Apr 9, 2014

Tom Welling: Actor Smallville appears gray in premiere

Tom Welling, 36, was stylish at the launch of movie 'Draft Day' 

Tom Welling, known for playing Clark Kent in the TV series "Smallville", drew attention with his gray eye during premiere of "Draft Day" on Tuesday, 9.

The actor, 36, was dressed elegantly for the occasion with navy suit, white shirt and brown shoes. In the feature film, which also has Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner in the cast, Tom Welling plays a famous American football player.

Tom Welling

Wars Johnny Depp and Amber a baby?

Even before Johnny Depp and his Amber Heard have made their engagement official, there was speculation about a possible pregnancy. So far, the pair remained silent to the persistent rumors, but now speaks Amber's ex Mark Wystrach.

Such a joyful message can probably also the former partner not long retain for himself, especially when he is still friends with the former love. "She's already pregnant," revealed Mark against the U.S. magazine InTouch Weekly. He fell right into the chat: "I saw her only three weeks ago Amber and I went years ago from each other, but we still are close!".

However, since not express both the Hollywood star and his girlfriend to such allegations must Marks statement only once so stop. If the blonde should actually be pregnant but, this will show in a few months. A baby ball just can not hide forever.

Club-ban: Justin Bieber may not celebrate

Justin Bieber

Seems as if Miami's bouncer anything against Justin Bieber. Recently, he should have tried to come in three different clubs when he was in town - and in each of the nightclubs him the entrance to have been implies denying.

Justin Bieber is indeed just turned 20 years old, which means that he still has to wait a whole long year until the age of eighteen in the United States. However, the singer is usually never a problem who have not had to get into the localities in which he would like to let out the sow. Well, in Miami that should not have worked this time, reported TMZ now. Definitely very strange for someone like Biebs, who always gets everything he wants to have. The reasons for this are but are obvious, according to a club operators: Of course, it was not appreciated that the 20-year-old in January drove under the influence of alcohol car and was arrested.
Before the law again everything is supposed to be regulated in this respect, but the big clubs still want to have seemingly no small criminals as a guest - even if he is still so prominent. Biebs and his companions are said to have almost begging for club entry and have even offered large amounts of money. But: Not a chance!

Another great night club had made many negative headlines after alcohol journey of the singer, because there Justin had celebrated just before he was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. Also in that Club he had come to underage alcohol. The other clubs, it is now obviously not worth his desired Justin entertainment to offer, and then possibly also to be bad.

Here Prince George plays with other kids

Actually Duchess Kate and Prince William had decided to Prince George as much as possible to stay out of the public. But during their trip to New Zealand now appear almost daily new pictures of the sugary-sweet, royal bundle of joy.

Upon arrival at the airport won the little George on his mother's arm the hearts of New Zealanders by storm. Now the prince took his first ever true public appointment and the first even before his birthday! In a toddler group in Wellington he met matched children. And the resulting photos show George for the first time just as a baby. Full of enthusiasm, he is dedicated to it, the colorful toy or tests, like those of so many women envied hair his mom actually taste so. The rapture are now no limits - at least as long to show up new snapshots.

Prince George

Prince George

Prince George

Jessica Alba in the May issue of Elle China

In the May issue of Elle China entered photoshoot Jessica Alba, which this month also graces the cover of the publication. Stylists magazine came up for the actress is somewhat more 'fatal' image than usual volume curls, red lipstick, high heels and a determined look - such 32-year-old star appears on the pages of the new rooms.

Now the actress is mostly occupied own business projects, charities and, of course, raising daughters Honor and Haven. However, this year will see several new films with the participation of Jessica, including a sequel to "Sin City", action comedy "The driver for the night" with Chris Pine and romantic comedy with the intriguing title "How to make love in English" - it Alba co-starred with Pierce Brosnan and Salma Hayek.

most anticipated of the new projects the actress - film by Robert Rodriguez 'Sin City 2: A woman worth killing for which "- starts at the worldwide box office on August 21.

Jessica Alba in the May issue of Elle China

Jessica Alba in the May issue of Elle China

Jessica Alba in the May issue of Elle China

Pitbull song presented the 2014 World Cup Football

Rapper Pitbull unveiled the official song of the FIFA World Cup 2014, which will be held in Brazil from 12 to 13 July. «We Are One 8" performed himself Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez, as well as Brazilian singer Claudia Leite.

And the official anthem at the closing ceremony performed by Wyclef Jean, Avici, Carlos Santana and Alexandre Pires.