Feb 26, 2014

Madeleine of Sweden: This is the name her princess!

The smallest details of Sweden's mini princess are already transpired since their birth last Thursday: The little girl look "like her mom," Princess Madeleine of Sweden. So at least the words of the proud papas Chris O'Neill - and, of course vöööllig objective in his assessment! Thanks to the father-pride spellbound mitfiebernde public already reached a photo from the foot-print of the little daughter, and then - FINALLY - a picture that revealed tiny facial features. But the name of the little ones stayed until last Swedish state secret. The tension of the media was in the meantime gone so far that the child's father a telltale twitch was sealed in the facial features, the proposal of the name "Alice".

But either Chris O'Neill is a very good actor, or he made a joke of it, to fool the journalists a bit. The name of the new Swedish princess and finally clear - In any case, the big announcement is going to happen now! The ceremonial announcement called Sweden's King Carl Gustaf specifically a special cabinet session - all for the royal in the world so important titles, names and nicknames of the baby! Her Royal Highness Princess Leonore Lilian Mary, Duchess of Gotland, which is the full name and title of the small nobility shoot!

And a particularly sweet shoot that is at that. The Swedish royal family published with the names announced a photo of the mini princess: Wrapped in a pink blanket and polka-dot cloth, sleeping small Leonore the blissful sleep of the newborn! An almost velvet Glow is on the gentle face of the little girl. These eyes, these lightweight pouty lips: Is there not already a resemblance to Papa Chris recognizable? And the nose - which comes but almost uniquely by Mama Madeleine

And judging by the second photo of the Swedish royal family after, the newly minted two-time grandparents, King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia have of Sweden, it now managed to New York to the small Leonore!

We called the little princess Leonore any case, welcome to the aristocratic world!

Rihanna in Paris: Attack fans and performance with Drake [ photos - videos]

Rihanna in Paris

Rihanna in Paris yesterday was literally attacked by fans: at the entrance to the hotel she was barely able to squeeze through a huge crowd of fans. Fortunately, the Barbados singer has a staff of great bodyguards.

Evening she performed together with the alleged boyfriend Drake in the Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy.

Note, Drake is on tour titled Would You Like a Tour? Rihanna performed the first Pour it Up, and then they sang a duet Take Care. The room was very frank - the crowd literally roared with delight.

Worth recalling Rihanna and Drake performed in the French capital with all the free time: 23 February they dined at L'Avenue, and then great fun in the club Soixante Dix Neuf until the morning.

Rihanna in Paris

Rihanna in Paris Attack fans

Sharon Stone: 'Surgeons are lining up to me in the queue'

Sharon Stone plastic surgery

Sharon Stone told how surgeons try to impose a facelift and admitted how difficult it was to accept his age.

In an interview with U.S. magazine Shape Stone complained:

You can not imagine how many plastic surgeons have tried to impose on me a facelift. It is unethical because the Hippocratic Oath prohibits harm, and similar operations can be disastrous. This is bad.

Nevertheless, the actress refuses to condemn people who have decided to go under the knife:

If it is necessary and appropriate procedure, then yes, do it. For example, when at age 20 I fell off a horse, my neck scar. I cleaned it.

I just do not think that in 20 years it is necessary to go crazy over huge breasts and cut his face. All begin to look the same. We have 400,000 girls with white hair, the same noses, huge lips, implants in the cheeks and perfect teeth. They have indeed become more beautiful?

Stone told The Age the following:

The idea that youth - the only thing that gives beauty and appeal, is not true. I do not want to be "ageless beauty." I want to be a woman who looks good for his age.

Aging - easy. When I was a little more than forty years, came a period, I went to the bathroom with a bottle of wine, shut the door and said: "I'm not going until I can fully accept your current appearance".

I examined his person with a magnifying glass, looked at the body - and cried and cried and cried. Then I said to myself: "Now you'll get old. How do you do it?"

I thought that I want to grow old as dancers: keep the body in excellent shape. I like to dance and do stretching, as well as go to a fitness room.

Then Sharon found harmony with yourself and revised food:

I like steaks - they fit me perfectly, since I have very low cholesterol and low blood pressure. But the meat is not for everyone: talk to your doctor.

I also eat fish and cheese. Like most simple food.

Before I drank wine, but now completely abandoned alcohol. I think at some point, better for women to follow my example, because alcohol can make your face, chest and other parts of the body are very blurred. 

Sharon Stone plastic surgery

Sharon Stone plastic surgery

Katy Perry and John Mayer decided to put an end to their relationship?

Katy Perry and John Mayer decided to put an end to their relationship

A source of the "E! Online" told the site that the singer Katy Perry broke up with John Mayer in recent days. However, the informant did not know what would have been the reason for the breakup. What is known is that the singer did not accompany Perry on his recent travels to London and Milan She returned home in Los Angeles on Friday, 21.

Despite some ups and downs, the couple of musicians soon became one of the hottest Hollywood couples always talking about the relationship romantically interviews and getting to share the microphones in the song "Who You Love" on the last album John Mayer " Paradise Valley ".

The former couple also starred rumors of a possible engagement until recently, rumor fueled by huge dimantes ring worn by Katy Perry in Elle Style Award last week in London. In November last year a source told the site that the next step of the two would inevitably walk down the aisle. "They are so perfect for each other," the insider said at the time. Katy and John made the relationship public in summer 2012. They came to break up briefly reconciled, finished one more time in March last year, but then seemed to stand again.

The new couple: Heidi Klum and Vito Schnabel in the Los Angeles airport

new couple Heidi Klum and Vito Schnabel

Since Heidi Klum parted with her lover, a former bodyguard Martin Christen, the press began to pay personal life model even more attention. So, a little over two weeks ago, the star was seen in the company's ex-boyfriend Demi Moore - Vito Schnabel. History repeated itself last night.

And if before we did not know for certain what's relationship 40-year-old fashion model and 27-year-old art dealer, it is now safe to assume that this is the beginning of a new novel.

Klum and Schnabel hit the camera lenses as they left the airport in Los Angeles - they were leaving the terminal separately, but eventually got into a car and drove away in an unknown direction.

worth noting that Heidi reacted to the emergence of the paparazzi with a smile, but Vito was clearly not ready for such a meeting.

Heidi Klum

Vito Schnabel

Heidi Klum and Vito Schnabel in the Los Angeles airport

Heidi Klum and Vito Schnabel in the Los Angeles airport