Apr 28, 2014

's Going on? Selena Gomez is dating Orlando Bloom

they arrived in the same car and the romance of being recorded. They were then photographed sitting on the sidewalk.

Selena Gomez and Orlando Bloom appeared in the mood for romance backstage at the "Chelsea Handler" program on Saturday, 25, according to information from the column "Page Six" of the newspaper "New York Post". Also according to the column, they arrived in the same car to the studio where the attraction was also recorded and then were left together.

Then, the actor and singer tried to mislead the press when clicked sitting on a sidewalk after their participation in the event "Uganda Be Kidding Me" in Los Angeles. Realizing the presence of the paparazzi, the two stood up and walked in opposite directions, according to the photo agency "AKM". Orlando is going through an amicable divorce with model Miranda Kerr, while Selena lives between comings and goings with Justin Bieber.

Selena Gomez is dating Orlando Bloom

Lily Allen: she mocks Beyoncé on stage! [video]

a few days before the release of his new album

In concert last night in a London club to continue the promotion of her new album, "Sheezus", in stores on May 6, Lily Allen has generously made fun of one of the biggest sellers albums in recent months, Beyoncé.

Laugh to sell and the buzz is there that tactic chosen to adopt Lily Allen for the release of his new album ...
While his new album, called Sheezus with reference Direct to Yeezus the last Kanye West album is expected in stores on May 6, Lily Allen continues to actively promote. She made an appointment to his fans last night (Saturday, April 26) at the GAY club in London where she was in concert.

Déchaînée throughout his performance, British singer of 28 years has interpreted its new songs live, laugh tracks that largely the current representation of women in the music industry.

Already very loving with some of his female counterparts such as Beyoncé, Kary Perry or Lady Gaga in the As Sheezus whose clip was recently unveiled, Lily Allen has added a layer yesterday, specifically targeting Beyoncé.

During his concert, Lily has proposed a revamped version of the ultra-hot number that American singer had proposed earlier this year on the stage of the Grammy Awards. On stage at the Staples Center in Los Angeles with her husband Jay-Z to interpret their torrid Drunk In Love, Bey had been more steamy than ever. But Lily Allen Version: it gives a star wearing a wig, who voluntarily wiggles so vulgar to partner with a dancer in underwear. Doused with a bucket of water to wet effect, Lily is given to their hearts content.
Not sure Beyoncé appreciate mockery, and not a fan ...