Apr 4, 2014

Nika Belotserkovskaya tumor removed

Well-known blogger, author of cookbooks and heroine gossip Nika Belotserkovskaya informed members of his page on the social network news that underwent surgery to remove the tumor.

In Instagram Nika there was a record, in which she told representatives of the media, said:
I do not need to invent crazy plastic surgery (although so desirable, as I understand you). I removed the tumor and, as you will sadly accept it, successfully. Inzhoy! Tomorrow erase, angry.
Nevertheless, record Belotserkovskaya not removed. It also emotionally Nika commented on the commentators, it is not willing to health:
This is what unctuous hell to live, what to write to a stranger wishes "rather die".
At its page blogger posted photos of a hospital ward.

No details about the last operation Veronica not reported, but given the location indication in the report, it spent at a clinic in Paris. Judging by the new entry in Instagram, today Belotserkovskaya already arrived in London.

Instagram photo of Nicky Belotserkovskaya

Greenpeace activist who was arrested in Russia poses for 'Playboy'

Ana Paula Maciel posed for the April issue of men's magazine.

Ana Paula Maciel, who was imprisoned for two months in Russia, posed for Playboy April. The biologist of 32 years is an activist with Greenpeace and became known worldwide to be detained after a protest in the Arctic. In an interview with G1, Ana Paula said he would use the cache to finance the construction of a sanctuary for animals. "I think the message I would like to spend became clear [in the magazine], represented quite what I've lived around the world and from what I'm fighting," said the site.

In the interview for the magazine 'Playboy', the biologist told about his history of environmental activism and protest against oil exploration in the Arctic Ocean that led to the prisão.A Paula got stuck for about two months in Russia, along with other Greenpeace activists linked to. Currently, the young lives in Porto Alegre

Ana Paula Maciel for Playboy 1

Ana Paula Maciel for Playboy

The network got intimate pictures Sharapova

Maria Sharapova finally waited holiday and went to the sea together with his girlfriend. Recently appeared in the Internet photos, which is embodied in a candid Maria swimsuit. It is evident that she did not expect attention to yourself, and probably did not even notice the paparazzi, who photographed her. In the pictures you can see that tennis is in great shape, and its trim figure boasts shapely legs and a flat stomach.

intimate pictures Sharapova

intimate pictures Sharapova

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley visited Cambodia with UNICEF akciej

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley visited Cambodia with UNICE

Supermodel recently arrived in Phnom Penh at the event UNICEF, where she met with sick children.

Star visited many families in which children are sick in one way or another disease. Rosie always accompany operators who filmed every meeting of the "angel" Victoria's Secret. All of these subjects will be included in a documentary that will be presented during a charity match Soccer Aid on June 8.

On every step of celebrity reports on the network and shared with subscribers of her blog impressions of the trip. So, one of the images Whiteley signed as follows:
I was so inspired by the children whom I met on the first day of his stay in Cambodia. They are cheerful, despite the conditions in which they live. 
Also supermodel admitted that sometimes see all the difficulties faced by the locals, it is very difficult:
My heart ached with pain, when I met my mother, whose half-year-old child died from diarrhea. And all because of filthy living conditions. 
Rosie calls on all not to remain indifferent to the problems of Third World countries, and stresses the importance of even a small help.
I was shocked to learn that every day in Cambodia, 50 children under the age of 5 die each year from diseases that are treatable. Rescue a child's life is worth quite a bit. That is why I support a charity event UNICEF, and you too can. 
Consider photos Huntington-Whiteley from Phnom Penh and admire her good deeds and sensitive heart.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley visited Cambodia with UNICE

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley visited Cambodia with UNICE

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley visited Cambodia with UNICE

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley visited Cambodia with UNICE

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley visited Cambodia with UNICE

Kara Devlin in a new advertising campaign YSL Beauty

Kara Devlin recently been criticized by Karl Lagerfeld himself, but at least the head of Chanel, and believes that the British star "is not outstanding beauty", the leadership of other fashion brands, probably holds the opposite opinion. Beauty-line YSL, for example, the model is not the first season in a row.

Ad campaigns for brand Delvin rarely left alone: ​​to shoot the spring season, she appeared in the company of male counterparts, and most recently playing " duet "with the girls.

In January came advertising Touche Eclat highlighter with Kara and Jordan Dunn, and now partner Delvin on the set became 17-year-old Ondrej Hardin.

models represent a new line of lipstick and blush Baby Doll Kiss and Blush.