Mar 22, 2014

James Franco and Seth Rogen kidding Kim Kardashian 'Vogue' cover

The network makes collectively from the "Vogue" cover by Kim Kardashian and Kanye West funny!
Once again, James Franco and Seth Rogen a joke could not resist. They mounted their heads unceremoniously on the title screen and Posts were there on Twitter. For this purpose, they wrote, "It had to be done".

Not the first action by the two joke biscuits. Last year she veräppelten West's music video "Bound 2" with their parody "Bound 3". Kim took it with humor and tweeted how much could they laugh about it.

Whether Kim Kardashian in this case proves so much humor? One dares to doubt almost, because it just einprasselt from all possible directions on it. Many people do not agree that such a prestigious fashion magazine like Vogue depict a reality star and her rapper boyfriend. Some Internet users even sure that the editor in chief Anna Wintour must have been bewitched.

The cover has penetrated even to the Muppets. They put it in their own way by - Miss Piggy as a beautiful bride with Kermit on the title, Vague '. While Kimye were still shown as the "most talked couple" of the world, Piggy and Kermit to be even the "most talked about couples of the UNIVERSE".

James Franco and Seth Rogen kidding Kim Kardashian Vogue cover

Street style: Britney Spears on shopping

Street style: Britney Spears on shopping

32-year-old singer has replaced the usual tracksuits and sneakers on a white cotton dress with plunging neckline and brown pumps. In addition, the star wore an elegant chain with a pendant, small earrings, bracelets and a pair of sunglasses.

Note that long hair Spears did not look particularly neat.

Recall week ago Britney with the bride David Lucado and two sons visited wedding younger sister Jamie Lynn in New Orleans.

Britney Spears on shopping

Kelly Brook and David McIntosh engaged?

Kelly Brook and David McIntosh engaged

According to British tabloids, Kelly Brook and star sports reality show "Gladiators" nicknamed Tornado David McIntosh engaged. Couple meets for three months.

 According to insiders, the 34-year-old Brooke answered "yes" in three seconds after the sentence:
It is still extremely sensitive information. For Kelly proposal was incredibly unexpected. But it has reached a period in life when you want to commit themselves, and she is madly in love David. He, too, is fed up with his bachelor life and can not believe that I met a woman like Kelly.
The news came as a surprise to many, as the pair converged only after a short break: Brooke decided to give David's "thirst for glory." McIntosh allegedly only used the model to achieve career success. Nevertheless, Tornado later denied the accusations and said that he was already quite famous in America, so it is nothing to use Kelly - he just loves her.

Note Kelly Brook previously was going to marry - Jason Statham at first, and later - for the star of "Titanic" actor Billy Zane. In addition, she was going down the aisle for the sportsman Danny Cipriani, but he cheated on her and the novel ended.

In any case, if the news of the engagement and Macintosh Brook confirmed, we congratulate the happy couple and very beautiful!

Justin Bieber: 'I live in the studio'

Justin Bieber is currently in his native Canada. He just makes the whole night through - and this has nothing to do with partying. No, Justin spends his nights in the studio and is dedicated to finally his greatest passion: music.

On Twitter the 20-year-old has documented his time in the studio quasi:
 "I live in the studio."
 Furthermore, he wrote:
"I was the last 24 hours in the studio Thanks @ DJTayJames.."
 Justin seems so vorzuhaben really big.
"Making the music all the time I'm always grateful for the opportunity to do what I love Thank you.." 
When you read such a thing, is finally obvious once again that music is really Justin's greatest passion. Scandals or not!

Justin has also been re-uploaded for his fans a sneak peek on Instagram. This time even with a small dance routine. He has dubbed the short video funnily with: "girls will be screaming at the club:
OMG, this is my song lol!.

Kate Upton - the new face of Bobbi Brown

Kate Upton

Model Kate Upton is the new face of cosmetics brand Bobbi Brown, joining the actress Katie Holmes. Representatives of the brand released the first frame with Upton Instagram.

In a press release, 21-year-old model expressed gratitude:
I'm happy to be the face of cosmetics Bobbi Brown. It is an American success story - Bobby created an international brand, based on the idea that women can be beautiful, remaining themselves. I love it.
Founder brand Bobbi Brown commented on his selection as:
Kate is not only incredibly beautiful, she maintains a healthy lifestyle and feels comfortable in its current form. She has a very positive energy and it creates its own rules. 

Not going to lie, we are looking forward to this campaign, as it will emphasize another huge advantage of Upton, in addition to the figure - her face.

First campaign with Kate will appear in July.

Recall last week as it became known that Upton has become fashionable brand ambassadress Express.

Kate Upton - the new face of Bobbi Brown

Kim Kardashian: Socialite was filming the program 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians'

Kim Kardashian uses generous neckline and leaves part of the bra shows

Kim Kardashian chose a very sensual to record their reality show "Keeping Up with the Kardashians". Although the dress be long, socialite dared the slit, showing off her thick legs well. The bride Kanye West also did not give the neckline, it was so deep, leaving part of your bra showing. Photos are of the agency "X17".

The socialite and Kanye West posed wedding dresses for the April cover of "Vogue". In the image, released on Friday, 21, on Instagram, it embraces Kim behind.

Kim Kardashian: Socialite was filming the program

Kim Kardashian: Socialite was filming the program