Mar 14, 2014

Star style: Kara Devlin and Suki Waterhouse at a party in London

After the grand opening of the boutique Karl Lagerfeld in London, guests continued the evening social event dinner dedicated to fashion events. By David Gandhi and Princess Beatrice joined Kara Devlin and Sookie Waterhouse.

Kara Devlin and Suki Waterhouse at a party in London

Bradley Cooper's beloved (and perhaps already and groom) appeared at the party without vsoego famous boyfriend and the entire evening talking with peers.

For dinner Kara chose strict elegant white pantsuit and a black blouse. Also in contrast with the white outfit played black heeled sandals and a bag on a long strap.

Sookie also opted for a romantic dress soft pink shade above the knee. Image girl complemented white tights and light sandals.

Evaluating the recent release of the celebrities and decide which of the models looked spectacular at the party.

Kara Devlin and Suki Waterhouse at a party in London

Lorde: she refused to go on tour with Katy Perry!

Rising artist who takes all in its path, Lorde has entrusted it has recently been approached by Katy Perry for the first aprtie his new tour, Prismatic Tower. But she simply declined the offer ... Find out why!

While American singer 29 years is preparing its new world tour, the Prismatic Tower is looking for a Part. And to start its shows, Katy Perry had thought LA ​​singer vogue of the moment that takes all in its path, Lorde. Yes but now, Katy will be without her.

Lorde has just revealed in an interview that she refused to go on tour with the American star and why.
In the first steps of an artist's career, I think it is important to impose itself 
explained the young New Zealander singer of 17 years revealed by its title Royals Australian radio Kiss 1065 .
I'm kind of stubborn and I want my independence,
 added the BFF Taylor Swift, saying she wanted to
be headlining [its] own show. 

In summary, Katy Perry has taken a big wind by a young artist with a sharp tongue and who knows what she wants and does not want ...

Charlie Sheen asked to reduce the amount of alimony

Charlie Sheen finds that the amount of alimony he pays his ex-wife Denise Richards, is too great, and intends to apply to the court in Los Angeles in order to reduce the size of payments. Now 48-year-old actor is obliged to pay monthly wife 55,000 dollars.

Charlie Sheen asked to reduce the amount of alimony

Also, according to media reports, the actor wants 43-year-old Denise is the mother of his daughters, 8-year-old Lola and 10-year-old Sam, left the mansion belonging to him in Los Angeles. In this house actress, I must say, were settled because of tire: next door is the only school who agreed to take the daughters of the infamous actor.

his decision to sue Sheen explains that Richards does not allow him to spend enough time with their children.

Source of his entourage said:

 Charlie for a few months almost seems girls. It's just ridiculous that he should continue to pay Denise on 55 thousand dollars a month.

Recall that recently the press wrote about another scandal involving Charlie: Bride star porn actress Brett Rossi, as it turned out, is not officially divorced from her former husband. The engagement between Rossi and bus became known in mid-February.

Denise Richards with daughters Sam and Lola
Denise Richards with daughters Sam and Lola

Jennifer Lopez presented to the public a new wedge for the song I Luh Ya PaPi

Just a few hours ago, Jennifer Lopez made happy fans by posting on its official YouTube channel network video for the track I Luh Ya PaPi.

Jennifer Lopez presented to the public a new wedge for the song I Luh Ya PaPi

The track, which has already a favorite of many music lovers, is the next single in support of their new studio album, which will be the eighth in her musical career.

On set video company Lopez was a French rapper French Montana, he also participated in the recording of the song.

Bright clip turned into a kind collection of pleasant memories of life Artist - Album Cover On the 6, video I'm Real, as well as the infamous green dress by Versace, which is demonstrated by Jen Prize Grammy, and much more.

Karlie Kloss has become the face of French cosmetic brand

Karlie Kloss is one of the most sought after models in the world as more and more brands want to see his face it was her.

More recently, we evaluated a new ad campaign Victoria's Secret featuring 21-year-old American, and soon will be able to see the results of its cooperation with another world famous brand - L'Oreal Paris.

yesterday on the official pages of the French cosmetic brand in Twitter and Instagram photos emerged from the shooting of the new campaign. In the picture, together with the already collaborating with the brand and model Lara Stone Leah Kebede appears Kloss.

Official statement that Carly joined the team of celebrities touting the brand has not been, but judging by the photos, wait do not have long.

Lady Gaga can be fully puke on stage [video]

Lady Gaga loves to cause a stir. Since the singer already presented all sorts of unusual outfits, they now had to come up with a new action - and she succeeded!

On Thursday, she appeared on the Doritos Bold # days during SXSW Music, Film + Interactive Festival and was full of puke a young woman!

Yes, it was not a mistake, but pure intention! While she performed her song "Swine", a woman was standing on the stage, down poured a green drink just to get a short time later to put their fingers in the neck and hervorzuwürgen the liquid. Lady Gaga was visibly pleased with their exceptional shower and could be the same again fully puke ...

Icky the show was definitely, it is no doubt. But when the singer finds fun in such a crazed actions and no other fully sick, she can even make love to ...

Body of Paulo Goulart arrives at the Theatro Municipal de São Paulo

Actor, who dieu on Thursday, 13, had opened to the public wake. Burial will be on Friday, 14, at the cemetery of Consolation.

The body of Paulo Goulart arrived at the Municipal Theatre of São Paulo late on Thursday, 13, promptly at 23h. The coffin had to wait a few minutes to be withdrawn from the funeral car because the audience watching a show at the Municipal left the site. The funeral was open to the public. Have the funeral will be on Friday, 14, at the cemetery of Consolation. Second medical bulletin issued on Thursday, the actor died of an advanced kidney cancer at 13:15.

Family Paulo Goulart, died on Thursday, 13, spoke to the media at St. Joseph Hospital in São Paulo. The actress Nicette Bruno, with whom Paulo  was married for 60 years, was accompanied by the couple's children:. Paulo Goulart Filho, Barbara Bruno and Beth Goulart

"It was a painful end, but it was a very peaceful passing with much love to all the children and grandchildren at his side. I hand in hand with it, because our love is eternal. then we will have that moment of separation, but we will be together forever.'s very hard for me to say anything at this time because emotion is very big and strong. Pain is great, "said Nicette quite thrilled.

Orlando Bloom and Miranda: Divorce in planning

What exactly straight at Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom runs well know only the two. But after it initially looked as if the dream couple would pull together again after his separation yet, rumors are now loudly that a divorce is fast approaching.

In this case, according to an insider, there were mixed feelings of Miranda and Orlando in different directions in terms of the further development of their relationship. So Miranda still hope that everything turns back to good, there is no divorce and they can again make a happy family with little son Flynn. "Orlando's feeling change seemed to have really hit out of the blue. I think they thought that they would get back together," the source told the UK's Grazia. See Orlando's plans because supposedly different, he would already be preparing for divorce.

In the Vanity Fair party after the Oscars both met each other yet, and also for son Flynn has so far been no sign of War of the Roses. And perhaps Orlando considering the yes one more time ... That he just happened to Nora Arnezeder data to the divorce is rather an argument against it.

Valeriya lost child

Fans of the singer Valeriya were shocked by the news that Valeriya, recently reported that she was pregnant, lost her baby. If you believe the rumors appeared online, the singer suffered a miscarriage.
It happened yesterday. Valeriya was very upset. Until recently we did not want anyone to say anything, but the information is still surfaced. You see what happened. Valeria was a viral disease, and we could not do anything. This was the reason 
 quoted by Valerie husband Joseph Prigogine portal" 7D ".