Mar 8, 2014

Shakira says the jealousy of her man

Gerard Piqué not she wants turns clips with men!

In full promotion of his new album, Shakira says the jealousy of her husband, footballer Gerard Piqué, in a new interview.

Songs of Shakira are generally made to make you want to jiggle, but if the Colombian singer was accustomed to rub charming young men in her videos, she is notably Rafael Nadal, that was before. Since she is in a relationship with Gerard Pique, the bomb 37 years formal prohibition to shoot videos with the male sex. It is for this reason that Shakira said she was forced to call Rihanna hot clip for their duet Can not Remeber To Forget You ...
"It is very possessive and since he does not want me to turn clips with men, I have to do with women," says the singer Billboard magazine. "This is a tacit understanding in our relationship, I can not do the videos I used to tourner.J loves it protects its territory, it gives me the importance of Somehow, the only person he would let fondle my thigh Rihanna "adds the singer.
Mom for a little over a year the small Milan, Shakira says she never thought to stop the music.
"There's a part of me, everything me, who wants to be with them (Milan Gerard Piqué ed) all the time and be a housewife. But there is also this other part of me that always wants to music and I'm glad to success. I will not deny it. I know it can sometimes seem immoral to say that you love success, but I like it. "
His new album, simply called Shakira, released in stores on March 25th ...

As a souvenir, here is the sensual clip she shot with Rafael Nadal for the title Gypsy:

Kim Kardashian with Kanye West entered into a marriage contract

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West is going to get married on May 24. Recently learned the details of their marriage contract.

In case of divorce 33-year-old reality TV star will receive one million dollars for each year of marriage, as well as a mansion in Bel Air.

Note there was no dispute as a rapper in general was against the marriage contract. Question custody daughter North does not appear in the text.

Kim Kardashian with Kanye West entered into a marriage contract

Presumably, the state of Kim estimated at $ 40 million and Kanye - 100 million.

Earlier, Kardashian was married to Damon Thomas from 2000 to 2004, and in 2011, married and divorced Kris Humphries after 72 days .

Miley Cyrus shows off her hand dildo (photos)

Miley Cyrus shows off her hand

Miley Cyrus is building her career continues on the subject of sex. Even the loop goes on, but it is becoming increasingly embarrassing. In the past week they had their fans necessarily show their latest achievement ... a hand dildo. 

In the so-called "Hand of Adonis" is a sex toy that has the shape and appearance of a cupped hand. What you do with it, can certainly imagine everyone but conveniently Miley hinted there with another image on which it has the fake hand in her step. To this end, she wrote only just, "# tour life".

From stool can cut the 21-year-old so of course no one. Her achievements included the Scratch to Robin Thicke, indicated blowjobs on stage, wild tongue games with Katy Perry & fans and an embarrassing nude photo shoot with Terry Richardson.

With so much chronic, sexual underuse one forgets almost that Miley Cyrus's real profession is a singer. Such a pity. So fast it is their freak show did not stop, as she said in an interview. "I have heard that there is a little less sexually, if you 40 will. So I'll possibly stop around 40 with it. I've heard that people have not had sex. "

Miley Cyrus shows off her hand

Miley Cyrus

Shit Storm against Kim Gloss - she calls her dog Rocco real?

Well, as has Kim Gloss, 21 but allows quite a fun. Although the War of the Roses with her ex Rocco Stark, 27, set at least at the moment on the ice, but that keeps the pretty singer does not depend on a dog that is named after her exes to show who is boss and collected for the same a shitstorm.

Outside, the sun and the first flowers appear sprout. The perfect weather, then, to go with a four-legged friend for a walk. The former "American Idol" contestant uses the first real rays of the sun to do with their animal friend for a long walk, how convenient that they have to remember even a new name. Because the dog is, namely Rocco and also does not seem particularly well to listen to her.

On their Facebook page there is a video on which you can see how Kim is trying to teach the animal "seat" and it seems almost as if they would enjoy it a little to give a Rocco commands. Their followers see that but less positive. "I find that not so great to name the dog Rocco Kim. I think that if your daughter is older and it shows, she'll quite read the riot act, "said a post.

"Disrespectful to the Father (...)," says a Userin. Another writes: "I find it sad, after all, he is the father of her child (...). Head probably cut because only the hair. "

But it looks like the dog could probably include a girlfriend that you can hear in the video. Kim Fun makes it safe anyway, Rocco bossing.

Miley Cyrus for Marc by Marc Jacobs: the full version of the advertising campaign

Miley Cyrus Photo Shoots for Marc Jacobs

We have already seen the first shots of the spring-summer advertising campaign Marc by Marc Jacobs, the main character of which was Miley Cyrus. Recently, the network has a full version photoset.

Recall as a permanent fashion house photographer Yuergen Teller refused to shoot Cyrus, she worked with David Sims. As a stylist Katie Grand acted.

Naparnitsa Miley - model Esmeralda Reynolds and Natalie Uestling.

Marc Jacobs commented idea of ​​an advertising campaign so:
We wanted to keep the beach with the girls looked gloomy and thoughtful. Thought it would be cool if Miley decides detached and gloomy image. 

Note some fashion bloggers found pictures too dark, and some even compared it with Justin Bieber. 

Miley Cyrus Photo Shoots

Miley Cyrus Photo Shoots for Marc Jacobs

Beyonce and Jay-Z on a date in London (news and photos)

Beyonce and Jay-Z on a date in London
Jay-Z and Beyonce backstage 
Beyonce has completed part of the British concert tour Mrs. Carter World Tour and spent last night in London with her husband Jay-Z.

The couple went for a romantic dinner at the popular establishment Cecconi. 32-year-old Beyonce was dressed in a concise purple jersey dress, pumps color nude, big sunglasses and an olive cap beanie.

Jay-Z stopped by dark jeans, black sneakers, a plain black T-shirt and gray hoodie.

Previously, the couple also had fun in the nightclub - then Beyonce was tight mini dress in black and white stripes.

note, Jay-Z joined the favorite during yesterday's concert at Club O2 Arena. In addition to sensory joint statement, the rapper took a few pictures of his wife backstage and posted in Tumblr.

Now Beyonce concerts went to Ireland, and after waiting for her fans in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Portugal.

Jay-Z and Beyonce British concert tou

Jay-Z and Beyonce British concert tou

Jay-Z and Beyonce British concert tou

Beyonce British concert tou

Beyonce British concert tou

Neil Patrick Harris: new family photo!

Papa gaga, happy man by his companion, actor acclaimed Broadway short, Neil Patrick Harris exudes happiness ... Far from womanizer "incasable" that was Barney!

Play womanizing on movie sets of "How I Met Your Mother" is well and truly over for Neil Patrick Harris. Recently, via Twitter, he showed his emotion: "I just let my last reply in the skin of Barney Stison Nine years buddy It is clear that the time flies when you're having fun." He wrote .

Now it is the actor on Broadway 42 years will shine with a musical called "Hedwig and the Angry Inch." But before going on stage, April 22 in New York, he is careful to take care of his family worshiped. So yesterday he showed us oh it is in love with David Burtka, his partner since 2004, reveals today via Instagram, a snapshot of what makes the more fortunate to be surrounded by his family

 Filmography Papa false twins Gideon Scott and Harper prénommés Grace, aged 3, Neil Patrick Harris shows us that his home exudes happiness ... As in the fiction that made its success, gentleman spleen Moreover never an opportunity to laugh and draw smiles.

Neil Patrick Harris new family photo