Feb 19, 2014

Brit Awards-2014: Show and winners

We have already considered outfits celebrity guests Music Awards Brit Awards-2014, and now it's time to pay attention to the ceremony itself, which took place at the London stadium O2 Arena.

Shaw opened the performance by Katy Perry, who sang the song Dark Horse. The star was dressed in a costume of Cleopatra. Note that the image of the Egyptian queen is very new haircut girl.

Speech by Katy Perry on the 2014 Brit Awards-

Speech by Katy Perry on the 2014 Brit Awards-

Following the singer Beyonce appeared on the scene in a long iridescent emerald-hued dress. The audience was delighted with the attire of celebrities and her performance - the wife of Jay-Z sang hit XO.

Speech by Beyonce

Speech by Beyonce

Speech by Beyonce

Also the British music award this year will be remembered performances viewers One Direction, Ellie Goulding, Bruno Mars and Lorde.

Speech Ellie Goldin


That evening, the scene also rose Kate Moss, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Lily Allen. However, the girls failed to impress the audience with their vocal abilities: celebrities task was to announce the winners of the award.

Kate Moss

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Lily Allen

As for the award winners, the awards went to the main categories group One Direction, Ellie Goulding, Bruno Mars and Lorde.

Bruno Mars won in the category International Artist of the Year
Bruno Mars won in the category "International Artist of the Year"

Ellie Goulding was the best in the category British performer of the year
Ellie Goulding was the best in the category "British performer of the year"

Lorde - International performer yea
Lorde - "International performer of the year"

One Direction won the Breakthrough of the Year
One Direction won the "Breakthrough of the Year"

Arctic Monkeys - Band of the Year
Arctic Monkeys - "Band of the Year"

The winners of the main nominations Brit Awards-2014: 

"British Artist of the Year" - David Bowie

"British performer of the year" - Ellie Golding

"Best British Band" - Arctic Monkeys

"Album of the Year" - AM, Arctic Monkeys

"Best Song of the Year" - Best Song Ever, One Direction

"International Artist of the Year" - Bruno Mars

"International performer of the year" - Lorde

"Best International Band" - Daft Punk

"Breakthrough of the Year" - One Direction

Sister Kim Kardahian put photo in bikini and wins praise from followers

Kylie Jenner, the younger sister of Kim Kardashian, used his Instagram, to display an image which appears in a bikini. The youngest of the Kardashian clan has earned praise from his followers. "So perfect," wrote one fan. "I'm in love," wrote another.

Kylie Jenner Sister Kim Kardahian put photo in bikini


Natasha Koroleva showed 12-year-old son

Son Natasha Koroleva and Tarzan, Arkhipov, was 12 years old. Stellar mom congratulated boy through "Instagram", jointly published the photo. "12 years ago, the greatest miracle happened and happiness in my life! The birth of my son Arkhip! ". The picture shows that the boy looks like both parents at once, but his smile Natasha. Arkhip wears fashionable haircut elongated, like all teenagers prefer sports style clothing. And yet, on the occasion of his age, he was allowed to have alcohol: a glass of pink wine Queen filled almost to the brim, and at Arkhip drink on the bottom.

Note that, though Natasha Koroleva and rarely talks about his child, preferring to protect the boy from prying eyes, the relationship they have quite friendly. Famous parent gladly helps Arkhip with lessons, and when he can not cope with the job itself, asks for support from fans. For example, once Natasha does not get along with his son to solve the puzzle in mathematics, and then she put the conditions in his microblog. The correct answer came very quickly, and the Queen thanked fans: "Thank you! Mothers saved my reputation! "

Robert Pattinson is going to become a director

According to reports in the foreign press, Robert Pattinson, is widely known for his participation in the franchise "Twilight," where he played the role of vampire Edward Cullen, pondered the possibility of leaving acting career. Currently the actor busy shooting pictures "Queen of the Desert" and "Life".

However, according to a close friend of the actor Pattinson weighs glory befell to it after the "Twilight" and he turned his attention to other cinematic profession, in particular, on the director. Thus, an actor who is interesting independent films, plans to go to theater school to learn the finer points of the profession of director.

In 2014, the screen will come with the following tape Pattinson: "The Rover and "Maps to the Stars", which are now at the stage of post-production.

Heidi Klum and Seal renewed relationship?

Heidi Klum and Seal renewed relationship

Who would have thought that after breaking up with ex-bodyguard Martin Christen Heidi Klum resume a romantic relationship with Shiloh? Many of this, of course, hoped and as it turned out - for good reason: to Western press reports, model and singer meet again.

Last year the children of the stars is very frustrating because rarely see his father. Eventually, the couple decided to spend more time together: they make family dinners, attend various events and even kissing in front of the children.

Well, we hope that appeared in the media information will be reliable and will Klum with Shiloh a new chapter in their relationship, because a couple four children and was once deliriously happy.

Recall that the star met in 2004, and in May 2005, exchanged vows of love and loyalty in the solemn wedding ceremony in Mexico.

However, in early 2012, after seven years of marriage, it was reported that Klum filed for divorce due to irreconcilable differences. That's just the Force believed that all is not lost - the actor for a long time did not take off the ring. Perhaps it is the faith and love of the singer helped him to regain his beloved.

Zhanna Friske changed beyond recognition due to illness ( photo )

For several weeks Zhanna Friske undergoing medical procedures in the United States. For a long time her husband Dmitry Shepelyov and girlfriend Olga Orlova were close and supported the singer, but now they are forced to leave her for a while, because in Russia they appeared urgent matters.

After completion of chemotherapy, Jeanne moved to Los Angeles to undergo rehabilitation and other necessary procedures. Recently photographed by paparazzi while walking singer. A woman on a wheelchair is difficult to know the beautiful Jeanne Friske. Her relatives say that she stoically continues treatment and not give up. Friske sympathize with people from all over the world and wish her a speedy recovery.

Zhanna Friske changed beyond recognition due to illness

Rihanna: panties for her birthday

Rihanna is the ultimate fantasy of Drake,and it is not the only one! The star never hesitates long before posting sexy photos on Instagram. After the thermometer explode in Brazil, where his shooting topless caused a sensation, Rihanna takes a holiday at the famous resort Aspen, Colorado. And rather than show in ski suit, she takes the opportunity to ask breeches Vant fireplace

Rihanna: panties for her birthday

Rihanna celebrated one day early and ease its 26 years, sharing a photo of her birthday cake.

first trailer tape: Guardians of the Galaxy (photos,video)

first trailer tape: Guardians of the Galaxy (photos,video)

The network has the first official trailer for the exciting action-director James Gunn tape "Guardians of the Galaxy", based on the eponymous comic book series Marvel.

Main role in the project went to Chris Pratt, Peter has performed Qwill, he same Star-Lord, Zoe Saldana, which turned green for her heroine Gamora, and professional wrestler, bodybuilder and actor Dave Batista, he reincarnated as Drax the Destroyer.

Moreover, in making the film was attended by Benicio Del Toro He got used to the excellent image Taneliira Tiwa, known more as a collector, Vin Diesel, voiced character Groot - tree-like humanoid, and Bradley Cooper, who gave his voice "charming" reactive Coon.

Overall, the cast is impressive number of star names - watch the tape, even if you are not a fan of science fiction, it is worth just because of this.

As for the plot, the action adventure thriller revolves around a hero Pratt, who stole the mysterious realm. As a result, he becomes the victim of bounty hunters and gets caught up in an intergalactic conflict.

To save himself and return the balance in the galaxy, he has to team up with a group of alien "garbage" - Gamora, Jet Raccoon, Groot and Drax the Destroyer in whose hands is now a thing for which all hunting - the same scope.

world premiere is scheduled for August 1.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy

Teresa Palmer gave birth to a son

The family of Teresa Palmer and Mark Webber replenishment actress said happy news that their son was born.

Joy 27-year-old Palmer shared with subscribers of their Instagram. The actress has posted a touching photo that signed so:

thank God for what he sent us this gift from heaven - our baby. I present to you Body Raina Palmer. He was born last night, birth went well.

Teresa explained that the name of the Body is "lit up" and Rain - "a blessing." She also explained why the boy was given his mother's surname:

We decided to give him the name of Palmer, because the eldest son Mark Isaac also bears the name of his father.

Teresa and Mark were married in Mexico in December year. They hurried to the wedding, because really wanted to play it before the birth of her first child.

Palmer soon return to work, as now planned to shoot several projects with her participation. Nearest same premiere will be Terrence Malick drama "Knight of Cups", in which Teresa starred with Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett and Natalie Portman.

photoset called Towel Series: Kate Moss and other models in the lens of Mario Testino

Towel Series:

Fashion photographer Mario Testino often puts exclusive pictures of supermodels, which removes for glossy magazines, on his page on Instagram.

This time the 59-year-old photographer from Peru shared with subscribers photoset called Towel Series: Kate Moss Miranda Kerr, Kate Upton, Candice Sveynpol, Emily DiDonato and other models appeared in the lens, bath robes and towels on their heads.

Towel Series: Kate Upton

Towel Series: Miranda Kerr

Towel Series: Towel Series: Kate Moss

Towel Series: Candice Sveynpol

Towel Series: Emily DiDonato

Towel Series: Hailey Clauson

Towel Series: Cameron Russell

Towel Series: Xiao Wen, Tian Xuan And CC and

Leighton Meester and Adam Brody secretly married?

Leighton Meester and Adam Brody secretly married

Leighton Meester and Adam Brody may legitimize their relationship, but with the press details of this joyous event did not share. According to Us Weekly, 27-year-old star of TV series "Gossip Girl" and her 34-year-old groom, best known for the TV series "The OC," recently got married secretly.

In the news easy to believe, because social networks are not so long appeared bachelorette party photos with the alleged actress (which we recently saw in the blogs thanks to the user Sunsi).

News about the wedding actors had no immediate comment.

About the novel Adam and Leighton became known about a year ago, and last November it was reported engagement - its way, journalists have also learned not from themselves lovers, from a certain source close to him.

This is the first marriage for both actors. Mr. previously met with another colleague Aaron Himelshteynom and Brodie - with a partner on "The OC" Rachel Bilson.

Leighton Meester and Adam Brody

Leighton Meester and Adam Brody

Christina Aguilera fiance Matt Rattler year preparing to make an offer to the singer

Christina Aguilera fiance Matt Rattler year preparing to make an offer to the singer

According to the source, Matt began to prepare for the big day a year ago. Beloved Christina thought through every detail and planned, as he dropped to one knee, a long time ago. A lot of time, according to a close friend of the film producer, took for making rings for Aguilera.

Almost a year, Matt came up with the perfect designer engagement ring for Christina. A few months ago, it was finally ready, but Matt wanted to propose it to Valentine's Day, so patiently waited for the right moment. 

It turns out, design jewelery demanded so much time because Rattler was extremely picky about the ring:

Every detail of this ring has a hidden meaning for the couple. It consists of nine colored gems that can not be seen. They symbolize something special for lovers. 

Matt paid so much attention to the decoration because he knows how important it is for his bride:

For Christina plays an important role spiritual connection to the Rattler. She believes that this gift, which is made with love, surround it with positive energy. This ring symbolizes their strong feelings for each other and can protect Aguilera from all bad. 

We also know that it has made an offer Rattler on Valentine's Day, not only because it is the most romantic day of the year. Exactly 3 years ago, February 14 was finalized divorce Christina and her ex-husband Jordan Bretmen.

Brett Admire ingenuity and desire to please Christine, and look forward to when the singer will try on a wedding dress.

Christina Aguilera fiance Matt Rattler year preparing to make an offer to the singer

Many months it took to create an engagement ring