Mar 27, 2014

Without glasses: Elton John stuns with Aua-eye!

If there is an accessory to the world, Elton John estimates more than his piano, then probably his glasses. The musicians legend is said to have booked even an extra hotel room for its many traditional tinted glasses in the past. Now he was exceptionally caught without glasses - and shocked her with an obviously inflamed eye!

In West Hollywood the musician was spotted with a very red eye - and that really did not look good! A little later, Elton John showed again with his famous glasses - but the question remains: What is going on with his eye?

For years, legends have grown around the eyes of the piano legend: Here Elton John will not be short-sighted, but just have a fondness for fashion reasons for eyeglasses. The superstar gave himself on one occasion to have about 250,000 glasses - what might have been a joke.

Let's just hope that his eyes were already a few hours later in normal form!

Elton John Without glasses

Elton John

Miley Cyrus disappointed with cancer girl

Miley Cyrus should be careful - apparently converts the scandal noodle currently dangerous paths annoyed them with their current behavior but many a fan. Now she seems to have just a small girl with cancer fobbed particularly ugly.

The seven-year-old Miley Hodge suffers noisy radar online at a particularly bad form of bone cancer - in December her doctors told her parents that their daughter had to live only four to six months. To her Miley to make a few, remaining time as comfortable as possible, her parents turned to the organization "Make-A-Wish", which met last wishes of severely ill children. While the family was hoping to allow the small Miley such a meeting with her favorite star Justin Bieber. As this was too busy, the girl sought instead of her namesake. However, the meeting seems to have become an absolute flop.

"The family went to LA and had to wait almost a week, until they have met Cyrus," said a member of the opposite Boulevard site. "You have then made ultimately in the recording studio. But as I've heard, Miley was more interested to deal in the studio to devote their attention as the little girl." Nevertheless, the father insists his daughter was grateful for the chance to meet Cyrus in person. As a fulfillment of last wish this event seems however not to be counted: Now the family wants to put the stuff to still allow Miley a meeting with Justin Bieber.

Miley Cyrus disappointed with cancer girl

Caught! Paula Patton in the arm of another man

It was recently reported that Paula Patton is not too impressed by the reconciliation and conquest Try her estranged husband Robin Thicke shows. Now it seems to be a good reason for the reluctance of the actress: another man!

Latest Paparazzi photos show Paula and her publicist Jeff Raymond on the set of a photo shoot. They look very familiar: He lovingly touches his "client" on the back and not soaked her the whole time from the side. A simple collegial relationship looks somehow different.

How quickly can develop a love of a professional working relationship, already showed Heidi Klum. After her separation from Seal she fell in love with her bodyguard. Opportunity often makes just love. But Robin will love these snapshots do not like for sure! After all, he insisted on his last concerts ever how much he still love Paula.

Paula Patton in the arm of another man

Paula Patto

Prokhor Shalyapin wife has millions in contracts

Prokhor Shalyapin wife Larisa, it turns out, has benefited from a wedding with a star no less, and perhaps more than the Prokhor, who are accustomed to consider public opinion gigolo. As it turned out, Shalyapin wife delivers elite clients from the world of show business, and as a result biznesvuman concludes millions, and sometimes billions of dollars in contracts.

About how Kopenkina and now Shalyapin now conducts its business colleague told Larissa estate. In an interview to "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Svetlana Klimova someone said that friends and colleagues Prochor wishing to buy an apartment or house, only now coming into their company. Furthermore, in principle, Larissa became popular thanks to the press, and many customers just want to cooperate with it. "We have acquired a lot of customers who learned about it from the media. And not just customers and developers millionaires - with huge bags, in all countries. Several times I was with her in the negotiations, so one had 50 luxury real estate objects, the other - investment properties in Sochi and Yalta and Moscow ... And all this came to Larissa at the expense, as you call it, PR. Millions, if not billions in contracts. Yes and celebrities that come through Prochor go to Larissa, "- says Klimov.

Recall that wedding Prokhor Shalyapin and Larissa Kopenkina took place in late 2013. After marriage the bride took her husband's surname. The couple has a big age difference, which, however, does not prevent them to be happy. Prokhor and Larissa going together, arrange gay parties, and at times going out of each other in different companies. Wife of singer recently made herself plastic surgery and now looks very young. And in an interview with "StarHitu" this shortly before the wedding, biznesvuman confessed that often met with young men and Prokhor nor - quite mature. There were gentlemen and younger ages.

Prokhor Shalyapin wife has millions in contracts

Selena Gomez: 'I tried to be different, that people accepted me'

Selena Gomez performed at the annual charity event We Day California

Yesterday in California, Selena Gomez performed at the annual charity event We Day California and said the scene is very inspiring and moving speech:
I am not an activist. I did not change the world, and did not conduct any campaign. I am here just to tell you about his life. Perhaps you will make something out of my story. I do not like to be honest and open with reporters - I'd rather this with you. 

Recall that in January the 21-year old singer was interrupted by a tour and spent two weeks in rehab. She talked about the pressure of others, is experiencing from the beginning of his career at 10 years of age:
I am surrounded by people who would have to send me. Some do and others do not - they just crushed me: "You need to be sexy, you have to be nice, you have to be pretty, you have to have all these qualities".

You all concerned. All you have daily pressure - at school, at work, with friends, your parents, family. They say, what to wear, how to look, what to say, what to be.

Until recently, I resisted this pressure and lost the idea of ​​who really am. I listened to the opinions of others and try to change, as we believe that people accept me just like that. But I realized that I can only be myself.

When others say you're not good enough, it kills.

I want you all to know that changing the world. I did not change, and you do it. It's awesome. 

Next, the singer said that when it happened to her, she helped her mother Amanda Cornett, who gave birth to a daughter in 16 years:
She said that the most important thing - always a trust. If I do something, just because I love it and I think that is able to perform.
Note Gomez was dressed in red pants suit from Emporio Armani, and her hair was pulled back.

Spectators apprehended Selene very positively. We Day California event encourages young people to participate in local and global issues.

Selena Gomez performed at the annual charity event We Day California

British police called the death of Boris Berezovsky suicide

British police concluded that the Russian businessman Boris Berezovsky, has committed suicide. However, the report states that some details remain unclear death of a businessman. 

Thus, the investigators were unable to establish who owned one of the fingerprints in the bathroom where the victim's body was found, and the person remains unknown man seen near the house Berezovsky two days before his death. Also, the investigation has not found out why when the police arrived at the house load radiation alarm signal (in the audit no radioactive substances were detected).

Short, in many mysteries. Note that close Berezovsky - his daughter Catherine and Elizabeth, as well as ex-wife Galina Besharova - cast doubt on the suicide version. According to the ex-spouse of the deceased, he had planned to leave and waited to visit the children.

Meanwhile, the bodyguard businessman claims that in the last months of his life, Berezovsky was in a depression. According to the testimony of the security guard, the entrepreneur has been completely ruined and could not repay the debt, was approximately 200 million pounds. A former bodyguard said that the businessman took antidepressants and talked to him about suicide.

67-year-old Berezovsky was found dead at his country house at Ascot March 23, 2013. Autopsy results showed that the death was the result of a businessman strangling.

Boris Berezovsky suicide

Rihanna continues to party in London

The star of 26 years never get tired of going to celebrate the end of the night ...

Rihanna continues to enjoy London and its joys night since she is back in the British capital in order to find her lover ... The singer has also been photographed late at night, or rather early this morning (Thursday 27 March), as she left the Tramp nightclub where she partied like she knows so well and is always displayed lookée!

Musically, it has been announced that Riri dominates, as Justin Timberlake and Imagine Dragons, the appointment of the next ceremony iHeartRadio Music Awards with no less than seven nominations ...
The star of 26 years named in categories: Artist of the Year, Song of the Year for The Monster and Stay, Best Collaboration for The Monster and Stay, song Hip Hop / R & B of the Year title Pour It Up, and the best army of fans.

no doubt that at this famous evening the princess Barbarde will still make a raid at the awards! What do you think?

Pending discover, enjoy these new photos of Rihanna leaving the nightclub Tramp!

Rihanna continues to party in London

Rihanna continues to party in London

Rihanna continues to party in London

Rihanna continues to party in London

Rihanna continues to party in London

Rihanna continues to party in London

Leighton Meester: Back to the music to the old Gossip Girl! [video]

Currently on the boards of Broadway, the actress does not forget for all his other passion, music!

We all know that in addition to being an actress, Leighton Meester is also a singer ... But since her debut album, Love Is A Drug, released in 2009 and worn by the single Somebody to Love featuring Robin Thicke in c ' level was rather quiet music for the old Gossip Girl! That is, until today!


And because the 27 year old star, who recently secretly married her boyfriend actor Adam Brody, decided to show again all his musical talents!

Thus Leighton appears in a video in which she gets along with her friend Dana Williams, the title of Fleetwood Mac Dreams.

Dana just released his EP entitled The Lonely One and it is already available on iTunes!
and Dana Leighton, guitar in hand, appear delicate and impeccably show this track from the album Rumours released in 1977.

Side comedy, Leighton is currently featured its share on Broadway in the play Of Mice and Men (Of Mice and Men), adapted from the book of Steinbeck, in which she starred with James Franco, Chris O'Dowd, Jim Norton and Jim Parracket.

But for now, discover the cover title Dreams signed Leighton Meester and Dana Williams, and tell us what you think?

Dana Borisova become a singer

Famous Russian TV presenter Dana Borisova recently surprised his fans by telling that she decided to become a singer. At the party, which was organized by Alexander Revva, Dana said she decided to try herself in a new role. It will be produced by Tim Brick.

Now Borisova regularly engaged with vocal coach, and a month later it will record their debut song. Feature your future creativity Dana marked as "sexy pop" and admitted that "the stage show everything."

Despite TV-show: Kylie Jenner wants more privacy

You already graces the cover of international fashion magazines, her love life is discussed in public, and also with the constant posting of permissive Selfies ensures Kylie Jenner repeatedly hit the headlines. But with all this will now be an end! The Kardashian Scion finally want some privacy and actually withdraw from the public.

For years Kylie Jenner did not really have an impact on how much they themselves are in the spotlight, but she was raised by her family in Keeping up with the Kardashians inevitably in the media. Now, the TV star has the nose of it but obviously full.
 "I've decided my private life, as much as possible, keep out of the public. I'm 16 and still wants to just be now and then a child," Kylie now announced via Twitter.
 More and more it feels from the outside world apparently stuck in a drawer and evaluated.
 "There's a part of me that you do not see. Judged So people do not until you have not lived their life," positioned the model clear.
 But on the family's television show Kylie still want to continue to participate, in so far as it ever gives it a sequel. Like the rest of the family just seems to want to do without Kylie not quite up to the media attention.

Kylie Jenner

Angelina Jolie with children flew to Los Angeles

Angelina Jolie with children flew to Los Angeles

Angelina Jolie on Tuesday unveiled in Las Vegas film his latest work "Unbroken", and on Wednesday returned to Los Angeles. Photographers caught actress International Airport LAX. On a trip accompanied by a celebrity son Maddox and daughter Zahara.

Angelina with children unable to remain unnoticed, as soon as the star trio appeared in public, it was immediately surrounded on all sides by paparazzi and fans. Jolie tightly hugged siblings and followed them through the crowd.

For flight Angie chose tight black jeans, a beige top and cut free classic jacket in pinstripe.

Seems that a trip to "Sin City" successful - Hollywood actress looked pleased. Note that Angelina will make a small tour with a picture of "Unbroken": the next destination of the stars listed London.

Angelina Jolie with children

Angelina Jolie with children

Angelina Jolie with children