Mar 15, 2014

Robin Thicke: savior of the poor paparazzi

What a gentleman: Robin Thicke turns out to be these days as lord of the old school. When he was intercepted on a leisurely stroll from a paparazzi and the sheer Knipserei also fell, Robin did the only right thing.

Robin Thicke savior of the poor paparazzi

A sidewalk is just limited in its breadth and so poses some obstacles. The now conclude also an avid photographer. When the same suddenly the singer Robin Thicke discovered he had nurmehr eyes for the star. When excited photographing the paparazzi then stumbled and landed like a beetle on the rump with all fours stretched out. The main focus was on the unknown, of course, on his camera, because the precious pictures should of course not be the same disappeared again. Protective he held in the fall so the apparatus upward. And then there was already the savior himself to the rescue: Robin Hood Thicke - The savior of the poor and the needy handed the Fallen fast hand and helped during erection. What kind of a man.

Every day a good deed, perhaps it really brings this noble conduct its hard missing sweetheart, Paula Patton back.

Noah and Miley Cyrus: Suddenly become good?

Selfies a true passion many people have become and many stars have also subject to this trend. A lady who can be called a pioneer well is Miley Cyrus. In the last twelve months she made with so many self-made and posted snapshots talked about, that it is no wonder that "Selfie" was named the English word of the year 2013. So why stop with the many fans gladdening hobby, Miley thinks apparently, and published blithely photos. This time, one that she and her sister Noah Cyrus shows a romantic escapade.

The famous siblings lying on the Facebook photo side by side and have the heads together. And although her styling - Miley with her sassy short hair and Noah with long mane - could hardly be more different, their faces are so similar that the relationship can not be denied. In addition, but still something that catches your eye: as modestly both are tightened. Miley, who can not be unclothed enough for quite some time, or packed in fur occurs, wearing a sweet, pink cuddly sweater and Noah looks to the T-shirt not as if they actually meant in the scandal-footsteps of their older sister occur.

Really a dearest little siblings picture, but certainly appearances are deceptive: At least Miley Cyrus will soon be on the gas again and show usual provocative.

Tolmachevy sisters from Russia will perform at the 'Eurovision-2014'

Tolmachevy sisters

As expected, the winners of "Junior Eurovision 2006" 17-year-old twin sisters Anastasia and Maria Tolmachevy represent Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest "Eurovision" which will be held from May 6 to 10 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Posted in General about this in the program "News of the Week" on the TV channel "Russia 1". However, it is unknown what song the girls sing in "Eurovision".

That Tolmachevy sisters will go to "Eurovision" from Russia, it became known on March 9. The information was posted on the official page of "Junior Eurovision" in "Facebook". However, the official website of the Song Contest no information if it does not, as the online channel "Russia", which announced the launch of the national selection competition last fall.

Recall that Anastasia and Maria Tolmachevy won in 2006 with the song "Spring Jazz" of his own. At a press konferntsy girls admitted that they ever dream of being an adult song contest «Eurovision».

Tolmachevy Sisters perform in the first part of the first semi-final, which will take place on May 6. Final of "Eurovision" will be held on May 10.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield show feelings in public

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield show feelings in public

A couple of days ago Star Ribbon "Spider-Man: High Voltage" Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone showed their feelings passers Beverly Hills.

25-year-old actress passionately hugging her boyfriend, Andrew and smiled sweetly and kissed favorite.

pair even wore the same style: light sweaters and jeans. 30-year-old Garfield miraculously managed not to drop the big box with the premise. Maybe he really is a superhero?

Recall actors together since 2011 - they fell in love on the set of "Spider-Man." Rent a new part of the United States will begin on May 2.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

Couple: Ashton Kutcher kisses his Mila Kunis

Ashton Kutcher kisses his Mila Kunis

It has long been rumored that Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis make seriously to follow when Demi Moore has disappeared from their lives. And indeed, the assumptions prove to be true, because on his birthday the actor of his loved ones to have made a romantic proposal and since then the Frischverlobte shows completely in love and only with her huge rock on her hand.

Basketball seems to be the favorite sport of the Americans. Regularly, the stars show on the sidelines and Mila and Ashton are big fans. In this match but it was the two less about the performance of the players as to their love. In order to get around the couple seemed to forget everything, which is why they rumknutschten uncontrollably. But somehow expecting the couple still with the lurking photographers, because the actress pulled her fiance the cap down over his face and tried to hide.

Course, not the two lovebirds, to hide from the camera and so the photos were taken. In their game of hide the 30-year-old seemed to be also noticed a minor issue: When she grabbed Ashton's headgear, she presented the clippers its magnificent ring!

Paparazzi: Rihanna takes a look at what is said about her in the press

After spending several weeks in Europe, Rihanna left yesterday the Old Continent towards the United States and New York. Before flying to Manchester Airport, the singer went for a ride in the stands just to see what people are saying about it right now.

Rihanna takes a look at what is said about her in the press

Wrapped in a long black coat, XXL mode in a super baggy jeans and head wearing a cap, Riri went for a ride in one of the shops before boarding. Photographed at the magazine rack, the singer checked carefully covers and it is not that she does for VOGUE who arrested but another for a men's magazine called Nuts. A pictures of her taken during the hottest Fashion Week throne on the cover, the one where she had dared to wear a mesh top with nothing underneath at the afterparty Balmain. Emerged empty-handed from the store, Rihanna then boarded his plane to New York.
Most certainly aware of the arrest and imprisonment of her ex Chris Brown last night, the singer violated his probation, Riri has she tried to have him? One thing is sure, Chris is again in trouble ...

Lady Gaga: 'I have nothing to do with Katy Perry!'

Lady Gaga performed at the festival SXSW in Texas, and then said, hour speech in costume of coffee filters. As 27-year-old singer explained in a later interview, Jimmy Kimmel, she wanted to feel comfortable.

The Sheraton Gaga said so:
I have no idea what I may have to do with Katy Perry. My music is different, as well as myself. 

Note flamboyant star performance at the festival was marked by some scandalous episodes. At first, she appeared in an extravagant club Stubb's BBQ, where dancers daubed Gaga barbecue sauce, like a pig on a spit. Evening during a concert singer invited on stage girlfriend Millie Brown, who drank a whole bottle of bright green liquid, and then vomited on her Gaga, who at that moment was playing the drums.

According to the star, her room was fully in the spirit of the festival:
It was great to know that people are discussing my speech on the Internet. We did a performance, because we believe in this form of art and believe that it is significant for the song. I am familiar with Millie Brown about five years and we have worked together. She was in town, so I decided to call her.

Sometimes strange and wrong things can change the world.

I'm not saying that vomiting can change the world. I mean the idea of ​​a performance - we have created what we wanted and respected each other as actresses. So it was worth it.
Then Demi Lovato accused Lady Gaga in promoting eating disorders. She wrote in Twitter:
Sad ... As if we did not have enough people who are promoting eating disorders. The floor, it is not cool and has no relation to art.

Would you let someone bring the needle and inject you content? Addiction - an addiction.

Gaga, you're so talented, not to say that you are the most talented in the entertainment business. But you do not need to do so. 

21-year-old Lovato suffering from eating disorders, and in October 2010 went to treatment in rehab. Three months later, Disney star checked out and decided to become a role model for girls with similar problems.

Note, next week will be a new video for one of the singles from the album ARTPOP.

Chris Brown flew from Rehab - prison!

Chris Brown just sniffs sieved air. He flew again from the Rehab and was sent directly to jail! 

We remember ... the singer was sentenced in November to a three-month anti-aggression therapy. After more than three months, he was stopped by competent judges to be treated further until the case is settled with his fight in Washington.

Chris Brown flew from Rehab - prison

Now, nearly four months after the commencement of his sentence, he flew to information from, TMZ 'from the treatment center in Malibu, infringing the terms of probation from the Rihanna case. The reason is not out yet so right, but he is said to have violated "internal rules". Violence or drugs were not in the game.

Although he was reportedly caught on a female employee at an "inappropriate relationship" but that was not the reason for the eviction was.

A source the police told, People 'that Chris Brown was "cooperative" during his arrest. He is currently being held without bail.

Brown flew once before from the Rehab because he threw a stone at his mother's car.

Jessica Simpson: the iron discipline has paid off!

Already in January, Jessica Simpson showed with a great figure in an American talk show. After the birth of son Ace Knute Johnson tried to get rid of the extra pounds with sports and specific nutritional program. As this photo shows, the iron discipline has paid off!

In a mini dress in bright orange Jessica strutting along on the snapshot. Above all, her muscular legs fall on: the calves and thighs of the singer are totally trained and toned. "My workout has paid off, I am proud to walk on those legs! Everyone can do it," she commented the picture on Instagram.

Their fans are very excited about Jessica's weight-loss and sports success and write: "You look so good," or "I got my baby at the same time as you Ace, but I'm far from there, where you are." Now the 33-year-old has her weight just keep still. But these compliments for their great looks, it is her determined not be too difficult.

Jennifer Lopez does not believe in love

Jennifer Lopez does not believe in love

The fact that Jennifer Lopez has a very precise idea of ​​the perfect relationship, she has recently made clear in an interview. But even if she and Casper Smart already since 2011 are a couple, there are increasing signs that the singer no longer believe in it by her three failed marriages to have found in her toyboy great love pile. Because even if Casper has reportedly already asked for her hand, Jennifer has long since departed from the idea of ​​her prince charming.

Whether as a little girl or a grown woman - the dream of the prince who rides the high horse of the way and turned out to be the love of life, can store only with difficulty. But Jennifer Lopez has now done, as she admits in an interview with InStyle.
In the past I've always believed that my love endures forever, and of course some of these fantasies have kept to this day, but I force anything.
 Sounds initially quite sobering, this revelation.
 I have long held to my fairy-tale ideals but after everything I've been through, there are no more rules. 
If this setting is probably also the reason why the singer has dismissed the alleged marriage proposal of her lover? Maybe Jennifer is now also easily mature enough to know that just in Hollywood anything is rarely forever.

Kardashian thefts: New suspicions

After a theft series with the Kardashians, the police have a new suspect who is behind the crime. Ironically, the film crew of "Keeping up with the Kardashians" team is supposed to be responsible for the incidents. From the House of Khloe jewelry was stolen with a value of $ 250,000. And from Kourtney estate in Calabasas $ 50,000 cash were stolen.

The police have now mentioned to TMZ that the perpetrator had known about definitely in the house and knew exactly what he needed to look for. There would also be at the house no trace of a burglary. This was a further indication that the culprit could well be someone who understands and has free access to the residences of the family. Nevertheless, the offender

has not been found. When Khloe incidentally was only the really expensive jewelry and not a "cheap jewelry" had been stolen. As well knew of someone with her jewels. And Kourtney's cash had been kept in a safe place. One can only hope that the act is soon cleared up and the Kardashians can feel safe again in her home.

Sports at the desk: Victoria Beckham saves time

Victoria Beckham is not only known for her extremely slender figure, but now also for their business acumen: Long ago, the former Spice Girl could make a name as a designer. To take advantage of the precious time more efficiently, she had a very special desk just right. This fact had a treadmill at his feet.

Victoria Beckham saves time

During her visit to the "Condé Nast College" in London Victoria tried those constructed in the same try - but it has long been a secret passion for cutting-edge devices. "Every office should have something like this:!! Work and workout at the same time Genial", Victoria wrote to a snapshot of himself on Twitter. As befits a true fashion victim, Victoria rose stylishly in high heels on the treadmill.

The designer was personally invited by "Condé Nast College". She stopped for some students a lecture on the future of fashion design.

Ciara inclined to shop around baby items for $ 20,000

The heavily pregnant Ciara announced some time ago that she and her bosom friend Kim Kardashian wanted to take a shopping trip to the unborn baby together. She does not seem to have gotten everything they wanted, so her fiancé Future also once had now believe in it.

Ciara inclined to shop around baby items for $ 20,000

The couple was now out $ 20,000 for the decoration of the nursery, as TMZ reported. The equipment is in fact a very special: Ciara's baby will live in a room full of wild animals. In keeping with this theme, the singer bought a 2.4-meter-high fabric giraffe worth $ 1,800. Of course, other stuffed animals and works of art for the nursery walls must not be missing.

Maybe Ciara takes her fans or on a short safari tour and presents a snapshot from the newly established baby room. Now that everything is ready, the little brat can at last come into the world.

Ciara baby