selena Gomez conditionally rather be struck again that she was on the verge of a collapse at the last but not least her On-/Off-Boyfriend Justin Bieber is to carry debt, is rumored. In such a phase, this good news is sure to come at just the right time: Selena has reinvented a new little brother or sister named Tori get!

Selena Gomez has a new little sister

In June came the daughter, the father of Selena Ricky and his wife were pleased to welcome on earth. Now finally announced the proud papa of the good news to all. On Instagram, he wrote the loving words: "Time flies ... It seems to me like it was only yesterday that we found out that a baby is on the way And now our little Tori is already a month old. . We are blessed and grateful. " Even last year - incidentally also in June - had also given birth to a girl named Gracie Selena's mother Mandy Teefey . Well, Selena has now two cute sisters in which they can enjoy!

Selena Gomez

Yikes! Kelly Osbourne risked a thick lip

Auweia. What the hell happened to Kelly Osbourne? The singer makes on the latest Paparazzobildern a very strange impression. Not only that it acts conspicuously absent and disoriented, the Good risked a pretty thick lip, not figuratively.

Yikes! Kelly Osbourne risked a thick lip

The beauty craze among the rich and famous almost seems to know no bounds. Operations are almost a daily occurrence and it would hardly be surprising if not Kelly child has left cut itself. That, at least let these images suggest, on which their lips look extremely bulky. Sure you can with makeup and other home remedies set a lot, but even this art are limits and going to the surgeon seems likely. In addition, the daughter of rocker legend Ozzy Osbourne looks rather confused when she leaves the car with a small backpack in hand.

Although the photographers often get angry moments in which even the most pretty scary Star may look, but Kelly seems to have anything without a plan in the eyes of all the images. Whether because someone has probably looked too deeply into the glass? Or acts as an anesthetic by about yet?

Bieber-Punch: Orlando Bloom as gefeiert Hero!

The desire to bring the loudmouth of Justin Bieber finally silenced, is probably just as promising, like trying to chase a fly with a water pistol: difficult, it requires the necessary leisure, usually you go wrong! And while Miranda Kerr and Selena Gomez extremely ashamed to have to serve as a possible reason for his near-fight with Orlando Bloom, the latter now enjoys once a veritable Love Storm! That he has been shown the Bieberoni what is a rake, leaves his popularity barometer climb to dizzying heights.

So should his newly gained fans applaud him formally to enthusiasm waves wherever he goes and stands. Compared to the newspaper The Mirror, the Briton said even quite smugly, that the praise now picks it up unimagined platforms: "Everyone over and over again telling me that I was a hero!" Curious about the story is really just that Orlando is celebrated as the aggressor, while most now Justin a lot ... well, eyebrows have placed whether his behavior. Whose side are you now may stand: #TeamOrlando has been the blatant fan-Boost!

Orlando Bloom

Justin Bieber

Sylvie vs. Michelle: Who has the hotter Knackpo?

These two Celebrity ladies seem felt to spend as much time under the sun on the beach, as the television camera. Sylvie Meis and her colleague Michelle Hunziker are real Beach Babes. In the skimpy bikini she is pleased to present its top honors.

 Sylvie Meis and her colleague Michelle Hunziker are real Beach Babes

While Michelle relaxed with fondness in his native Italy, Sylvie currently vacationing with her son Damian in the south of France Saint-Tropez. Thanks to numerous paparazzi can be enjoyed in Germany at the beach mood. In addition, the prying photographers aimed their viewfinders exactly to the crunchy bottoms of the two ladies who are almost the same age. Michelle is only a year older than Sylvie, but has also been a child more than the native Dutch. Even with 37 makes it even her daughter Aurora competition. Such a comparison must Sylvie not stand, instead she plays left out with her son and also do this or something for their body.

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and Justin Bieber at birthday Ricardo Tisci

1 August in Ibiza Creative Director of fashion house Givenchy Riccardo Quieter ustroil party in honor sobstvennogo birthday EMU ispolnitsâ 40 years 8 August.

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and Justin Bieber at birthday Ricardo Tisci

Flocked to the Spanish island of celebrity guests such as Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian mom Kris Jenner and sisters Kylie and Kendall Jenner and her husband Kanye West, Ciara, Naomi Campbell and many other friends and clients Tisci.

Invited to a party actively upload photos to social networks: Bieber Kardashian posed with family and even frivolous hugged his mother Kim. Singer made to the photo with a hug this signature:
Kendall, Kylie, look who's your daddy!

Justin and Kris Jenner Byber

Obviously, he had long forgotten about the fight with Orlando Bloom Miranda Kerr because earlier in the week.

Note that the West has pleased a striking performance on the balcony: Justin captured process on video and posted to Instagram.

Earlier in the afternoon, Kim Kardashian congratulated the designer of her wedding dress in the traditional manner for himself - with the help of candid shots, where the star posing in stockings alone: ​​

Happy Birthday Ricardo Tisci! I love you so much! Can not wait to party tonight!!! 

Kim Kardashian

Kendall Jenner, Ricardo Tisci, Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian

Kris Jenner, Ricardo Tyshy, Justin Byber, Kim Kardashian and Kendall Djenne

Kris Jenner, Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian

Media: Chloe Moretz meets Brooklyn Beckham

As reported by media, Brooklyn Beckham meets with Chloe Moretz. 15-year-old son of Victoria and David Beckham met 17-year-old actress three months ago at the Paris Fashion Week. Since novel and spun. 

According to a source, they were introduced to each other mutual friends, and in Los Angeles they rotate in the same social circles:
They are constantly talking, enjoying leisure - in general, do what all teenagers.
note in June for the first time the paparazzi photographed couple while riding skateboards in Santa Monica. As stated by one of the insiders, Brooklyn parents are raving about his girlfriend:
They both gave them his blessing.
Fly in the ointment, however, is also in the ointment: Brooklyn Beckham lives in London, and Chloe - in the United States. Recently, the actress admitted that she was too young for a serious relationship:
This is a difficult age for love - people are changing incredibly fast. I do not want to watch every step, because I'm only 17 and I am not obliged to do so.
Representatives young stars have not yet commented on the news.

Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult again separated

Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult again separated

Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult broke up the second time. The reason - the incredibly busy schedule of actors, because of which the long-distance relationship became impossible. It is reported that the couple remained good friends.

Log source told Us Weekly the following:

they spend together is not very long - her life like a whirlwind. Previously, they have converged after the break. But now it's too hard.

Note to this already busy schedule to make adjustments to a novel 23-year-old Lawrence and 24-year-old Holt: in January 2013, they parted for the same reason.

In recent interview with the June magazine Marie Claire Jennifer shared his thoughts about the relationship with Nicholas:

When we are busy, agree mutually ignore each other. Not completely, but no one is crazy, if one of us does not respond to a message or call. Life is extremely loaded.

The last time the paparazzi photographed actors together on May 24 in Germany - Lawrence Holt visited on the set "Autobahn".

Remember, they met in 2011 while filming " X-Men: First Class. " Two years later, they broke up, but soon met again on the set of the next "X-Men" and between them resumed novel. In late April, the Western press reported that the star bought a house in the UK.

By the way, they still have a joint survey - another part of the franchise "X-Men: Apocalypse" is expected in theaters in May 2016.

Pregnant Christina Aguilera bared for V Magazine

Pregnant Christina Aguilera posed nude for the new issue of V Magazine: the singer about to give birth of her second child, whose father - her fiance Matt Rattler.

According to 33-year-old star, she loves her body:
As a woman, I'm proud of my body and accept it at all stages of life. I remain confident and fearless of the unknown that is hidden in the future.

On one of the frames Aguilera posing with her head tilted back: it covers the chest hair strands and right hand. In the second picture Christina appears in transparent white dress. By the way, as a photographer's provocative set made Brian Bowen Smith: singer herself with it. According to the publication, she wanted to capture some happy moments in anticipation of an early birth.

Recall Christina Aguilera has posed nude while pregnant firstborn from ex-husband Jordan Bratman she graced the cover of Marie Claire in December 2007. News about that Aguilera is expecting their second child from Rattler, appeared in February this year.

way, before stripping and gloss for other pregnant stars: Sienna Miller, Jessica Simpson, Demi Moore, Alessandra Ambrosio, Miranda Kerr and other bold women.