Mar 7, 2014

Vagina Talk: Cameron Diaz reveals spicy details

 Cameron Diaz reveals spicy details

That which is hidden under the skirt is private. This opinion can join probably the most. Not as Cameron Diaz, which is now in vagina-talk with host Chelsea Handler very very talkative and showed once again chatted openly about their most intimate place.

In order to present her book "The Body Book", she attended the talk show Chelsea lateley and presenter Chelsea came straight to the point, she opened the most piquant of all the chapters of the book and said:

"There is a graphic of your labia and I think the vagina is an essential part of the body! "

 And Cameron is their right - after all, she is the author of the book

: "You should treat them like the beautiful flower it is ... the delicate flower she is, you should care for them in any way in which they care. needs. "

Cameron's vagina was" hungry "and need much maintenance. Also in terms of depilation they were openly:

 "I think there is a reason that there grow hair." 

Did we therefore also clarified.

Media: Duchess Catherine is pregnant again

Duchess Catherine is pregnant again

Recently in Britain are increasingly there are reports of pregnancy of the Duchess Catherine - is it for this really is an occasion or just British wishful thinking?

Thus, according to our European colleagues, known not only for journalists that the wife of Prince William is in an interesting position, they even tell the sex of a child - a girl. It is with this headline went on sale Journal Star.
The little sister of George appears. Kate is very excited. She hoped that give birth to a daughter. When it is confirmed that the joyful news was a great start to the year. Catherine and William thrilled! 

However, later appeared on the newspaper shelves is quite another edition, which states that the royal couple expecting twins. That's the news!

Source close to the couple told reporters English-language magazine OK! following:

They were trying to conceive since January this year. William told the queen that he would like to have at least two daughters. In their family, and so many men, so it is going to change the situation. 
In addition, he told why dukes so soon decided to expand his family:

Everyone thought they would wait when George turns at least a year, so that the body has had time to recover Katherine. However, it feels so healthy person, there is no need to wait.

William and Catherine never made any secret of the fact that they would like to have three children. 

Well, all the news seems unbelievable, but if this is true, then we heartily congratulate the monarchs!

Duchess Catherine and Prince William

Rihanna and Drake: There is love in the air ...

The two stars met yesterday in Amsterdam after a few days of separation ... But when will they confirm their relationship?

Nothing between these two? We seriously doubt it!

After his vacation in Aspen where she turned 26, Rihanna was soaring directly towards Paris to find one with whom she would have (rumored) rabibochée! Indeed, Princess of Barbados did not let the Canadian rapper Drake, currently on tour with his Would You Like a Tour, which stops at Bercy on 24 and 25 February.

If Riri attended two performances of the singer of Hold on, we're going home, the second night is downright climb on stage with him, and both have even posted some complicity
If Drake then followed with dates in Berlin, Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen, while Rihanna took advantage of Paris Fashion Week, the alleged couple is finally reunited yesterday (Thursday, 6 March) in the Netherlands.

Filmography Eve sidekick Lil Wayne was in concert in Amsterdam, but on Thursday it was off, and so it is with (his) Rihanna he spent all his free time!

The two stars have been photographed as they left the Izakaya sushi restaurant after dinner with a few close friends!

But when they will finally formalize things?

Sean Penn daughter offered to shoot for the cover of Playboy

Sean Penn daughter offered to shoot for the cover of Playboy

Daughter of Sean Penn and Robin Wright, Dylan made a business proposal - to participate in the photo shoot for the magazine Playboy. Fee rather big - 150 thousand dollars. Shooting is planned in the spirit of Kate Moss photo shoot for the anniversary issue.

In a modeling agency, which model numbers begin, refused to comment on the news.

By the way, the daughter of star parents confidently start your way to glory . Name Dylan Penn flashed in headlines in the Western press in connection with a romantic relationship with Robert Pattinson and the stars of "The Vampire Diaries' Steven R. McQueen. Career model also goes uphill in December last year, Dylan starred in a beach photo shoot for the magazine GQ, in January - for W, and in March - for Elle.

Being a model - not the limit of my dreams. I am happy doing it, but just to be able to pay the bills. Write scripts, shoot, to be on the other side of the camera - that's what I really wanted to do.

Dylan Penn

Robin Wright Penn and Dylan

'Sin City: A Dame to Kill For': first trailer

the creators of the film "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For" finally published the first official trailer tape. 

Crime thriller, which is a three film adaptations of graphic novels by Frank Miller from the "Sin City" is required for viewing.

First, because of the cast: in the film noir busy Eva Green, Jessica Alba, Mickey Rourke, Bruce Willis, Lady Gaga, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Josh Brolin, Rosario Dawson and many others.

Second, because the creators of the Robert Rodriguez and Miller.

Recall that the film "Sin City 2: A woman worth killing for which" is prodlozheniem tape in 2005.

The film is set in the dark alleys of Sin City. Dwight (Brolin) is going to severely avenge a woman named Ava Lord (Green), who betrayed him. At the same time, Nancy (Alba) still can not cope with mental health problems - she does not want to come to terms with the death of Detective Hartigan (Willis).

World premiere is scheduled for August 21. On the same day the militants and the Russian release.

Sati Casanova boasted wedding ring

Singer Sati Casanova, the former lead singer of "Factory", trying not to disclose his personal life, but after the announcement of her boyfriend of their engagement, the girl asked a lot of questions.

Recently Sati visited a party organized by "Konfael" where designers and chocolatiers have created for modern Cinderellas ball, having made shoes and accessories of various sizes of real chocolate. The event was the girl asked whether she marries what Sati laconically replied "yes", but more detailed comments refused. Not disappeared from the present happy smile Casanova and a large diamond ring on the ring finger.

Sati Casanova boasted wedding ring

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard at the Texas Film Awards

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp at the Texas Film Awards

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were the guests of the ceremony Texas Film Awards, which conducts Society of Cinematographers Austin. Note that the 27-year-old actress chose a dress for this event by Russian designer Ulyana Sergeenko.

Check Hurd to the ceremony - not an accident: the bride Depp hails from Austin, and this time decided to reward her for what she helps to draw public attention to the state of Texas.

Hurd - not the first celebrity world scale, which appeared in public in costume from Ulyana Sergeenko. Earlier designer dresses be published Lady Gaga, Anna Dello Russo, Dita Von Teese and other stars.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp at the Texas Film Awards

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp at the Texas Film Awards

Mary-Kate Olsen showed an engagement ring

Mary-Kate Olsen showed an engagement ring

After the public learned about the engagement of Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy, the audience was eager to see the ring that banker pripodnes his lover after the upcoming wedding. Lastly fans girls had such an opportunity.

Eve paparazzi caught Olsen for a walk in Paris, where she came to Fashion Week. Thanks photoreports reporters we have the opportunity to admire the celebrities present on the finger in all its glory.

Thus, according to the source, this is a vintage Cartier jewelry was purchased at auction by Sotheby for 81 thousand 250 dollars. Precious ring consists of one four-carat diamond and 16 sapphires.

Worth noting that, compared to other famous suitors, Sarkozy is not much "spent" on decoration. For example, Kanye West Kim Kardashian gave an engagement diamond ring worth $ 8 million, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie jewel for a cost of 500 thousand dollars.

Waiting for details of the forthcoming wedding ceremony of a famous couple and consider an engagement ring Mary-Kate .

Mary-Kate Olsen showed an engagement ring

engagement ring

engagement ring

Angelina Jolie will have another surgery

Angelina Jolie will have another surgery

At the end of April last year, Angelina Jolie made a surgery to remove the breast to reduce the risk of cancer. This news has received considerable attention and resonated among celebrities and fans of the actress. In a recent interview Entertainmet Weekly Jolie was asked about how the star feels now and how her life was affected last year's operation.

Celebrity said that at the beginning of March this year passed a prophylactic course of a double mastectomy. Angie also said that after last year's operation began to pay more attention to people with whom it is linked common ailments and experiences.
Wherever I went, I always meet women with whom we discuss health, women's various publications, breast cancer, ovarian cancer. I talk to men and interested in the health of their daughters and wives. So I feel closer to people who are facing the same problems as me.
In addition, the actress added that she is still single operation.

Do I still have one operation, which I have not done before. I communicate with people and hear a lot of useful tips that I'm sure will help me take the next step. 
According to Jolie, he happy about that decided on the operation and made the move.
I just really helped to support a huge number of people. Now I feel fine and I'm glad that the surgery went. I was very lucky with the doctors, lucky that I quickly recovered after surgery. 
Later in the interview Angie noted the important role played for her film "Unbroken."
In addition, I am happy that at a difficult time in my life there was a project "Unbroken", which I fully focused for which rose to her feet and went back to work. 
We wish you a successful actress following surgery and a speedy recovery from her.

Angelina Jolie will have another surgery