Jul 20, 2014

Ellen DeGeneres: Filmed dispute in alcohol intoxication

Normally, it's Ellen DeGeneres itself, chatting with the celebs on their private secrets and also like to have one or the other bomb can explode. But currently it is the private life of the presenter and not that of their guests, which made a splash - and likely as not the otherwise good-humored Ellen fit in the stuff. After first came to the public that there is a crisis in marriage, now come gradually more and piquant details to light, which illustrate the extent of the problems between the blonde and her wife Portia de Rossi.

The talk show host and her partner should have regularly so extreme argued that Portia has decided one day to take up some of the conflicts secretly on video. At this time Portia was already addicted to alcohol. When Ellen got from the proof videos wind, it should be disengaged normal. The U.S. magazine InTouch reports that Ellen is not only the mobile phone to their wife to have wrecked, but all the emails should have checked to verify that Portia has sent that video to someone.

It is well understandable that the otherwise sympathetic acting TV Lady does not want her fans to see the video, so that their image is not damaged. Despite all the adversity want Ellen and Portia are working on their relationship.

This happens with Walden and Alan

Final Season: So ends "Two and a Half Men"!

That the success sitcom Two and a Half Men still comes to an end this year, which is already known. What is new is how Alan (played by Jon Cryer) and Walden (Ashton Kutcher) say goodbye to the scene. Exactly betrayed now, CBS, and all fans of the series should now please stop reading ...

Walden is no longer in line with his life. Him drive existential fears and anxiety about before isolation. Therefore, he decides to adopt a baby, but this proves to be quite difficult for a single heterosexual man. And so he is considering further ado, to marry his roommate Alan to get him a child. In Season 12 So actually ring the wedding bells between Alan and Walden. The makers of the series want to set a positive example and strengthen the rights of homosexuals in the United States.

For all fans of the legendary Charlie Harper (played by Charlie Sheen) there is even a small glimmer of hope. It is not completely ruled out that Charlie is making a comeback in the final season. Confirms that's not though, because the transmitter is still in negotiations with Charlie Sheen. Because of different escapades Sheen was replaced after completion of the eighth season by Ashton Kutcher.

The 12th and final season to be seen this fall. When Germany will benefit, has not yet been clarified.

Singer Slava removed from the plane in Karaganda on suspicion of drug use

The actress was taken to a local drug treatment clinic for examination

Unexpected emergency ended concert dedicated to the metallurgist in Kazakhstan Temirtau. Participated in the show singer Slava missed the flight to Moscow. According to the actress, it happened because the airport in Karaganda representatives of the airline refused to put her on a plane and accused of the use of illicit substances.

- After the concert we Temirtau with my director Alexander Filem headed to the airport for the flight company "Aeroflot" Karaganda But we refused to put on the board, telling us that we are under the influence of drugs. Like, we have them in upotrebyali VIP departure lounge.

Despite outrage hot actress and arguments vain accusations airline staff made a report of misconduct passengers on board.

- No drugs, we did not use - said Slava. - We only drank whiskey. Despite this, the representative of "Aeroflot", a man named Constantine Tan said that he has all the evidence. Stewardess named Lyudmila Eliseev behaved rude when we tried to explain something to her, began to accuse me of what I was trying to beat her.

Singer admitted that she was so shocked that I started to call Moscow all familiar artists, despite the early morning.

- first tube Kohl raised the Basque Country, and immediately began to help me in all matters, huge thanks to him - said Slava.

According to Glory at the airport in Karaganda she drank only whiskey
According to Glory at the airport in Karaganda she drank only whiskey
According Slanevskaya, altercation with staff cost ended up being her with the director removed from the flight and forced to undergo a medical examination.

- We took the passport and taken to the local expertise in a drug abuse clinic, accompanied by police, which led self-rude to. Examination conducted, we got all the help that no drugs in the blood is not.

Doctors have revealed the presence in the blood of the singer only alcohol
Doctors have revealed the presence in the blood of the singer only alcohol
According to the story of the singer, the police immediately after the examination, took them to the clinic, have become much more polite.

- I was surprised that the police initially publicly without facts and evidence, insulted me and my children for my "hell of creativity" but suddenly changed after the examination opinion and even tried to shake my hand - says Slanevskaya. - I do not agree.

Singer had to pass an examination in Drug Dependency Clinic

Singer Slava removed from the plane in Karaganda on suspicion of drug use

Beyonce unveiled a teaser trailer '50 shades of gray'

Yesterday Beyonce posted on her page on Instagram teaser trailer of the first movie "50 shades of gray," directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson.

Just note that the details in the video is not so much: hand 27-year-old hero Jamie Dornan Christian Gray, hip heroine Dakota Johnson Anastacia Steele and the new version of the single delayed Beyoncé Crazy in Love. In addition, we now know that the premiere of the first trailer of the film will be held July 24.

Note, previously appeared in the press information that Beyonce can take part in the soundtrack for the tape. "50 shades of gray" is expected in theaters February 13, 2015.

Beyonce unveiled a teaser trailer '50 shades of gray'

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo were married in Mexico

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo were married in Mexico

July 19 Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine and Victoria's Secret model Behati Prinsloo were married in the Mexican resort of Los Cabos. The wedding took place on the territory of the complex ecological farm with restaurant Flora Farms.

Star couple invited to the ceremony almost three guests, including model Coco Rocha, Candice and Erin Heatherton Sveynpol and actors Robert Downey Jr. and John Hill. In addition, the event was attended by colleagues Levine of Maroon 5 - James Valentine and Jesse Carmichael.

Note Prinsloo 25-year-old opted for a wedding dress by Marchesa, and the official part of the celebration lasted only twenty minutes. Instead of wedding gifts and Behati Adam asked invited to donate money for charity and help children.

Add Friday night Prinsloo and Levine arranged in Los Cabos rehearsal dinner and party at the complex El Dorado Golf & Beach Club. Guests enjoyed a DJ set, and treats - ice cream, churros, mini-cakes and Mexican dishes.

Morning the couple arranged for their guests farewell brunch and departed on a honeymoon: couple will honeymoon at home Behati - in South Africa.

recall of novel Prinsloo and Levine became known in June 2012 - the paparazzi photographed them during a kiss on the Hawaiian Islands. For a couple of months before the singer broke up with another model - Anna Vyalitsynoy. According to sources, Behati all this time a little jealous of Anne, as she always liked Levine.

October 24, 2012 Adam and Behati first arrived at a public event with a red carpet as a couple. In May 2013 they briefly parted rumors that Levine began dating another model - Nina Agdal. However, in July the singer made Prinsloo marriage proposal - the couple announced their engagement.