Mar 11, 2014

Ricky Martin meets fans at the door of the hotel

Sympathetic, the singer posed for photos and received gifts coming down to greet group of fans that awaited

In Rio to shoot the video of the official song of the World Cup, singer Ricky Martin met fans outside the hotel they are staying in Ipanema, in the south on the afternoon of Tuesday, 11. Tan and a sleeveless blouse leaving the tattoos and muscles to show, Ricky caused hysteria and signed autographs.

Ricky Martin meets fans at the door of the hotel

He is having a hectic routine in their passage through the country. During the morning, the singer participated in filming the streets of Leblon and Arpoador was to ride a bike. Ricky drank coconut water and then enjoyed the sea view sitting on the boardwalk.

The official song of the World Cup is called "Life" and was one of more than 1,600 songs composed by people around the world who took part the Supersong, Sony Music project launched by FIFA in 2013 as Rocky Martin told EGO, in an interview on Monday, 10.

Ricky Martin meets fans at the door of the hotel

Too old? Bill Cosby is now on Instagram

Bill Cosby now proves that men are quite at his age still able to actively participate in the development of new media. The former series star is in fact just joined Instagram to keep his fans about himself and his life even more up to date. This decision seems to have paid off already after a few hours, because of the funny 76-year-old can already looking forward to 5000 followers and rising.

With a Video Bill Cosby greeted his fans on his new Instagram Profile-actuated and thereby the statement, it would do him good at his age. Also two photos and some comments published the comedian already, his fans will like it, now to find out even more of their favorite sitcom.

Basically, the star of "The Cosby Show" but not a newcomer to the field of online communication. For five years, the actor maintains its own Twitter account, on which he posts photos and comments regularly. Seems as if in future the older generation in Instagram, Twitter and get involved.

[photos] Smoochy dance with Selena Gomez: Justin Bieber posting Clip

Yes, there is a Justin-Selena-Reunion! Having already neatly bubbled the rumors and all the fans of the two musicians again made a dream couple hopes, wanted Justin Bieber now obviously clear: He and Selena Gomez are quoted again in the best and like it also very sexy! Indeed, a joint meeting was for the two young stars known in a dance studio where they were rehearsing in the truest sense of Dirty Dancing. What was initially a matter of speculation again, the "Boyfriend" Artist confirmed himself by posted a video of the dance session with his ex-girlfriend on his or re-Instagram account.

Clear that the recording like a wildfire and although it is the 20-year-old now apparently changed his mind again and the video put out, it is circulating on the Internet was still merrily. But it is also too beautiful and unique to look at, like Justin and Selena dance together through the studio while sexy go right to the point. Since Justin Sel suppressed times against the wall, takes her in his arms or lifts her up - and of course shirtless. And no matter whether the two now trained together with a choreographer for a new music video or it simply came upon this: are their hot dance moves always and prove that with them again definitely more than just might run friendship.

Zhanna Friske tumor decreased significantly

Last days in the life of the family of Zhanna Friske hardly a completely happy, but this time the girl lets hope for the best. After a course of chemotherapy Zhanna spends time with his son, Plato and her husband Dmitry Shepelev. Even despite the fact that his son did not recognize my mother, because the disease is very changed appearance Zhanna now reigns in the family idyll. Forecasts doctors can not but rejoice: it appears that the tumor in the brain of the singer became less and no metastases. This suggests that Friske has all chances to achieve stable and long-term remission.

Miley Cyrus did not have time to change costume and acted in lingerie

March 9 Miley Cyrus gave a concert in the U.S. city of Milwaukee as part of a tour Bangerz Tour. Singer did not have time to change costume and sang one of the songs in underwear - bra and panties.

Miley Cyrus in underwear
Miley Cyrus in underwear

Later she commented on its appearance in Twitter:

I sang "23" is not a new suit. Just did not have time to change, so I had to go in lingerie.

With me this has never happened. But I love their fans as much as they have me! I could not miss the performance of the song "23". Show must go on. 

At 21-year-old star was set in black and red colors: striped bra and panties. Note, he did not become more outspoken than her usual costumes by Roberto Cavalli, Marc Jacobs and Bob Mackie. They managed to make a splash in the extreme minimalism.

Rihanna and Drake visited the club in London

Yesterday Rihanna and rapper Drake visited Cirque le Soir club in London's Soho. Each of the musicians arrived separately.

26-year-old singer showed spectacular necklace with pendant in the form of a massive padlock from Chanel.

Day earlier, Rihanna and Drake had a romantic date at the restaurant Nobu, but a week ago Amsterdam went to the sushi bar.

Recall Rihanna now accompanies her alleged boyfriend Drake concert tour. Tonight he will perform in Manchester.

Rihanna and Drake visited the club in London

Rihanna and Drake visited the club in London

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux at lunch

Yesterday Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux for the first time in a long time came together: the pair went to lunch at a New York restaurant Fred's.

According to eyewitness reports, the bride and groom accompanied by actor Jason Bateman.

45-year-old Aniston was dressed in casual-style in a black coat, gray sweater and jeans. 42-year-old Theroux walked behind his beloved in a black leather jacket and jeans.

Note actors rarely spend time together: Jennifer celebrated its 45th anniversary last month without Theroux. She had a party with close friends in Los Angeles Soho House.

Couple engaged to August 2012. As the journalists publishing Us Weekly, during an interview with Gloria Steinem 10 February Aniston wore a chain with a pendant in the form of a letter T - perhaps an allusion to the emergency change of name.

New clip Lily Allen 'Our Time'

Lily Allen cheerful pleased fans with a new video for the song Our Time. In the latest video performer has demonstrated the audience how not to get bored in a taxi on the way home from a nightclub.

New clip Lily Allen Our Time

It all starts with the fact that she catches a taxi. During a trip to a destination in another two cars hooked fellow traveler - Lily Allen clones in different images. Arrange a passenger mini party in the car with dancing, drinks and cigarettes. Parallel flash frame types of night London.

Fourth companion turns girl dressed hotdog, wanted to get home after work shift. In the end of the movie the main character wakes up the driver and reports that they came from. In the best traditions of the genre she realizes that she had nothing to pay with a taxi driver and leaves the car.

Evaluating new job Lily Allen and learn from the singer as a fun pastime.

New clip Lily Allen Our Time