Feb 25, 2014

Trouble in sight? So sexy is Beyoncé new video

Beyoncé new video

Beyonce never fails to delight his fans: the other day we discussed world tour singer Mrs. Carter World Tour, in which celebrity will perform in dozens of capitals, and now fans have the opportunity to assess the star provocative new music video for the song performer Partition.

In the latest video viewers will have an interesting story about how exemplary housewives can attract the attention of men. Movie begins with a breakfast of the heroine and her husband. Man more busy studying the latest news in the newspaper than its attractive wife. Next, the audience learns that at this moment is Beyonce's character: "add a bit of fire" in a decaying relationship singer offers via seductive dance sexy lingerie and role-playing games.

Role of wife of the main character performed by Jay-Z. In an interview, Beyonce said that the filming took place in the famous Paris nightclub Crazy Horse and explained the choice of this institution.
Birthday Jay-Z, I decided to please him, and led to Crazy Horse. I remember watching the performance of girls and admired them. Their show was so sexy. I thought, "I'd like to be on this stage and also to speak to her husband." And here I am to fulfill his desire. 
Something tells us that participation in a new clip Partition brought Jay-Z is not less fun than one holiday gift Beyonce.

Beyoncé new video

So sexy is Beyoncé new video

In TV: Here Kim Kardashian can tune their breasts [video]

Here Kim Kardashian can tune their breasts

It's always the same with the celebrities: They are beautiful, have millions in the bank and be adored by their fans. Nevertheless, they always want more money and above all always look perfect - to the chagrin of its supporters. Even Kim Kardashian, which has already lost some sympathy because of its obvious interventions can obviously get never enough. Now they can even have their breasts lasers and shows that too on TV.

Kim Kardashian seems to be one of those people who are never satisfied with themselves. Otherwise leave the latest intervention by the TV stars, which are for all the world to see in "Keeping up with the Kardashians", hardly explain. There, Kim was now just using a laser to remove stretch marks on her breasts. But that's not all! Also, a scar on her big toe had to give way and also with their hands Kim is far from satisfactory. "I'm obsessed with my hands., You are so wrinkled. Can we do anything?" She wants to know from the doctor. And certainly there can also be a solution to find, after all, is for a Kim Kardashian probably nothing impossible. You may well be curious about what interventions, the reality star undergoes next.

Here Kim Kardashian can tune their breasts

All under one roof: This was from 'Steve Urkel'

Jaleel White

Jaleel White has a broad mass known for his iconic role as Steve Urkel in Family Matters. But what makes the former nerdy kids-Star actually today? It is high time to investigate even know who is all romps under the umbrella of the actor. 

For there you will find a little girl who is the celebrity really cut like from the face. The four-year Samaya met her dad really proud, as you can easily be seen from the numerous photos that are regularly posting of mime and presenter on his Instagram profile. Nerd glasses and plaid pants with suspenders, which Jaleel today again totally would be in the trend, he has long since exchanged for normal jeans and casual sports jacket. However, the pleasure of dressing seems to have stopped, because with his sweet sparrow he shows up on photos in funny costumes. Recently he made with violence allegations against his family headlines, but it is now nothing more can be seen. Professionally, the star is now operating more as a presenter and television producer, as an actor.

Jaleel White

Jaleel White

Russell Crowe tries to persuade the Pope to see the picture 'Noah' by social networks

Russell Crowe tries to persuade the Pope to see the picture 'Noah' by social networks

In late March, the world premiere of an exciting new band director Darren Aronofsky's "Noah". In anticipation of this event not only creators of the project seek to attract more attention to the child, but also the actors who performed in the movie starring.

So, Russell Crowe through social networks appealed to Pope Francis and invited the pontiff to evaluate his new movie:

Russell Crowe tries to persuade the Pope to see the picture 'Noah' by social networks

At this actor did not stop - after a while he decided to share with the head of the Vatican's own opinion about the drama - Crowe called the picture "powerful" and "resonate".

In addition, the idol of millions of farmers asked which activity falls into the sphere of interest of the Pope, Retweet all his messages addressed to the pontiff.

Pope Rimskiй Francisco

Recall that in addition Crowe picture Arofonski also performed leading roles Emma Watson, Jennifer Connelly, Logan Lerman, Anthony Hopkins and other actors.

Salma Hayek brother involved in fatal car accident (photos)

Sami Hayek, the younger brother of Salma Hayek, 47, was on Sunday, 23 January, with his sports car Ford GT road on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, when he apparently lost control of his car and crashed into a Toyota pickup.

The 40-year-old furniture designer was rushed to the hospital by ambulance and has apparently broken ribs in the accident and initiated the head.

The victim has been identified, according to the police, according to the 43-year-old photographer Ian Cuttler. The driver of the pickup, the 20-year-old Javier Gomez was taken to the hospital.

photos car accident a Salma Hayek brother

photos car accident a Salma Hayek brother

Police believe that Hayek lost control of his car when he tried to avoid an oncoming vehicle. However, the investigations into the circumstances of the accident are still ongoing.

Angelina Jolie visited Syrian orphans in Lebanon

Angelina Jolie visited Syrian orphans in Lebanon

Hollywood star and UN special envoy Angelina Jolie was to visit on Monday in Lebanon on behalf of the Commissioner for Refugees of the United Nations Syrian orphans and work for an end to the war in the neighboring country.

The now almost three-year-long civil war in Syria has already made millions of people into refugees. According to reports, more than one million are currently looking for protection in Lebanon. Year-old actress during her visit
 "The meeting with the children was a heartbreaking experience," 38 said. "They have lost their families and were deprived by the war childhood., You are so young and yet they bear the burden of their reality, as if they were adults."

Angelina Jolie visited Syrian orphans in Lebanon

It is Jolie's third visit to Lebanon, since she was appointed Special Envoy of the United Nations. She thanked the country with the words:
 "The generosity and solidarity that have placed in the Lebanon and the people who live here, their Syrian neighbors should be an example to the whole world, we should be very thankful for that we need to help them.. to bear this burden. "

Shakira: single Empire, the track listing for their new album and promotional pictures

Shakira, single Empire, the track listing for their new album and promotional pictures

Exactly a month later Shakira unveil its long-awaited new album - Shakira. In the meantime, we offer you to evaluate the second single from the record, dubbed Empire. Thank for the news blogger DobrayaGrust27.

Just a couple of days ago, the Colombian actress shared with fans the single cover, and today has become a romantic song is available for streaming on the network.

Shakira promotional pictures

We recall that not so long ago in support plate released their first single - Can't Remember To Forget You, in whose creation was also attended by Rihanna.

Moreover, Shakira unveiled the track listing for their tenth studio album: in the original edition will include 12 tracks, and the deluxe version - three more compositions.

Tracklisting Shakira:

1. Dare (La La La)

2. Can't Remember to Forget You (feat. Rihanna)

3. Empire

4. You Don't Care About Me

5. Cut Me Deep

6. Spotlight

7. Broken Record

8. Medicine (feat. Blake Shelton)

9. 23

10. The One Thing

11. Nunca me acuerdo de olvidarte

12. Loca por ti

Deluxe edition:

13. Chasing Shadows

14. The Way

15. Mad About You

Shakira promotional pictures

Well, looking forward to the release of new album Shakira. Especially that the singer has previously said its new creation will be a mix of all kinds of musical styles:
little rock, a little folk, a little bit of reggae and, of course, dancing. But, as always, and above all - a lot of love.
Shakira will be the third English album of the singer. Singer began planning the project in 2011, and work on it began only in 2012.

Shakira promotional pictures

Robin Thicke and Paula Patton parted

Robin Thicke and Paula Patton parted

Just a month ago, musician Robin Thicke and his wife Paula Patton appeared together on the red carpet Grammy, but, as it turned out, the couple decided to leave.

The representative of the actress, known for such films as "Deja Vu" and "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol", the press statement made by the couple:

We will always love each other and remain best friends. However, we made a joint decision to leave.

Familiar Robin and Paul for over 20 years, and married composed since 2005. They grows son Julian, who came to light in April of 2010.

Recently, there were rumors that the relationship Tika and his wife is not going smoothly. Discussions began after the controversial video for the song together with Robin Pharrell Williams Blurred Lines, where the musicians were filmed surrounded scantily clad models.

Reason for the new portion of the gossip was no less provocative presentation Tika with Miley Cyrus during last year's ceremony VMA. View full