Jul 22, 2014

Lady Gaga displays show the flab in use Justinho wardrobe

She performed at the Staples Center in Los Angeles

Lady Gaga drew attention by taking the stage of the Staples Center sports arena located in Los Angeles, California, chubby with more steps. The singer wore costumes throughout the show that ended up revealing that she is a little above his usual weight.

Recently, Lady Gaga posed a straight face, no makeup, and exhibited some circles. The fans did not take long to praise the singer. "Too much perfection in a picture," wrote one.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

Neymar dîne avec des amis au restaurant à Sao Paulo

Player also had the company of promoter David Brazil

Neymar dined with friends at restaurant in Sao Paulo. The player also had the company of promoter David Brazil On leaving the place, David made a selfie in which Neymar appears driving his car and joked: "He broke the bed. Each to their own, to make it clear, huh (laughs), "wrote the promoter profile on Instagram.

While Neymar enjoyed with friends, Bruna Marquezine, player's girlfriend, posed in a studio in São Paulo. The actress was photographed for the magazine "Top Magazine" late on Monday, 21.

Neymar Brazil with David and friends in the restaurant

Neymar in restaurant in Sao Paulo

Neymar poses with fans

David Brazil s Neymar

Amber Heard at last came to Johnny Depp on the set of 'Black Mass'

Amber Heard at last came to Johnny Depp on the set of Black Mass

Yesterday in Lynn, Massachusetts, finished shooting a new project Johnny Depp - the crime drama "Black Mass". Of course, the last day of shooting could not miss the paparazzi karaulyaschie star and his girlfriend Amber Heard.

Bride celebrities appeared on the jobsite of the film when the actor has just started a break. Throughout this time, the future spouses did not depart from each other, constantly discussing something.

Must pay tribute to Hurd - not every girl would want to hug and kiss with her man, is located in such an unattractive manner. They have worked on the make-up over the appearance Depp making of Hollywood handsome pretty nasty character.

Now only remains to wait for the first trailer of the film, in which we will also see Benedict Cumberbatch, Dakota Johnson, Kevin Bacon, Sienna Miller and other actors.

'Canned' from Blake Lively: actress launched her own website

Blake Lively

This past Monday, July 21, 26-year-old star of TV series "Gossip Girl" Blake Lively launched her own lifestyle-site Preserve, was overjoyed than their fans - according to earlier reports, the resource had to earn only on July 23.

In his first letter to the editor, anticipating the summer edition of the magazine online, so Lively defines the concept of site:

Preserve - a creative space, space, equally chtyaschee tradition and innovation, space, as forward-looking, how lovingly storing memory of the past.

Functionally site is divided into several parts: the online magazine, an online store, a playground for charity (in particular, the project cooperates with Lively Covenant House, helping homeless and street children: Preserve plans for the first year - deduction of five percent of the proceeds from the online sales to the fund).

Topics that are presented online magazine, understandable and expected: here such headings as "Taste", "Home", "style", "Health", "Culture". There are also sections on "proximity" and "Holidays", dedicated to the succession of generations and traditions. In the online store you can buy women's jewelry, men's ties and butterflies, cute trinkets for the house (like wooden castors) and amusing food (like smoked salt and vegan hot fudge) - everything from small local producers.

In short, a bit of everything - that's you and a pretty site is not without pretensions to intellectuality, its aesthetics clearly hinting at the focus on the creative sectors of the population of Brooklyn.

Everyone has a story that he can share. This idea is the cornerstone of the Preserve. The site is dedicated to people stories, articles, videos and products that we hope will inspire your home, your style, your perception. Here and expensive things, and things cheaply, and with an average price tag of things - their true cost of each determines for himself.

Well, it sounds great, looks too. If you ideas Blake close look at the site recommend that if you have long puzzled over where to buy mix for Bloody Mary or curry ketchup handmade - all this plus there is something else here.

Chief Editor Blake Lively Preserve