Mar 20, 2014

Emma Stone cries when receiving message from Mel B of the Spice Girls

Emma Stone cries

Actress is a fan of the English group and was challenged to sing an excerpt Wannabe while giving an interview to an Australian radio. Watch the video.

'Not A Bad Thing': new music video of Justin Timberlake

new music video of Justin Timberlake

The new music video of Justin Timberlake's there. "Not A Bad Thing" is the motto and celebrated today, Thursday, in the show of Ellen DeGeneres its world premiere.

The clip is based on the true story of a young man who made a marriage proposal on a train his girlfriend. To this end, he played a song by Justin. A beautiful story that was not just reshot. Instead, look in the video documentary intensively for the couple and a few other people in love talk about the best feeling in the world. Justin himself is not a single second to see.
Sorry, the newly engaged couple not yet been located, so it is said in the end, "To Be Continued ..." So we can probably look forward to a sequel. Maybe there will come in the next music video finally a happy ending?

"Not A Bad Thing" is the latest single from the JT's most recent album, "The 20/20 Experience - 2 of 2". Here the moving pictures to ...

[video] "Big Butts!" Miley Cyrus sings drunk karaoke

Miley Cyrus: She brought the term "Twerking" in the Oxford English Dictionary and reminded the world of the dance style which has its roots in Africa, and in the eighties and nineties its way into the American hip-hop culture was.

Miley took on St. Patrick's Day a short break from their "Bangerz" tour and visited the karaoke bar "Cats Meow" in New Orleans a little visit. A video surfaced on YouTube now documented their fun rendition of "Baby Got Back", which consists largely of newly rehearsed Twerking moves and laughter. Yes, even if Miley sings about alien butt, is her own but in the middle of the action. The bystanders's happy, and yes, the visibly intoxicated singer and the cheering audience have a certain entertainment value.

Zhanna Friske will again be able to see

Zhanna Friske will again be able to see
In patients with brain cancer often observed partial or complete loss of vision, faced with this problem and Zhanna Friske that closed about a month ago, the first course of chemotherapy. Zhanna's father explained that at the moment you can not fix anything, and that his daughter almost did not see anything. But predictions of doctors who deal with health Frisco, optimistic, so the family of Joan hopes that it will soon be able to see Zhanna. "We were told that the glasses will not help now, because the tumor presses on the brain. Once the tumor is reduced after medical treatment, sight restored, "- said in a recent interview with the father of Joan Vladimir Borisovich.

Charlize Theron poses in bikini lenses

Between a click and another actress joked with her son, Jackson, on beach in Key West, Florida, in the United States.

Charlize Theron poses in bikini for the lenses of the Peruvian photographer Mario Testino. Between one and another click, the actress joked with her son, Jackson, on beach in Key West, Florida, in the United States.

Charlize Theron poses in bikini lenses

Charlize Theron poses in bikini lenses

Cara Delevingne: wedding with Michelle Rodriguez?

It sounds like a classic Hollywood love chaos: A few weeks ago attended Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez with the news that they were a couple, for DIE sensation. However, the corresponding denial was not long in coming. And while fans of the ladies still puzzling world, what really runs between them, others hear even now the wedding bells between Cara and Michelle ringing.

Your preference for wild parties and amorous adventures are no secret in Hollywood, but at least in terms of their (alleged) relationship it seem Michelle Rodriguez and Cara Delevingne now really serious to mine. As a friend of Cara told the Daily Star revealed, the model and actress should actually already married - at least unofficially. In a joint holiday in Thailand, the two are said to have held an appropriate ceremony to swear each other eternal love. While this is not considered a legal marriage-closure, but when it goes to Cara, should also not let the wait be long in coming. "It is typical for Cara to act crazy and impulsive., But this time she seems dead serious about my," says the insider. Last was already speculated Michelle wanted to meet with Cara their long-cherished wish for a baby. In any case, around the unlikely pair remains in all these rumors still exciting!

Stacy Keibler showed an engagement ring

While the public version built on a possible pregnancy Stacy Keibler, George Clooney ex-girlfriend managed to return from their honeymoon and begin daily activities.

Paparazzi tried as close as possible to the ex-mistress of Hollywood actor and make as clear pictures from a short distance. First, reporters try to see under clothes Kibler rounded belly, and secondly, it became public knowledge ring athletes, which gave her now husband Jared Pobre an engagement.

Now we know that Jared Stacy precious pripodnes ornament with a large diamond. In addition, the network has a picture with the newlyweds wedding ceremony, which was held in one of the Mexican beaches.