Apr 8, 2014

Turmoil: So Anne Hathaway rooting for in GoT!

It is THE Fantasy TV saga for fans worldwide: Game of Thrones is so popular that at the start of the long-awaited fourth season on Monday of the streaming service of the producing HBO unceremoniously collapsed. Hollywood star Anne Hathaway is likely to have also brought quite excited. For it is confessed GoT-follower and is therefore in such illustrious company as Madonna.

The film magazine Total Film opposite Anne enthused now for the cult series
"I love the story, and I'm really touched by the Stark family, it seems as likely you will not breathe a single time."
 Thus Anne certainly played particular attention to the last third season on - they got personally cold: "Because I have not even read the books and do not know what will happen For example, the blood wedding - which I will not say more here, for the. case anyone has not seen it yet: I have not see coming, and that was really upsetting for me. "
 The delicate movie beauty has among the Westeros women also found their favorite:
 "I love to see how Khaleesi grows in their powerful role in And I think Emilia Clarke presents this character wonderfully represents - the dragon and to see them. how they mirror each other in their growth, "Anne raved on. "It's very clear: I love this show!"

If THAT does not sound like a passionate statement! Then it is likely Anne indeed pleased that the makers of the series have planned a total of even seven seasons. So the voltage is not only for Anne, but also for the fans will GoT fans likely to persist for a few years around the world.

Anne Hathaway

Sharon Stone is hospitalized in São Paulo hospital

Sharon Stone is hospitalized at the Syrian-Lebanese Hospital in Sao Paulo, reports columnist Lauro Jardim magazine's "View" on the afternoon of Tuesday, 8. Journalist Sonia Racy, of the newspaper "O Estado de S. Paulo", also published the news, adding that the actress would be under the care of infectious and State Secretary of Health of São Paulo, David IPU doctor.

Sought by EGO, a spokesperson for the hospital said he had no information and not confirmed that Sharon Stone is hospitalized there.

In 2001, the actress was admitted to a U.S. hospital after suffering a brain aneurysm .

The actress attended the amfAR benefit ball on Friday, 4 in the city. Sharon is engaged in the fight for funds for research towards the cure of AIDS. "I'm 20 years in this cause, and I hope my picture help contribute more," the actress said during the event, acknowledging the presence of the media who help promote social work to the public.

Sharon Stone is hospitalized in São Paulo hospital

WWE: 'Undertaker' had to be hospitalized!

In Mark William Calaway alias Wrestling The Undertaker is already a living legend. This is not surprising, is the man but so far have been undefeated in the ring of WrestleMania. At least until last Sunday. Since the 49-year-old suffered not only his first loss at all, but a severe concussion came on top of it.

As TMZ.com reported that the WWE superstar after his fight with Brock Lesnar Counterparty was immediately brought to the hospital at WrestleMania XXX. It should have been done several tests, including a CT scan was made to make sure that he had suffered no other injuries other than the concussion. He was also a precaution monitored for one night medically, Monday morning could but leave the hospital. The joy is at the athlete still kept within limits have, because after his first ever defeat in the history of WrestleMania his fans are upset. The day # ThankYouTaker is still very popular on Twitter.

Peaches Geldof dead: Dad Bob Geldof Issues Statement

Peaches Geldof with her family

Yesterday, the shock news went around the world that Peaches Geldof died at only 25 years! Her father, musician Bob Geldof, published only a few hours after he learned of the death of his second oldest daughter Peaches Honey Blossom, a statement in which he shares his pain with the world.
Peaches has died. We are filled with pain. She was the wildest, funniest, smartest, richest spirit and craziest of us all. To write it was' destroyed me over and over again. What a wonderful child. How is it possible that we never see her again? How can you stand it? We loved her and she will keep forever cherish. How sad this sentence yet is. Tom and their sons Astala and Phaedra will always belong to our family, so often got a crack, but was never broken. Bob, Jeanne, Fifi, Pixie Geldof and Tiger.

Her husband Thomas Cohen explained,
Peaches was worshiped by me and her two sons and I will ensure that they wear every day in the heart of her mother.
Still can not say what led to the death of Peaches Geldof. Police in Kent treated him at the moment as "unexplained and sudden" and provides research on this.

Katy Perry adopts green hair and bangs

Singer showed his new look in social network. 'Elegantly green for spring.

Katy Perry has adopted green hair and bangs. The singer showed off his new look on Monday, 7 in social network. "Elegantly green for spring," she said in her profile on Instagram. Katy changed the look in Los Angeles in the United States.

The end of Katy Perry and John Mayer was amicably, tells the magazine "Us Weekly." According to published sources, the couple of singers did not fight together and decided to end the relationship.

According to the publication, the agenda for the new tour of the singer would have been one of the factors that led the couple to separate.

Katy Perry new look

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz at a charity event

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz at a charity event

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz were guests yesterday's gala dinner 2014 Night of Opportunity Gala, held in New York.

Star couple not just appeared on the red carpet, but also won special awards: 46-year-old actor and his 44-year-old wife was awarded for participation in the activities of the charitable organization The Opportunity Network.

Artist as James Bond and his wife long supported fund to help students from poor families to enroll in prestigious universities and successfully build a career.

For a charity evening Rachel chose a bright dress by Narciso Rodriguez.

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz

Jennifer Lopez on a walk with the kids and Casper by Smart

Jennifer Lopez on a walk with the kids and Casper by Smart

Jennifer Lopez has followed most stellar parents and spent last weekend with the kids. A few days ago the singer was spotted on a walk in Beverly Hills in the company six year old son Max and daughter Emma. Also close by Celebrity was her 27-year old boyfriend Casper Smart.

To walk on sunny Los Angeles 44-year-old singer chose sports pants light gray hue, white T-shirt and denim jacket with black sleeves. Lopez finished image stylish sneakers and sunglasses.

Paparazzi managed to make an interesting picture: while Lopez was carrying shopping bags, Casper carried on the shoulders of Emma. Judging by the happy smile on the face of the girl, she was very pleased to be able to ride.

Recall, Jennifer and Casper are found in almost three years. According to the singer, she does not want to rush things and not seek to marry Smart.
Jennifer Lopez in Los Angeles

Jennifer Lopez and her daughter Emma

Jennifer Lopez and her daughter Emma

Jennifer Lopez on a walk with the kids and Casper by Smart View completely

Jennifer Lopez on a walk with the kids and Casper by Smart View completely

Jennifer Lopez on a walk with the kids and Casper by Smart View completely