Feb 28, 2014

Sister Neymar enjoys carnival in Jamaica

Rafaella posed in a bikini

Rafaella Santos, Neymar sister, is enjoying the carnival away from Brazil. The brunette is in Jamaica and posed Bikini.

Currently, Rafaella lives in Barcelona with his family, who accompanied the change from player to Spanish town to play alongside Messi in the team Spanish.

Rafaella posed in a bikini

Genuflection: Miley teased Liam's marriage proposal

Miley teased Liam's marriage proposal

After the huge success with their album "Bangerz" let Miley Cyrus does not wait with the notified after the board tour of the U.S. long. And as befits its new image, the concerts are versext without end. But there are also romantic moments. ! One remembered the singer of old times with Liam Hemsworth!

Whilst it might be a lot of stars have been reminiscing as a visitor of the tour, is one certainly not present: Liam. For after the separation, the former couple has to say anything nice. Instead, Miley finds solace by cuddling with her pal Matt Peterson, who joins the show in Phoenix to her on stage. Apparently, the two go totally from each other. Matt goes for the 21-year-old even to his knees. Your reaction to it was a clear shot against her ex, "I have been to this location and it has come to no good this out when a guy has gone the last time for me to my knees," she said about not melancholic, but much more amused.

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus

Racism accusation! Sharp criticism of Oliver Pocher

"... And then you're with Kim Kardashian on the Opera Ball ..."
 commented Oliver Pocher have a common picture of himself and the reality star almost in disbelief on Facebook. Whether he was aware more about his award last night at the Opera Ball? . Remark With the comedian drew the international press on and was very heavily criticized for

When asked by presenter Miriam Weichselbraun, because even if he would still dance, Pocher answered in the ORF-Interview:
 "Yes, we shall dance. We are waiting for 'Niggas in Vienna'". An allusion to "Niggas in Paris",
 a song by Kanye West, the fiancee of Kim Kardashian. But the supposed joke missed its target. Mirjam Weichselbraun giggled bedröppelt in the round and Kim did not flinch, looked a little later entered the side.

The reactions in the press were not there so harmless. With a shiver, for example, writes the American news website TMZ:
 "The guy apparently thought he was funny, he is cocky and racist.."

Rihanna topless in Crazy Horse for Fashion Week

We are used to seeing scantily clad Rihanna. On his Instagram account, the singer does not hesitate to post pictures of her very undress or completely nude. But there is almost a first. Never saw Rihanna dressed as light. Leather pencil skirt, a fishnet top and a tuxedo jacket, was the holding of the singer sultry Thursday evening at the Crazy Horse. Though one hopes it is covered leaving, angina occurs so rapidly.

20 kilos less: So proud of Melissa Joan Hart

A fan of the Hollywood lean delusion she never was, instead, always stood Melissa Joan Hart already to her feminine figure and knew to put this perfectly. Unwell the actress has still felt a long time. But now she has finally won the battle against the baby pounds and presents her body again proudly in public.

Melissa Joan Hart weight loss

When Celebrity ladies are photographed in a bikini, which is usually done secretly by paparazzi. Melissa Joan Hart, however, has deliberately chosen to be in the swimsuit photograph for promotional purposes, even though it does not match any questionable Size 0-ideal. For Melissa is an important step, as she explains ET: "I felt well prepared and confident I've ever worn a bikini, not even when I was at the beach now, in front of the cameras and my husband and all of these people a swimsuit.. to carry, is nerve-wracking, but very satisfying. " Whole 20 kilos Melissa has declined since the birth of her third child, but her figure stood more in the background. "For me it was the most important thing to bond with my child and not to lose weight. So I waited until I had the time to put my figure in the foreground."

Not only Melissa is contesting all the exaggerated ideals of beauty to defend, she also knows to set the right priorities and has not lost her own appearance, despite their children out of the eye. That is always a reason to be proud of yourself.

Melissa Joan Hart weight loss

Sabia Boulahrouz pregnant again?

Sabia Boulahrouz pregnant again

The news of the miscarriage was a shock: the beginning of December had to Rafael van der Vaart and his new love Sabia Boulahrouz announce that they have during pregnancy Sabias had lost the first daughter. A terrifying news after all the hype surrounding Rafael sudden separation from ex Sylvie Meis. Although Sabia was then often depicted in the press as common men-catcher: No one had the two desired such a bad drama! The subsequent question is whether the two would try again with the desire Baby, this could have possibly answered now.

For as IN now reported is some indication that Sabia nearly three months after the terrible miscarriage might be pregnant again. Among other things, Sabia and Rafael were now seen, when they came for Rafael's son Damian (7) from kindergarten - and below the top of the footballer-girlfriend was a suspicious belly visible. Could it be that Sabia is actually already happy anticipation?

Certainly a new pregnancy of the 35-year-old would help get over the heavy loss of their first child with Rafael. But so far neither Sabia nor Rafael have commented on these rumors. However, for a clearly recognizable baby bump, it would probably still way too early.

Sabia Boulahrouz pregnant again

Miranda Kerr in advertising Swedish brand new footage

Miranda Kerr in new footage

Earlier this month we saw the first frame of the new advertising campaign of the brand H & M, which was declared a person Miranda Kerr. Recently supermodel first appeared in this status, appearing at the Paris show of the Swedish brand.

Now we have an opportunity to evaluate a few frames of spring-summer 2014 ad campaign, which its creators describe as:
campaign inspired by the spirit of California, its main theme - the beauty of spring in the city.
Recall that as representatives of the brand 30-year-old Australian has replaced Gisele Bundchen. By the way, the appointment of Miranda to this post coincided with the opening of the first store of the brand in Australia.

Maria Kozhevnikova her first child

Maria Kozhevnikova her first child

Happy new year was marked by an event in the life of Maria Kozhevnikova. 29-year-old actress first became a mother, giving her husband a son Eugene. For a long time in the light of guessing whether the star is not pregnant "Uni", even knowing that Mary has given birth to a long-awaited baby. Her pregnancy and then the birth of a son to the last girl kept secret. Maria not only refused to shoot a tempting Russian projects, but did not appear in the State Duma.

Last night the actress arrived at the premiere of the film "On March 8, the men", which aroused particular interest to themselves - many have noticed Kozhevnikova rounded tummy. However,Maria simply did not have time to return to the previous form after the recent birth.

Maria Kozhevnikova her first child

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher engaged

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher engaged

Tabloids have repeatedly written about the engagement Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher: even rumors that she took last summer. Today, once again press reports that actors may become engaged, and this time the information was confirmed by their surroundings.

Source close to the famous pair did not share the details with the media, but assured the public that the engagement is indeed taken place, and added:
She just crazy from him!
Also yesterday, journalists noticed on the ring finger Mila ring, very similar to the engagement: Actress hit the lens of the paparazzi when went shopping with my mom.

At the end of last year Insiders say that the 36-year-old Ashton and 30-year-old Mila already seriously discussing future wedding and children. Now just have to wait for official confirmation of the information.

Mila Kunis photographed yesterday with a ring on his finger

Mila Kunis photographed yesterday with a ring on his finger

Sister Natalia Vodianova robbed

In the family of Natalia Vodianova trouble occurred. Model, often communicating in social networks, decided to appeal to the collective wisdom. As it turned out, the problem happened in Natasha's younger sister, 17-year-old Christina.

«The other day my younger sister-student flew from Nizhny Novgorod to London via Moscow" Aeroflot "- wrote Natalia. - Flew early Sunday flight at 6:00 am. At the airport, she was asked to Strigino open the suitcase, then asked to open the box with the spirits that was lying next to laptop, notebook advised move of the spirits, saying "ugly looks on the computer screen," whatever that meant. She shifted the laptop closed and handed over a suitcase. Upon arrival in London in the laptop bag was not found. Suitcase flying without registration in Moscow, that is, directly to London.

Younger sister, even naive, that she had to take - who hides in a laptop bag that sit in the luggage. By briefcase also no claims (tea, not Louis Vuitton). And the staff of "Aeroflot" and airport employees - Strigino Nizhny Sheremetyevo in Moscow and London Heathrow I have not even a question, but please, if found, return, please laptop for a fee. The sister there all coursework for the upcoming exams and just creativity ».

Subscribers Natalia, which is now preparing for the birth, immediately gave her valuable advice, incidentally specifying whether shook his suitcase in the film, and whether there is damage to baggage , filed a statement of whether Vodianova in customs Nizhny Novgorod, and also recommended to make a description of all working for change at the time of registration.

Sexy despite separation: Hilary Duff shows a lot of leg

During the spring already in this country is almost at the door and people can enjoy sunny days, more and more, even the celebrities in Hollywood are obviously already adjusted to warmer times. Above all, Hilary Duff demonstrated with their latest sexy spring look not only how well she is doing despite recent separation, but also quite a lot of leg showing. And that is impressive

While other buried for weeks after a Love From and revel in self-pity, Hilary Duff has her own tactics to cope with her new single life: She throws herself in a super-chic outfit and thus makes Hollywood insecure! There she was now just spotted in mini skirt, which gives a clear view of the flawless legs of the actress - not a trace of cellulite or stubborn baby pounds. In this look Hilary was the birthday of her younger sister go and steel thus guaranteeing all present the show. That they so soon after the end of their marriage shows up as bright, her ex but should give pause for thought. Your fans will be all the more pleased about how well it goes Hilary at this difficult time.

Sexy despite separation: Hilary Duff shows a lot of leg

Katy Perry has brought a baby into the world!

Katy Perry has brought a baby into the world

Last was rumored Katy Perry and her lover John Mayer could have had separately despite previous Wedding speculation. Instead, it now went one step further in the house of Perry: For there was a baby alarm! Perhaps the singer wanted to drive their recently arrived Twitter Fan record with a baby message even further into the air. Because so much is now clear: The Pop-tube has brought a baby into the world!

Katy's Twitter message said:
 "Finally, you can also 'helps to bring World of Babies in living rooms' add to my CV It was a miracle of one day!".
 The fact that she is said to have brought a baby into the world, given the recent very slim and very un-pregnant Katy would actually be quite a miracle! But it can be given the all clear:
It was not probably her own child. Because Katy has signed the short message with "Aunt Katy aka stylists Aunt".
 The looks that way, as could Katy her older sister Angela Hudson have been at a home birth to one side. Whose pregnancy was revealed late last year.

The "Woman of the Year" Katy itself has not yet commented on their short-message. Probably the singer enjoys it that half the world is now shattered head over an unknown baby, instead of continuing to tear his mouth about a possible end to their 18-month relationship with John Mayer.

Katy Perry