Apr 7, 2014

Zhanna Friske was released from hospital

At the famous singer Zhanna Friske joyful event in the family today, April 7, her son Plato marks exactly one year. Doctors Friske released from the hospital, so she smog mark the birthday of his child in the family.

Recall that Jeanne, who is ill with brain cancer, is now undergoing treatment in America. Near the singer is always someone from the family: mother-law husband, the son of a former colleague of Plato or the shop - girlfriend Olga Orlova.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Toni Garrn on the market in Beverly Hills

Despite the fact of the matter appearing rumors about the separation, it seems that in the relationship Leonardo DiCaprio and model Toni Garrn all calmly this weekend celebrities have been spotted during shopping and looked almost as exemplary couple. Even in their finery actor and his girlfriend showed solidarity: both adhered to the rule "blue top and white bottom".

At the farmer's market in Beverly Hills, Leo and his girlfriend bought honey and other products. Seemingly idyllic family, that's just an actor, apparently, was more keen on their phone than perfect companion. However, it can be a star just shy to show feelings in public?

Recall that on the novel by Tony and Leonardo became known in the spring of 2013. Since then, the actor and the mannequin that his junior by 18 years, regularly photographed together during a joint travel. More recently, by the way, they came back from the next holiday, which held on St. Barts, along with numerous friends Leo.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Toni Garrn on the market in Beverly Hills

Leonardo DiCaprio and Toni Garrn on the market in Beverly Hills

Leonardo DiCaprio and Toni Garrn on the market in Beverly Hills

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio on the market in Beverly Hills

Toni Garrn on the market in Beverly Hills

Jennifer Aniston hit the horrible scar

A few days ago, the network has picture, which forced the agitated fans of the actress Jennifer Aniston. Imprinted on the image actress without makeup, and passes across the face a huge scar.

But, as it turned out, was not worth the worry fans, since it's just makeup: Jennifer in the movie "cake", where he plays a woman, need psychological help because of serious injury.

Jennifer Aniston hit the horrible scar

Prince William and Kate Middleton visit New Zealand

During visit to the home of the New Zealand government in Wellington, the two greeted authorities doing the traditional 'hongi'.

On Monday, 7, Prince William and Kate Middleton visited New Zealand. During visit to the home of the New Zealand government in the city of Wellington, the two greeted authorities doing the "hongi", a traditional gesture of welcome site. The Prince and Duchess of Cambridge are making a journey of 19 days to Australia and New Zelânia.

In the last 17 days, Kate Middleton visited the first battalion of the Irish Guard in Aldershot, South East London, England, commemorating the day of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Alongside her husband, Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge, dressed all in green, presented the officers with clovers symbolizing luck. William attended the parade as colonel of the regiment.

Prince William and Kate Middleton in Wellington, New Zealand

Prince William and Kate Middleton in Wellington

Prince William in Wellington, New Zealand

Sexy! Nicki Minaj has the tightest ass

Rapper Nicki Minaj shows notoriously like what she has to offer feminine curves. Recently she presented yet the world their brilliant bust size. Now she has it in a different part of her body: on her butt.

Even more common Nicki has photographed her plump rump lately and posted the results on Instagram. On a recent photo you can see the 31-year-old musician and her ass several times - and the picture is no time Selfie. Nicki is sitting in a locker room on a table and looking at her butt in the mirror. Dressed she is in a sexy combination of far-cut top and tight pants of paint and leather. Her legs are additionally wrapped in fishnet tights with flower applications. On the head, the singer wears a kind of biker hat, decorated with golden letters. Through and through so provocatively dressed the good Nicki.

Nicki Popo snapshots seem to be to their personal tradition of singer now. At least once a week get to see her pronounced buttocks their followers in all social networks. Even Kim Kardashian shows known to like what she has. Recently, she has posted with a friend a picture of her butt.

Really? Russell Brand is the children's book author

The fans love Russell Brand for his crazy way and his quirky sense of humor. The comedian seems to seriously address a few things in life, but now his new project, it is quite important.

In a video, the actor revealed that he is now the children's book author. Regularly he posts on his YouTube channel recordings in which he explains how the world would look better - to them, including the clip with the new world improvement plans. "Once we begin to change the world view of children, then we can achieve anything," he explained. "Russell Brands Rogue's Tale" you mean work for children.

With the stories but the actor wants to achieve not only the little ones, because their parents have indeed read the fairy tale. So they also may be converted and share Russell's views. Soon the book will come on the market, but is still not clear whether it is with us already be available shortly.

Here you can yourselves even look the same the video in which Russell Brand his book imagines.

Hollywood legend Mickey Rooney died

Hollywood legend Mickey Rooney died

Mickey Rooney is dead. The actor died at the age of 93 years yesterday, Sunday. The cause should be a natural, according to TMZ he was sick. However, further details are not known.
Rooney spent almost his entire life in show business. His career began in the 1920s as a child actor. Notoriety he erlang primarily for his role of Andy Hardy in "The Hardy Boys" movies. In 1940 he was even nominated as the first teenager for an Oscar, from then on it went uphill. As one of the few Hollywood actors Rooney was able to continue his career as a child star and to the last play in numerous successful films. Among other things, he convinced on the side of Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's". In 1983 he was awarded an Oscar for his life's work, further he got two Golden Globes and an Emmy and also has four stars on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood. The American had a whopping eight times married and leaves behind nine children.

Mickey Rooney