May 11, 2014

Conchita Wurst: Eurovision - this is a competition based on tolerance, understanding and love

Bearded singer from Austria was the winner of the contest

Despite the contradictory attitude to the representative of Austria - singer Conchita Wurst, 25-year-old actress has managed to captivate audiences all over Europe and has gained a leading position in the song contest "Eurovision" this year. For his victory, which "bearded lady" devoted freedom, the singer thanked the many fans, as well as a huge gay community, which has helped her voice.

During a press conference on the winner of the main European song contest Conchita spoke eloquently: "Eurovision" - this is a competition based on tolerance, understanding and love! "- Shared emotions representative of Austria. Besides the star of "Eurovision" has offered to be the new James Bond girl for Wurst coyly replied that he would think.

Actually Austrian pop diva - it showman Thomas Neuwirth, who has become one of the most controversial members in the history of the "Eurovision". During the final performance of "bearded lady" Copenhagen audience already knew the song Rise Like A Phoenix by heart and sang almost louder than she sang Conchita.

Tom Neuwirth raised in Gmunden. Education starlet "Eurovision" in the school of fashion in Graz. Career 25-year-old actor began in 2006, when he took part in the Austrian project Starmania, where he took second place. After the show, Tom joined a local boy band Jetzt anders! But the way the team to stardom was not successful - the group has existed less than a year.

In 2011, Thomas was first introduced to the public its new alter ego - a bearded singer Conchita Wurst. According to legend, created by artist Conchita, she was born in Colombia, in Bogota, but spent her childhood in Germany. In addition, soon fell in love Wurst Austrian burlesque dancer-Jacques Patriaka and married him, demonstrating the engagement ring. According to legend, lovers have been married for 4 years. The idea of ​​creating a "bearded lady" Neuwirth occurred in childhood: the actor is often subjected to peer pressure, so the image of the flamboyant Conchita became his peculiar cry in favor of tolerance.

By the way, Tom Neuwirth delineates his biography and career Conchita Wurst, by his own admission, are two different people. The only thing that unites the two heroes, so it is "acting together for tolerance and against discrimination."

Rita Ora: So it becomes Mia in ' Shades of Grey '

When it was announced that singer Rita Ora has managed to get an acting role, was a real surprise. However, was even greater than it was certain that she would be calculated on the bestseller adaptation Shades of Grey of the party. Not such an easy task for the British singer because she had to have an American accent as Mia Grey in the film calculated.
"That's why I needed definitely a special coaching and also had acting training. In the film, for I have an American accent. And I see quite different, because I'm wearing a brown, cropped wig," Rita told MTV News. "It was really nice to get into a whole other world that I was not used to., But it was also quite difficult."

With a little trick but then Rita has mastered their task quite adept, as she explained: "On the set, I had accent coaches who have whispered me my text with the right emphasis in the ear, and we have it then turned immediately afterwards. " Her fans will certainly looking forward to the results!

Kim Kardashian arranged bachelorette party Parisian style

Kim Kardashian arranged a bachelorette party for her friends exactly two weeks before the wedding. May 24, set the date of the marriage of actress and her lover rapper Kanye West. Big celebration is held in France in a medieval castle Château de Louveciennes. Actually so feast for her friends Kim issued in style of the country.

Bachelorette party was held in a hotel in Beverly Hills. The tables were covered with white tablecloths, they are decorated with bouquets of white roses, and a dessert offers guests to be treated with the Eiffel Tower made of white chocolate. Kim herself shone in their holiday in a slinky white dress, light boats with white thread of pearls. Girls having fun till you drop, as well as arranged a photo shoot in a special fotobudke. Wedding Kim Kardashian and Kanye West - one of the most anticipated events of the year. They even managed to marry - in the beginning of the week the press are full of reports about the secret wedding of a couple that allegedly took place at their home, Los Angeles. However, on the eve of Kim herself denied the rumors, telling about the upcoming event and demonstrating the wedding invitations, which denotes the date of the day - May 24.

Kim Kardashian arranged bachelorette party Parisian style

Kim Kardashian arranged bachelorette party Parisian style