Jul 23, 2014

Bachelorette confession: Thomas R. has small penis

Whether this confession really Thomas' best after? Actually it is at the bachelorette to do it, to show the best side to present its advantages and Anna Christiana Hofbauer to convince. But Thomas R. seems to focus on his honesty. All well and good, but maybe not advisable if you have a small ... Thomas has only.

"I NEN little ones. Mine is really small. Thats real ... So that is me almost embarrassing," 
the 33-year-old admits tonight in the second episode its competitors in the pool. The other men are silent then, how should we respond to such a spicy confession too? But quite possible that this Thomas' openness someday use skillfully against him and the beautiful Anna tell from the little Thomas. But the trained musical performer seems anyway to put more emphasis on other properties. In the single-date with the citizens of Hamburg, both come pretty close and Thomas brings Anna with his humor hearty laugh. That he has so pack your bags already on the second night of roses because of its small confession, is rather unlikely.

Thomas R

Anna Christiana Hofbauer

Grandpa and Grandma Bruce Demi: Tallulah Willis is pregnant?

Less than a day ago in Instagram one of the daughters of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore appeared provocative image: Tallulah published in social networks shot that clearly hinted that she was pregnant. Thank for the news blogger UsySnijanny.

Excited meeting with his new little friend.

- Signed frame girl, which she is depicted with a round tummy.

Also, Tallulah supplemented message hashtag # happy, # newlife, # babyonboard - happy, new life, a child on board.

Worth noting that this is not only a shot like this, makes me wonder - "Bruce and Demi will grandparents? ".

Representatives of some of the media have already expressed their doubts - many believe that Willis only joking. However, there were also those who believe that the daughter of Hollywood actors and the truth is in an interesting position.

Celebrity Street Style: Sookie Waterhouse in Los Angeles

Recently model Sookie Waterhouse arrived from London to Los Angeles and demonstrated yet another example of British street-style.

22-year-old girlfriend (rumored to have the bride) Actor Bradley Cooper wore a short journey in sweater dress with print in the style of pop art: the image of the kissing couple has been the subject of jokes and allusions to the Western press. Briton completed the image of brown shoes flat shoes and sunglasses aviator Taylor Morris. Sookie hair loose, and makeup minimized.

According to eyewitnesses, the airport Waterhouse long time for someone waited and listened to music constantly on his cell phone rang. As a result, the girl arrived a taxi.

Recall recently in the media reported that the model is secretly engaged to Bradley Cooper. Couple meets more than a year. Moreover, Sookie is planning to move to permanent residence from London to Los Angeles - the mansion favorite.

Celebrity Street Style_ Sookie Waterhouse in Los Angeles

Celebrity Street Style

Celebrity Street Style

Celebrity Street Style

Former pilot John Travolta talk about communication with the actor

Former pilot John Travolta Gotterbi Douglas received the legal right to reveal all the details of 6-year relationship with the actor, who is likely to go beyond the job. July 22 Court of California issued an appropriate decision.

Note Gotterbi previously won a preliminary hearing, but Travolta's lawyers attempted to obstruct the process. However, they rejected the claim, and Douglas intends to share the details of communication with the actor not only in the courtroom, but also in the book.

According to the ex-pilot 60-year-old star, they met in 1981 during the interview. By early autumn of their relationship went beyond the workers confirmed that one of the former assistants John Joan Advance. Their relationship ended in 1987, and during dismissal Gotterbi signed document confidentiality.

In 2012 he began to share details with the media, and the lawyer said Travolta predictably non-compliance with the conditions of the signed paper. Next, Douglas began to seek court assistance in California, where he was advised to file a claim for the right to speak openly about the relationship with the actor. Gotterbi attempt was successful.

As a result, the public will soon be the world a chance to learn about John Travolta lot.

3. Date of Death: Amy Winehouse interview appeared!

Amy Winehouse

Today, exactly three years died Amy Winehouse of alcohol poisoning with a total of 4.16 per thousand in the blood. Meanwhile, the exceptional talent would be 30 years old - and most like already the mother of a child. Full of melancholy reads a first time published interview in which Amy Winehouse talked about her former plans for the future ...

Journalist John Marr interviewed the singer in 2004 and laid the conversation with Amy because of their time still to low Popularity shelved.
 "In ten years I'll be 30 years old and maybe have a baby,"
 the Briton looked then still optimistic on what was to come.
 ". I see myself as a domestic wife with children I think I would be a good mother, at least I hope so If I have children, I want a lot - at least five," 
said Amy on. At that time, she has performed many On-/Off-Beziehung with Blake Fielder-Civil. Whether their following statement therefore stirred?
"When I think of a family life in the future, because a man is not really involved - this is a bit weird."
Amy Winehouse was in 2004 also asked how one should remember them later. This wish has come true:
"I would like to be remembered as someone in mind who was not satisfied with just one level musical skill, but was a pioneer I have so much time to accomplish all this is so exciting... stay with me for years to make music. "

Britney Spears shows holes in the leg

Britney Spears was photographed with a look and comfortable during summer and stop in a coffee shop on Tuesday, 22. However, the singer did not call the chosen costume this time were the cellulite on the thigh that jumped the eyes during walking in greater style people like us.

Britney Spears shows holes in the leg

This is not the first time that Britney Spears went wrong in the picture. In June, the singer was photographed while walking using a strapless, one short and ... guess what? Just showing quite right leg cellulitis.

Lana Del Rey: 'I was close with many of the music industry'

Lana Del Rey

In one recent interview with Lana Del Rey has admitted that was close with many of the music industry, but she has made a career. So 27-year-old singer explained the meaning of a new single titled F-ked My Way Up to the Top, which can be translated as "pave the way to success through the bed."

Del Rey stated the following:

I met with the head of the record company for seven years. I had an intimate relationship with many guys from the industry, but none of them helped me to enter into contracts.

Recall not so long ago Lana broke up with musician Barry James O'Neill, as she wanted freedom. The couple began dating in 2011.

According to Star, she feels guilty of breaking these relationships:

Certainly, the novel was destroyed because of depression and uncertainty. These relations are impossible because of my emotional instability.

Since parting Lana and Barry James singer was often seen in the company of fashion photographer Francesco Karrozzini. According to insiders, they have a serious relationship.

Lana Del Rey

'New Wave 2014': the opening ceremony of the festival

In Jurmala, yesterday launched the 13th international competition of young singers "New Wave." In the concert hall "Dzintari" tradition, the opening ceremony, which always appears many Russian stars. Posed for photographers Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin, Philipp Kirkorov, Nikolai Baskov, Igor Sharp, Jan Rudkovskaja Irina Dubtsova Pauline Gagarin and many others.

This year, as a leading advocate of competition Sergey Lazarev, Anna Semenovich, Lera Kudryavtseva, Alexander A.Revva Stas Kostyushkin and TV Lipa.

For the main prize fighting contestants from 13 countries are Russia Yulia Plaksina Nodar Reviya and group O'Genri, Latvia - Stas Shurins, Ukraine - Vyacheslav Rybikov and Victoria Petrik.

also participate in the competition artists from USA, Germany, Italy, Israel, Lithuania, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia and Georgia .

Recall that this year's "New Wave" began with a major scandal: the Latvian Foreign Ministry banned from entering the country three Russian stars - Joseph Kobzon, Oleg Gazmanov and Valeria.

Note that Valeria was to become one of the jury members, led by Igor steep. In its composition as claimed Konstantin Meladze, Igor Nikolaev, Philip Kirkorov, Leonid Agutin Lyme Vajkule.

Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin


Igor Cool with his wife Olga and daughter

As explained Igor Sharp at a press conference held the day before, it was decided not to seek a replacement Valerie: Jury members this year will be seven instead of eight.

On the question of whether the "New Wave" move from Latvia Russia in connection with the recent events, the producer said that such a development is possible if the conflict will continue to be pumped.

Nevertheless, given the start of the competition, and we hope that it will no longer darken any event.

Igor Nikolaev with his wife Julia Proskuryakova

Nikolai Baskov

Anna Semenovich

Vladimir Vinokur and his wife Tamara and her daughter Anastasia

Roberto Torres Kehl

Participants of the New Wave

As for the ceremony, it first opened group Serebro. Following her were artists like Irina Dubtsova and Leonid Rudenko, submitted a joint track, Jasmine, Ivan Dorn and Potap and Nastya Kamensky, the hit which was not kept on dancing even the Alla. After the speech, the fiery Ukrainian duo posed for a photo with the flag of their country, urging the public to world peace.

Alla Pugacheva

Organizers of the ceremony did not forget to honor the memory of composer Yuri Varum - father Angelika Varum. His favorite song, "Town", which takes the original Angelica sang her husband Leonid Agutin - Varum itself for the first time in many years, did not come to the "New Wave".

Today, the first day of the festival, the participants will have to submit to the jury and the audience their version of the world famous hits. Will participate in the concert and came to Jurmala star.

New Wave 2014

Selena Gomez celebrated a birthday in the company of Kara Delevin and two strangers

Instead of worrying about the lack of stability in his personal life, Selena Gomez went to France - to relax, unwind and celebrate 22 years on the yacht. Companies morally unstable boyfriend singer chose society girlfriend Kara Delevin and new friend, Tommy Chiabra.

Tommy, by the way, that you do not think too much - recently started dating Jessica Szohr, who starred in the TV series "Gossip Girl." So the festival was held in a very friendly atmosphere.

Judging Selena prefer active rest: in the entertainment program was riding on a water scooter, planning over the water under the dome of the huge yellow parachute - and that's not counting the numerous swims in sea.

And that nothing prevented enjoy the sun, sea and water sports, Selena chose a swimsuit with shorts, high-waisted shorts and a simple, fairly closed top. His eyes defended with "pilots".

Kara demonstrated its model shape using Open black swimsuit bikini and later changed into a white T-shirt and Hawaiian shorts Chanel.

Way, Selena and Kara and do not forget that the best styling and makeup on vacation - their absence, and looked at it just fine! Presumably, all thanks to the festive atmosphere. And yet - a delicious chocolate cake birthday girl.

Congratulates Selene 22 anniversary and invites you to enjoy the sunny and cheerful staff with her participation.

Oxana Fedorova celebrated the first birthday of his daughter

Oxana Fedorova celebrated the first birthday of his daughter

The family of TV presenter and editor of a glossy magazine Oxana Fedorova great holiday - her youngest daughter Lisa ispolnilcya a year. Stellar mother, as expected, congratulated the girl in the early morning, writing in his "Instagrame": "Today my daughter's birthday! One year old. So fast time flies. Lizonka brought a special meaning in our lives. This tender and touching, our lovely girl. Happiness to you! Thanks to everyone who shared with us today this event. " On the photo posted Fedorov shows that Lisa grew markedly with age and promises to be as beautiful as she Oksana, once won the title "Miss Universe".

However, the beauty in this family - a matter of good genetics. Mom Oxana Fedorova Elena A., who recently turned 55 years old, was young as two drops of water similar to a daughter. And now she looks great - she is primed, well-kept and it does not give the age, which is indicated in the passport. By the way, once Elena A. and myself participated in beauty contests, and therefore advised her daughter to try their hand.

Note that Oxana Fedorova has repeatedly acknowledged that he dreams of a big family, and stay on the birth of two children not intends. So it is likely that soon Fedor and Lisa will brothers and sisters who are confident, will give the beauty of their mother.