Apr 24, 2014

Beyonce is among the most influential people in the world list of magazine

In listing made by 'Time', released on the morning of Thursday, 24, the singer appears as 'Titans'

Beyonce is on the list of the most influential people of the magazine "Time", 2014 broadcast on the morning of Thursday, 24. Listed, the singer appears in the category "Titans" and had a written description by Sheryl Sandberg, businesswoman North American and chief operating officer of Facebook

"Last year, Beyonce tickets sold out tour 'Mrs. Carter' being a full time mother's secret:.. Hard work, honesty and authenticity And her answer to the question 'What would you do if you were not afraid?' seems to be 'Look at me. I'm almost doing.' And then she adds, 'You can,' "says Sheryl.

addition to Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus, Pharrell and Amy Adams also appear in the list in category "Artists".

Beyoncé na capa da revista Time

In New York, Luciana Gimenez makes aesthetic treatment and posts video

In presenting photo appears bleeding. Everything indicates that the procedure was 'vampire facelift', which uses the patient's blood to improve skin.

Luciana Gimenez took advantage of his visit to New York to give that visual tract. And the hostess would not hear of anything but simple. In pictures and videos posted on his Instagram, she shows that she is willing to suffer a little in the name of beauty. In one of the photos, Luciana Gimenez appears with his face bloodied and makes no bones about the aesthetic treatment. See the video here.
Everything indicates that the presenter has undergone the 'vampire facelift' procedure is to use his own blood to improve skin. The first step of the treatment consists in removing some blood arm. Then, the material is taken to a machine where platelets are removed. Only then the person's own blood is reapplied with a thinner needle on his face. In the first video sequence, Luciana Gimenez is filmed while a doctor takes blood from your arm. "That's a lot of blood.'s A weird thing to do," he says as amused. See the video here.

The aesthetic treatment has been done by Kim Kardashian. "I love to try anything that makes you look at yourself and feel young," said the socialite at the time.

Luciana Gimenez makes aesthetic treatment

Skirt, Jennifer Lopez almost shows too

Of short skirt, Jennifer Lopez almost proved too on Wednesday, 23. One of the judges on "American Idol," the singer was spotted backstage at the program in Los Angeles in the United States. Friendly, Jennifer - who wore jersey Lanvin, Vivienne Westwood skirt, Brian Atwood shoes and Jennifer Fisher jewelry - made lovingly on the head of one of the members of the musical reality show.

Jennifer Lopez bet on curtinho look and showed off her beautiful curves on the last day 3. Using a pink jumpsuit sensual, the singer was photographed behind the scenes of the television show "American Idol."

Justin Bieber: I am extremely sorry for all those I have offended!

While he was visiting Japan on Wednesday, Justin Bieber has earned the ire of users after posting a picture of a controversial shrine in Tokyo ... Via Twitter, the Canadian singer wanted to apologize.

Justin Bieber

Somewhat against him, Justin Bieber is currently the target of many users. The latter accused him of posted on his Instagram account, a snapshot of a controversial shrine in Tokyo. The same sanctuary, as recalled Point is "seen in China and Korea as a symbol of Japanese militarism past.

After unveiling at its more than 51 million subscribers, this picture of Yasukuni Shrine which is controversial for its representation of colonial past of Japan, thousands of fans are immediately on the frontlines

face the wrath of his audience, Justin tenuous to apologize. 'J' I thought the only sanctuaries were places of prayer. I am extremely sorry for all those I have offended. I love China, I love Japan "Has he said.

After this incident, the young man of 19 years has tried to calm the situation by unveiling a video of his visit a Japanese orphanage where he gave himself fully to adorable children. Look!

Chris Brown will remain in jail until June

Chris Brown will remain in jail at least until June of this year.

The trial of the singer, who is accused of beating a fan in October 2013, was supposed to start yesterday, but was postponed to June 25.

Fact that Brown's lawyers asked the court for time to prepare testimony bodyguard singer Christopher Hollosi. April 21 court officially recognized Hollosi guilty of the same crime. Thus, bodyguards - and a witness for the defense of Chris, and, actually, a potential prisoner. They were both arrested in October 2013.

Lawyers Brown said Hollosi key witness and therefore very eager to see it made at the hearing of the case of the star. According to the defenders of the singer Hollosi must confess: it was he, not Brown, the first victim attacked a man outside the hotel W Hotel.

A bodyguard refuses to speak under oath, until the completion of the process of his appeal: he does not recognize guilty.

judge decided that the case Hollosi and Brown should be considered separately from each other - on different processes. And as the judge agreed to hear bodyguards as a witness for the defense of Chris Brown.

Next hearing in the case of the singer will be held June 25 - the same day his own bodyguard hear the verdict.

According to the American press Now Chris Brown expects a flight from Washington to Los Angeles.

If 24-year-old singer found guilty of beating a fan, he faces a prison term semi and a fine of one thousand dollars. But Brown's case - a very difficult: he beat his girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, was sentenced to probation and violated it in March this year. So now the singer can get in jail for four years.

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis became parents

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis became parents

After Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelmanom congratulations to the completion of the family take Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis. At the star couple had a son, who was named Otis Alexander.

Shared the news with fans of the newly formed mom - the actress has published on his Twitter a picture of a newborn, and has signed a frame:

Ladies and gentlemen, Otis Alexander finally left the building (the building - that's me)

Olivia Wilde with her newborn son