Mar 25, 2014

"Hercules": The first movie poster

The Rock: "Hercules" is the role of his life

Who could the demigod Hercules from Greek mythology better embody as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (41)? Exactly: no one! The Wrestler is a born performer Hercules. With his muscles, he can easily make the twelve labors that are required of him as the son of Zeus.

Now published Dwayne Johnson on his Facebook page the first official poster for his new film "Hercules". For the first time the Hercules performer is to see it from the front. Other images that published the 41-year-old some time ago, showing him bare from behind and let the breathtaking scenes of the sets in Hungary recognize. On the movie poster you can see "The Rock" completely unfamiliar with long dark hair and a full beard. His muscles, which he had thriving even more with special foods that are naturally also great advantage. Before him seething fire, and in the hands of the performer holds a large mace. It seems as if he would run screaming into the fire. Compared to USA Today, the actor said: "I was born to play this role." . Because the good has obviously quite

fantasy and action fans will be pleased: The film by director Brett Ratner is on 25 July come to U.S. theaters. In Germany the film this year will premiere later.

Columbus Short: Brutal! "Scandal" star beats husband nearly to death

Against "Scandal" actor Columbus Short are violent accusations in the room. In an engagement ceremony in Los Angeles, the actor is supposed to be freaked out and beat up a man present in the most brutal manner. Columbus had it so long stamped on the victim and kicked until it was apparently lifeless to the ground. Even then let the TV star is not of the man from and taught him so bad that all eyewitnesses of them went out, he has been reporting dead

As TMZ, it was on 15 March came to the debate, because the victim had made a derogatory remark about the wife of Columbus Short. This does not seem like he wanted to leave and the man broke first with a targeted punch to the face, the nose. Now, however, photos have surfaced confirming the statements of those present: The 37-year-old man is my bloody face and closed eyes on the ground and makes the impression of being closer to death than to life

After Columbus Short. His sacrifice has so extremely beaten up, he should have leave the bar without further comment, while the 37-year-old was taken by ambulance to the hospital. The police are now investigating allegations against the "Scandal" actor.

Columbus Short: Brutal! "Scandal" star beats husband nearly to death

Boris Becker greets from hospital bed

Although the hip was broken and had to be performed emergency surgery, but his fingers seems to Boris Becker and still have excellent control. After not already had to wait long for the first tweet, the former tennis player now greets with the first image from the bedside. 
In its stylish white hospital-Fummel the aging tennis star lies in bed and looks pretty battered. Even if the hair is once again, Boris must support but if he wants to sit up a little. On Facebook, he invited his fans with this photo in his hospital room, and let the community participate in his suffering. "Might not be ready for action ...!": As a commentary he wrote only Apparently, the former athletes not particularly familiar to a lot of movement.

Let's hope that the geräderte Becker soon comes back on its feet. After all, he is a trainer from the world ranking second Novak Djokovic. But as you know the fighters Boris Becker, he will surely soon be fit again.

Boris Becker greets from hospital bed

Shakira: here's a brand new video for the song Empire!

Today goes on sale the new album Shakira named after her, and the day of the official release of Star Records decided to arrange a premiere music video for one of the new tracks - Empire.

In his account Shakira wrote:
In honor of the album's release, here's a brand new video for the song Empire!

In the video for the second account single plate singer appears in a wedding dress, but escapes, and before reaching the altar - in the best tradition of Hollywood melodramas.

presented Shakira song a month ago, during the recording of one of the editions of the show The Voice, where she serves stellar mentor role.

Incidentally, the album entered and Shakira duet singer Blake Shelton - its counterpart on the same TV Projects.

Frames from a clip of Shakira Empire

Frames from a clip of Shakira Empire

Frames from a clip of Shakira Empire

Frames from a clip of Shakira Empire

Frames from a clip of Shakira Empire

Frames from a clip of Shakira Empire

Frames from a clip of Shakira Empire

Kate Hudson and Matthew Bellamy: difficulties in paradise?

Insiders happy to talk about the relationship Kate Hudson and Matthew Bellamy. Recently, there were rumors that the couple things do not very smooth. Evil tongues even exacerbated the situation before parting actress and musician. But no, they're still together and trying to cope with difficulties.

The main problem of the pair, according to the source, supposedly close to Kate and Matthew, traditional:
Kate too independent, and Matt - a musician ... His whole life goes on tour.
Yet they always try to make time to see you. Now the couple, according to the same source, "it's not brilliant," but they are working on it.

Kate herself in a recent interview said:
Now I do not plan anything. I'm very busy - we are very busy - and it's wonderful. 

That is, apparently, about the wedding speech does not go. Recall that Hudson and Bellamy engaged since 2011. They bring the total son, who two and a half years.

Despite all the rumors and possible problems, recently Kate and Matt were seen together in Los Angeles. They say they looked happy and relaxed. Maybe it means that the crisis was over? Whatever it was, we wish to quickly pair cope with all the difficulties!

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky: The first picture of the twins

In the last week were "Thor" star Chris Hemsworth and his wife Elsa Pataky parents of twins. Now the proud mom showed the first picture of the two boys and told also equal to their names. 

On Instagram she announced that the little brothers from India Rose are named Tristan and Sasha. They also showed a picture of tiny feet.

In Spanish let them know their followers, "You are already at home. Tristan and Sasha came on 18 March, just after the full moon to the world. Total joy "

What do the names of the parents, is not yet known. But compared to, E! News' said Chris Hemsworth last spring, what is behind the name India. "It was just a name we liked. I've always liked indie or Indiana for a boy and India. And we thought, it will be decided if it is a boy or a girl '. It just seemed to fit. "

Taylor Swift visited the children's hospital

While others rest, Taylor Swift at the weekend engaged in good deeds. She visited the children with cancer in a New York hospital Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

Singer held in an institution for more than five hours. She came in every room and talked with the guys. Of course, his visit was very pleased Taylor small center patients.

Particularly memorable encounter with a star Shelby Huff. Girl struggles with lymphoproliferative disease. Taylor met with Shelby about 20 minutes, they made a joint photo. A video about the visit Swift appeared on page Shelby network Facebook.

Word, deed Taylor proves that the world is not without good people - and it can inspire those who are now going through a difficult period, the fight against the disease. Recall that the young patients of the Center for Pediatric Hematology recently visited the singer Katie Melua. British singer of Georgian origin is the patron of the charity fund Gift of Life - a sister organization of the fund "Give Life" based Chulpan Khamatova and Dina Korzun.

Taylor Swift visited the children with cancer in a New York

Taylor Swift visited the children with cancer in a New York

Now it's out! Ciara reveals baby gender

For some time now pushes Ciara a considerable ball in front of him. Soon it is probably as far as to bring her baby into the world. And they already know exactly if she gets a boy or a girl.

For a hefty sum Ciara stocked now the room of her unborn child. It should turn into a real jungle - suitable for a boy! The fact that she is expecting a little boy, the singer revealed on her Instagram page. Here she posted a photo of the prepared cake, which was decorated in blue and white. Shortly after followed the first gift of the baby shower: small sneaker, for a stylish shoot

addition, the expectant father at Wendy Williams confirmed that he was looking forward to the male to the family!. Coming Soon Future is determined to keep his little son man already on the arm - long may it until birth namely not last!

Ciara reveals baby gender

Ciara reveals gender

Kristen Stewart in the campaign Chanel: first shots

There are the first pictures of Kristen Stewart for the campaign Chanel.

Recall that late last year it was announced that Kristen will be the face of the collection Metiers d'Art Paris-Dallas. Photos spring campaign personally did Karl Lagerfeld. Did he reveal the young star from an unexpected quarter?

New collection is inspired by motifs of the Wild West. Therefore, in a photo shoot Kristen appears in almost aggressive, but, nevertheless, feminine image.

Well, wait a full photoset and eyeing the first frame.

Kristen Stewart in the campaign Chanel: first shots

Kristen first shots

Shakira does show to launch her new album

Singer has performed in Los Angeles in the United States, to promote the work that bears his name.

On Monday, 24, Shakira did show to launch her new album. The Colombian singer has performed in the city of Burbank, Los Angeles, in the United States, to promote the work that bears his name. On the album cover, the blonde appears in the best sexy style: acoustic guitar in hand and black pieces.