Mar 10, 2014

Filming: Ashley Green and Emily Browning in bikinis

The little guys Coming soon had the chance to attend the filming of a masterpiece and generosity to share this experience with the entire web. In fact, here are some pictures of the filming of The Shangri-La Suite, where we can see Ashley Greene (Twilight) and Emily Browning (Sucker Punch, Pompeii) in bikinis. Before the overpowering grace of these outrageously sexy shots, there is no longer any doubt that the film will be a timeless masterpiece in store next preceding wonders which have already participated in these exceptional actresses.

Ashley Green and Emily Browning in bikinis

Ashley Green and Emily Browning in bikinis

New phase of life: Ke$ha changed its name

Many musicians put to an artists name to be as catchy and easy to remember. This includes Ke$ha! Particularly memorable to their name is the dollar sign, which replaces the "S" and a self-ironic allusion anmutet to their more or less money available greed. But that's all now the singer sets the "$" on how people now reported!

New phase of life: Ke$ha changed its name

She has completed her one-month stay in a hospital recently, in which she was being treated for her eating disorder. Now the 27-year-old crashes with "tons full of new music" again fully in the work. If the new name is Kesha, with which it is by the way grew up middle-class, lead to greater musical success? Their second album "Warrior" was under age identifier that is a flop!

Kesha is not the first that changed her stage name. Even P. Diddy or Snoop Lion once were with other names go. Who was a true fan of Ke$ha, Kesha will probably dislike less. During the quiz you can test what you know about the earlier dollar sign-wearer.

Britney Spears David Lucado son at a football match [photos]

Sunday Britney Spears and her fiance David Lucado held at a football match. The famous couple came to support the singer's son Jaden, who participated in the game. Also on this sporting event attended by the boy's father Kevin Federline with his wife, Victoria Prince and his daughter Jordan Kay. The first pictures of happy lovers considered blogger Lesya22.

Britney Spears David Lucado son at a football match

Gathered together stellar crowd laughed a lot, talked and seemed to be having fun. Britney chatted with his wife, ex-husband, who is now in the last stages of pregnancy. In addition, the pop singer has found a new admirer in the face of a young baby Jordan - girl throughout the match (which it was not as interesting as adults) literally did not depart from the star.

Won any team win in this Jaden game, remain unknown. Reported only that after a sporting event famous guests went to the ice cream, either to celebrate a triumph, or to "sweeten" the bitterness of defeat.

Britney Spears David Lucado

Britney Spears David Lucado son at a football match

Britney Spears David Lucado son at a football match

Natalia Vodianova on her pregnancy: 'The worst is ahead'

Famous top model will become a mother for the fourth time in May.

31-year-old top model Natalia Vodyanov not believe that pregnancy - a disease in which the need to "wind down". This, she said in a conversation with Kate Osadchaya telecast "High Life".

Natalia Vodianova on her pregnancy

Pregnancy - is fine. If it goes well, it even gives extra strength. Sure, I get tired faster, but still continue to work. Still ahead of the worst - it's sleepless nights, diapers, feeding and so on. This, of course, very hard - said Vodianova.

Top Model added that she plans to do a nanny - the one that works now.

- We have one nanny. Enough for now. Children go to school, so I think that everything will be easy, - said Natalia.

Recall now Natalia already has three children from his marriage to Englishman Justin Portman: 12-year-old Lucas, 7-year-old Neva and 6 -year-old Victor. But for the Arno, the owner's son empire LVMH, which includes brands such as Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Guerlain, Kenzo, Hennessy, this kid will be the first child. However, experience with children Antoine is already there - it actively helps Natalia educate her children from her first marriage.

Paparazzi: Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman in Miami

Life is full of celebrities not only surveys, interviews and society parties. Besides working celebrities often arrange your holiday. Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman were no exception - his wife went to sunny Miami.

Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman in Miami

Apparently, the couple hoped to hide from prying paparazzi, but, alas, it failed - photographers captured the starry family on one of the beaches where beloved ocean and came to enjoy each other's company.

Note that while Anne Adam did not notice that they are being watched, do not hesitate to demonstrate their feelings - hugging, kissing and laughing constantly. However, as soon as the wife saw the camera, the smiles off their faces were gone, and they hurried to hide from view.

Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman in Miami

Taylor Swift and Lorde whoop in New York!

A blonde, a brunette and ... Taylor Swift Lorde seem to be well found. They did not hesitate to immortalize their friendship posing in front of the paparazzi. Top!

While the singer Taylor Swift recently took the path of Northern California in the company of canonissime Karlie Kloss, it seems she has decided to join the Big Apple to find another of his BFF, Lorde. And interpreter of "Royals" is currently talking to her. Guest in the Australian hit show Sunrise, Pharrell Williams has not hidden his desire to do a duet with New Zealand singer. David Roch asked: "Who would you collaborate?". A question to which the singer responded talent without hesitation Lorde: "She does not need me, but I'd love to work with her (...) When you listen to music Lorde, you listen to his words, you listen to the melody and you feel it says "Has he said.

For now, the artist prefers to spend quality time alongside Taylor Swift. Likely that it will respond to the proposal of Pharrell Williams in the coming days ... anyway, this is much hope!

And you, would you like Lorde and Pharrell Williams do a duet?

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez: new appointment hot and humid ...

The two stars have not skimped on efforts by giving back during a dance made love Texas!

Hot and wet for a few hours for the stars of "I love you, me neither", Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber atmosphere ...But do not worry, nothing sulfur if it is a dance solo, took this Friday, March 7 in a studio in McAllen in Texas.

Indeed, Jelena spent two hours in a private rehearsal space with a choreographer

The door was covered with a plastic mat during the course - for more privacy - and of course security stood guard
The owner told the couple seemed "very close one. the other "during the course.

A passage in a dance studio ... Both artists they would prepare a show together?

Nothing is less certain that is however, is that the rich never cease to enrich still further as you can see, they have not paid a penny for the studio.

A new appointment sure that occurs after Justin and Selena were spotted that day, always in McAllen, in a Starbucks, then having lunch together and shopping in a local perfumery.

To this, add the fact that the Canadian star recently posted a mysterious message on his official Twitter account:
"Everything is fine now. Was managed" ...
What ever confirm the flashback of young lovers!

new trailer of the fourth season of 'Game of Thrones'

A new trailer for the fourth season of fantasy series "Game of Thrones", the main role in which performed Emilia Clarke, Lena Headey, Peter Dinkleydzh, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and other actors.

Furthermore, the creators of the acclaimed project revealed television movie fans some details of new episodes.

So, series number 31 will be called - "Two Swords", № 32 - "The Lion and the Rose", № 33 - "Destroyer chains" and the number 34 - "Oathkeeper ".

Recall that the premiere of the fourth season of" Game of Thrones "will be held on April 6. Look forward to!

Anastasia said the offenders on the Internet

As you know, Anastasia Volochkova accounts in social networks - especially objects attention from so-called "trolls". In most cases, of course, interested in his own person does not lose itself Anastasia, giving his detractors new information causes.

Early March is traditionally the artist decided to spend the Maldives and share holiday photos with Instagram in the social network. Thus, the series received negative comments your address (this time online detractors had claims to the feet of a ballerina), Anastasia decided to answer his enemies.

Anastasia said the offenders

- Yes. There are blisters on my feet tired out ... And they do not spoil me - says Anastasia. - This is the result of my work, which brings joy to my audience. But more ugly corn - on the evil tongues of many of you - writers. Who, except for Scandal, nothing more in life no one knows!

Justin mother wants a child!

Justin mother wants a child

Justin Bieber mother, Pattie Mallette, it currently has certainly not easy. Up close it, any derailment of her son witness and is informed by the press about stripper escapades or the arrest of a mere 20-year-old son. But that keeps Pattie does not depend on the wish to have more children.

Only recently searched Justin touching a new partner for his young mother. His parents separated when the pop star was only 10 months. While his father is already remarried and has two more children with his new wife, his mom has so far remained alone. But she is not happy with it. On the contrary! Via Twitter announced the mother of the famous singer now saying: "I want more children." You would think, with the one they would have their hands full, but if the 38-year-old currently at all zoom comes to Justin, is more than questionable. Whether behind Patties spontaneous fertility Exclamation perhaps a new love is that amplifies the emerging need is not yet known. It must be awaited eagerly awaiting any case, whether we will have it soon to do with Justin 2.0.

Reconciliation? Rihanna and Drake have dinner together

After enjoying night out in Paris next to the former singer came to him again and reignited rumors that they have resumed.

After being seen together enjoying a ballad, Rihanna and Drake returned to feed the rumors that have resumed their relationship - they had a whirlwind courtship between 2010 and 2011. The two were spotted having dinner in London on Saturday 8, but to avoid the paparazzi, but were separated, according to news in the "Daily Mail".

According to the site, Rihanna and Drake were seen together two days before, in a Japanese restaurant in Amsterdam, where the rapper was on tour.

In 2013, Drake has publicly admitted that Rihanna broke his heart when they ended, but said he has nothing against it.

Rihanna down the car Drake coming to the restaurant with Rihanna