Apr 30, 2014

NBA racism scandal: Sperre für Donald Sterling

It has already run insanely inconvenient for the owner of the LA Clippers basketball teams, the billionaire Donald Sterling. This had in fact called for in a phone call from his love affair, "not to bring more colored people" to his games. The shots landed to his misfortune in the media. Pretty strong stuff, considering that it is possible even find all skin colors and in a team Sterlings. The NBA has already taken a first consequence: As the official Adam Silver said she wanted to Sterling should put neither business nor private again with the NBA in contact since his remarks were "deeply offensive and harmful." What seems so simple in theory sounds, will, however, be difficult to implement in practice: For 33 years, Sterling is one of the club already. Yet now require even celebrities its withdrawal from the sport business, including the marijuana enthusiast Snoop Dogg.

This is as far as his choice of words, anything but squeamish in the video, in which he spread a message to Sterling on Instagram. In it, he calls him a "racist piece of shit ...", among other flatteries of this kind also his fellow rapper Lil Wayne commented already on the events: "Had I been a Clippers fan, I'd be it not now. " Kobe Bryant, himself a member of the NBA and active at the club "Los Angeles Lakers" tweeted a thought about the scandal that probably many of his colleagues are likely to share. "I could not play for him,"

Meanwhile, the pressure rises on Sterling also on the part of sponsors his team, who have already jumped first. Many other club owners have also positioned in official statements clearly against racism and the Clippers owner.

Olivia Munn and Joel Kinnaman broke up after two years of relationship

Western tabloids continue to bring the news of the parting of stellar pairs so after breaking the news of Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas has information about the collapse of relations Olivia Mann and Joel Kinnaman. According to the source, not the actors have been together for a few months.

They all ended a couple of months ago, but it seems that both of them very well. With occurring helps them cope distance - Joel is currently filming in Toronto, and Olivia lives in Los Angeles.

According to an insider, ex-lovers parted on a friendly note and still keep in touch.

They were close friends before they started dating. Therefore, they were able to maintain cordial relations even after the break. Parting went to both of them for the benefit and much simplified.

Mann and Kinnaman confirmed their romance in March 2012. Last time the actors were seen together at the premiere of "Robocop" in Los Angeles on February 10.