Mar 24, 2014

After dipping in the sea of ​​short, Alicia Keys poses in swimsuit

The record was published by the singer on his Instagram

After dipping in the sea of ​​St.Bart, the Caribbean, the short last Friday, 21, Alicia Keys posed wearing a bathing suit and posted the recording on his Instagram on Monday, 24. In the image, the singer appears on the edge of a pool and using a high shoe.

The photo earned high praise among his followers. Comments like: "Linda", "Wonderful", "Goddess", were present.

Madonna opens the trunk and put old photo with Maria Lourdes

Singer used his Instagram, to show the record of daughter.

Madonna opened the bag and used his Instagram, Monday, 24, to post a photo of Maria Lourdes playing piano. "Let the Music Play ............. She wont get away! # whydotheyhavetogrowupsofast # rebelhearts (free for the Portuguese translation: 'Let the music play ... She will not leave porqueelestemdecrescertãorápido # # coraçõesrebeldes "she wrote Today, Lourdes Maria is 18?..
Last week, the singer caused a stir on the internet by displaying not shaved armpit on social network. The singer appears with the - apparently made by a computer program - under the arm image released on Thursday, 20, on your profile in Instagram. "Long hair ... I do not care! Art for freedom. Rebel Heart. Love Revolution, "wrote the photo caption.

Madonna opens the trunk and put old photo with Maria Lourdes

Rita Ora, Emma Thompson and Annie Lennox in advertising fashion brand

Rita Ora, Emma Thompson and Annie Lennox in advertising fashion brand

Brand Marks & Spencer is a new advertising campaign, for which, like last season, starred with women of different professions. Series heroines became some of the celebrities: Emma Thompson, Rita Ora, Annie Lennox, top model Alek Uek.

They were joined by the London business woman Lulu Kennedy, television producer Rachel Khoo and Baroness Doreen Lawrence - a member of the upper chamber British Parliament, known public figure.

photographed the entire company Annie Leibovitz - she, by the way, is the author and last series, which was also attended by the heroine, embodying the concept of "strong woman" - from Helen Mirren and singer Ellie Goulding to the Olympic champion in boxing Nicola Adams.

The new trailer for the film "X-Men: Days of Future past"

Tape "X-Men: Days of Future past" was recently recognized as the most anticipated movies of the coming summer season, and it's not surprising, because in the continuation of a fantastic franchise shines a whole team of celebrities - James McAvoy, Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Lawrence, Halle Berry, Michael Fassbender, Ellen Page , Nicholas Hoult, Ian McKellen and others.

Star cast of the film can be estimated from the pop today in the Internet trailer pictures.

in the world rolled tape will be released on May 20 of this year. It was directed by Bryan Singer, who was involved in the previous three parts "X-Men" and intends to take the following - its output is expected in theaters in 2016.

Natasha Koroleva shocking images from hospital

A few days ago singer Natasha Koroleva shocked fans by posting on his page on social network picture, to make them jittery. The picture shows the Queen captured without makeup, and of her nose sticking out of the tube. But, as it turned out, the fans there is no reason for concern. "Oxygen! Cool! "- Signed photo Natasha. It turned out that the visit to the hospital was preventive, and health of the Queen is not in danger.

Natasha Koroleva shocking images from hospital

Timati spoke about fatherhood

eskolko days ago from her page in social networks rapper Timati said that he first became a father, his girlfriend gave Alain Shishkov musician daughter. "I want to say thank you to all those who congratulated me, who sincerely rejoiced the birth of my baby. Now all I ask, "Well, how do you feel?". And I want to tell you that I feel absolutely happy person. Nothing makes a man more complete and happy, as the birth of the firstborn "- confessed to the next record in the social network rapper.

paparazzi: Jessica Simpson shows good form

singer wore a short jeans to go to a restaurant in Los Angeles in the United States.

Legs out, Jessica Simpson showed off her current good form on Sunday, 23. The singer wore a short jeans to go to a restaurant in Los Angeles in the United States. The photo is of the agency "X17".

essica Simpson is with self-esteem up there after getting back to full fitness. The singer, who gained weight a lot during her two pregnancies and gave birth eight months ago, posted a sexy photo on Instagram, Thursday, 6, and celebrated the silhouette. "First time rocking with a white dress this year ... but not the last," she wrote, also thanking the program that made her lose weight.

Jessica Simpson shows good form

Another stellar selfie: Jimmy Kimmel and Clinton family

Another stellar selfie: Jimmy Kimmel and Clinton family

Still, Laura Ellen DeGeneres and her "very stellar selfie" ceremony with "Oscar" haunt her colleagues. So Jimmy Kimmel decided to try to outdo one picture and be photographed with the Clinton family.

Photo was taken in Arizona, where Jimmy and the Clintons came to participate in the next session of the Clinton Global Initiative University. Kimmel selfie published with the comment:

No Brad Cooper, but three Clinton and Kimmel.

"Three Clinton" - a former U.S. president Bill, former Secretary of State Hillary country and their daughter Chelsea. On selfie there are also other people, but they did not mention Kimmel.

Course, selfie Jimmy immediately became popular, but rely on the fact that he "outperform" DeGeneres is not necessary. Still, Ellen with his "Oscar" dream team surpassed by the number of retweets of the Barack Obama with his photo with James Cameron and Helle Thorning-Schmidt from the funeral of Nelson Mandela, as well as photos megaizvestnoe president and his wife Michelle after winning the election in 2012. View full

Barack Obama - also master selfie

The process of photographing the most popular selfie, "Oscar" -2014

Enough! Jennifer Garner wants no more children

Not long ago, had a somewhat unfavorable upper part of Jennifer Garner speculate the media, if the U.S. citizen was pregnant again. On a baby more it does not reach the large family - one might think. But Jennifer is now to have made it clear that it has completed the planning children.

"They love their children, but has since Sam was born in 2012, has its hands full she," is a friend of the actress in Radar Online quoted. "In fact, Jen has admitted that Ben and they had planned only two children, and Sam was a wonderful, but real accident," the source added. Together with Ben Affleck Jennifer eight-year old Violet, the five-year Seraphina and two year Samuel. Whether you know it or not: the common son has now also provided for male offspring at Garner / Affleck. . The children planning is completed accordingly revealed the insider

Especially for Jennifer to rekindle their marriage more again: "The two are looking forward to a bit of time together this summer and plan a child-free holiday you need that. "

Mila Kunis pregnant with Ashton Kutcher

Mila Kunis is pregnant! First they celebrated their engagement with Ashton Kutcher and now she is expecting her first child by him.

Sources, E! News' and 'Gossip Cop' unanimously confirmed the baby news. But Contrary to some reports, they should not get twins. Official votes there to pregnancy not yet.

The couple could not probably be happier. After they were seen together between 1998 and 2006 in the TV show "The Wild Seventies", it took another six years before they began to data.

The end of February it was announced that Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher got engaged. Since then Mila wears a walk sparkled engagement ring. In addition, her sweetheart gave her a guest role in his series "Two and a Half Men". On Friday, the two kissed yet radiant in the "Kiss Cam" at a basketball game of the LA Clippers

One thing Mila can, however, remove the make now -. Although it is the advertising face of Jim Beam, but the delicious Bourbon is taboo for the pregnant actress in the coming months!

Charlize Theron: Party without Sean Penn

Charlize Theron goes to a party in Beverly Hills

While Sean Penn away, Charlize Theron has decided not to waste time and meet up with friends: paparazzi "spotted" the actress when she was sent for her birthday. With a course she picked up gifts. By the way, did not accompany her holiday not only Shawn, but another favorite man - the son of Jackson. Well, every woman sometimes need private time!

Recall that three days ago Charlize was in Miami - where she could rest and work. Now the actress is back home in Los Angeles. By the way, soon, as they say, it can relocate. Not a city, but the house - rumored Sean Penn is preparing to move his mansion and a small Charlize Jackson.

However, now he is in Paris Penn. There he was spotted at a dinner with 20-year-old Adel Ekzarkopulos. Apparently, our colleagues have folded very affectionate relationship. Hopefully, that's no reason to be jealous Charlize, because their Penn in Hollywood already considered almost perfect pair.

Charlize Theron goes to a party in Beverly Hills